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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Hitmonchan - Base Set

Hitmonchan 70 HP
Basic Pokemon

Pojo's Average Rating -
Standard: 2.70 (based on 6 reviews)
Modified: DNA
Reviewed January 22, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Sigh.  We all remembers when Hitmonchan was a beast.. back in the days of base.  Well, since Scyther in Jungle, this Hitmonchan has been going more downhill than Vanilla Ice's career.  It had some use versus Wigglytuff, Chansey, and Electabuzz, but the free retreat of Scyther, the speed of Sneasel, and the quick overpowering ability of Rocket's Zapdos just butchered this ugly thing.  But hey- we still see Chansey a lot! =)  2.5/5

Oh dear god!


Ode to Great Hitmonchan
From the days before Modified Format...

I do not like that Hitmonchan.
I do not like him, Nidoran.
I will not play him in my deck.
I won't, I won't, I say, by Heck! 

Won't you play him with an Oak?
Toss your Deck until you're broke?
Will you, Won't you Item Find?
It helps you get back from behind!

I will not Oak until I'm broke.
Nor Item Find while I'm behind.
I like to use my big Stage 2's
even though they tend to lose. 

<I>But try it, try it! You just must.
Bring up Wiggly with a Gust.
Add a few of those Plus Power
In the DCI you'll tower.

Not Gust nor Power.
Not Bellsprout Tower.
Those B-B-Ps,
my blood they freeze. 

You never know until you try.
You just might gain a new ally.
Before you stick with your old deck
Try a change, stick out your neck.

I'll Try. I'll try them Nidoran.
I'll add in that Hitmonchan,
and add in little 'Lectabuzz.
Why you ask? Just because. 

I like it! I like it, Nidoran!
I do, I like my Hitmonchan!
And 'buzz and Scy' and all the rest.
I'm glad I followed your request. 
I Oak, I Find, and Scoop Up now.
I played before, I don't know how!
This way is quick, to win the game.
So what if skill requir'd is lame. 
Thank you, thank you, Nidoran!
I love, I love, my Hitmonchan.

Standard: 3.75/5
Modified: N/A


Hitmonchan used to be the fastest kid on the block. That changed. Fighting resistance is a common trait now in every deck, which weakens Hitmonchan. However, an occasional Hitmonchan can surprise the customers... even though Tyrogue is a much better choice. Although back in the day, this guy would've been a 5... now he's just a 2. :(

Standard Rating ~ 2.0 He lost his greatness... darn scyther ;/


In standard, Hitmonchan serves it's purpose, despite resistance. I give it a 3 and 3/4 out of 5.

In limited, Hitmonchan is almighty. Consider yourself exceedingly lucky if you draft one. I give it a 5 out of 5 in limited.


Hitmochan (The Ali in Pokemon =/)

I'm sure you all don't want a reminding history lesson on how way back this card goes, so I wont even go there...

Hitmochan in the CURRENT Standard Environment - First off, this card isn't as bad as it seems. Many of the popular decks in Standard revolve around Colorless Pokemon that are weak to Fighting. We have Wigglytuff, Clefable, Electabuzz and Chansey as active as can be in the current Standard environment. Why isn't Hitomchan being used then? Well, we have much better choices to chose from. Gligar was introduced to use in the Neo Genesis set which pretty much was Hitmochan's subsitute. It has free retreat, resistance to Fighting and does 20 damage for 2 Colorless Energy. Then Tyrogue was released. It has baby rule and has a 50% chance of doing 30 damage for a Colorless Energy...taking out Electabuzz and Fable with a Pluspower. The 2 'Chan substitutes above are so much more versatile...and in my opinion, probably the best Colorless counters that are splashable. Hitmochan is still playble with the decreasingly popularity in Rocket's Zapdos though. I'm giving Hitmochan an average rating of a 3/5.


Base Set Hitmonchan...

Well, this guy was the bane of all players in the Base/Early Jungle era...many a time do I remember wincing at an active Hitmonchan back in the day and thinking "oh boy, it's gonna be a loong game." But nowadays...ehhh..O_o

Granted, he's great in a Colorless heavy environment, and it has gained some ground back since the Great Fighting Resistance Revolution. However, Gligar and Rocket's Zapdos are still quite alive and ready to kick Hitmonchan in the face given the oppurtunity.

I'd much rather use Gligar, due to one thing: colorless attack cost. It's not worth splashing Hitmonchan AND Fighting Energy into a deck-it's much easier to splash Gligar and some DCE.

Sorry 'Chan fans...stick with the Rocket's counterpart. =) is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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