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Saturday June 8th, 2002

Console: GameCube
Genre: Racing
Rated: Everyone
Players: 2

Very few race games have ever offered such an encredible experience that Burnout offers. The game is with no doubt one of the best racing games to ever appear on a Nintendo system. But with big-time competition like Grand Turismo Burnout is easily overlooked, and is not given credit for what a great game it really is.

Burnout takes the concept of quick arcade gameplay, and fast paced action packed driving and throws it into a game. If the game lacked anything it could have been the lack of interesting levels, but on the other side each level works well with the type of game Burnout is. But some of the levels in the game are still he best you can find in racing games today. We can't offer a persice opinion too you, though. I haver yet to finish playing the game completely so this would only be considered my first impression of what was offered too me in my first couple go-arounds. Expect an update later on.

Controls and Graphics
Controls in the game are very simple. The "A" button is used to go. The "R" button may have been more natrual for the GameCube's controller, but nonetheless The "A" button is more than satisfying for the game. The "B" button is your break button. This was expecting, and is natrual since most race games use the same button to break as well. The "Z" button is your back up mirror view. The next controlling function is something that is a little new to race games, and is something that worked fairly well, and could become more popular some day, but thanks to it's more complicated feel it may not be. You can use the "C" stick to go forward (gas) by pushing forward with the analog. Break with the "C" stick by pushing down on it. As you can see... this is something a little knew to most gamers.

Now onto how the game actually controls. I have to say that Burnout has probably the BEST controls for any racer I have ever played. The turning is percise, and very quick and comfortable. Most racers are difficult to control, and turning is agony, but with Burnout turning is easy, and is very comfortable.

Graphics in the game are top of the line. The textures could have been a little bit better. The graphics can't compete with those of Grand Turismo 3, though, but are better then most racer's that you see these days. What makes the graphics so awesome are the crash physics. These crash's are the most realalistic that are out there, and watching the movies of you crashing are almost worth losing first place to the jerk tailgating you from beghind. The downside to these splendid videos are having to watch them when in heated competition. It would have been nice to be able to skip them buy pressing "A", or something. But this may take away from the realness of each crash. It makes you want to avoid such collisions so you can win the race.

The Game
As you race you can gain boost points that help fill up your boost meter. You gain these points by performing special stunts such as, drifting, slidding, and perforiming near misses, by missing cars as close as an inch as you pass them up. Once you fill up your boost meter you can press "R" too start your boost. Most the time a boost throws you into at least 120 MPH. You hold "R" until your boost meter runs out, and if done correctly you will perform a "Burnout", and half of your boost meter will be filled up again. This strategy will become a common goal as you race around cars, and dodging on comming traffic, but make sure you don't crash because when you crash you lose some of your boost points. Depending on how bad your crash is, is how much points you lose.

It all sounds simple, eh? Well it can be. There are three different types of cars. 'Easy', 'Medium', and 'Hard'. 'Easy' cars are what most beginers should start out with. They come with easy controls, and do not drift as much. 'Medium' are the nezt step up and are cars that are faster than 'easy' cars, but are a little harder to drive. Last but not least are 'Hard' cars. The 'Hard' cars are the fastest, and are sometimes difficult to drive. You will defintely spin out, and slide a lot more when driving these puppies, but it might just be worth it for the extra speed these things go compared to 'Easy', and 'Medium' difficulty cars.

There are several modes in the game. You can race in different Championships, or verse off in heated races with your buddy's in multiplayer modes. Unfortunetly there is only a two player mode. Hopefully by the time the second Burnout roll's around Aclaim will have improved and added a third, and fourth. You unlock levels by racing in championships, and unlock secret cars in challenge mode (tenative name). Once we unlock all the cars we'll tell you all about them.

Music in the game is nothing overwhelming, though. The music is good enough to keep your adrenline going. Fast paced music keeps the heart going, and that helps set the mood for Burnout. Sound is good as well in the game. Hearing the engine roar is fun, and the sound of on-coming traffic is unforgetable.

This is a great Racing game and is a must own for any racing fans. You'll spend hours playing this game with friends, enjoying watching you flip out in insane crashes. This game is overlooked, I must say, but don't pass this game. You should definetly try it out. It has earned best arcade racing game definetly. I can definetly say I'm looking forward to Burnout 2 for sure.


Ratings (1-10)

Fun Factor
Very fun game to play with friends, but lacks some things to add to the single player mode. Very fun to race around oncoming traffic.


The game has great sound, but the music could have been better.


Replay Value
Tracks can get a little bit repetitive. Thats the one thing that really hurts the game. Great Multiplayer, though


Easily the best controlling in any racer Iv'e ever seen.


Eye Candy (graphics)
Awesome Crash Physics. Textures could have been betterm, but the crashs are worth watching slightly blurry graphics. Not too blurry, just a bit.


Total (not an average)
My favorite Racer ever. Best controlling ever. I love the crashs a lot. the game gets an A on my list.









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