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Wednesday June 19, 2002

StarFox Advetures
Title: Star Fox Adventures
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 1 to 4
Most Probable Release Date: September 2002

What happens when a furry fox lands on a planet full of dinosaurs, befriends a triceratops, and pulls a long staff out of the ground? Why, you get Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet, a new game by Rare that has been in the works with Rare for quite sometime now. Dinosaur Planet, which was it's original name, was originally meant for the Nintendo 64 and also rumored to be under the supervison of Disney, and was meant to be released around 2000-2001, however it was ported over to the GameCube. Rare just stalled with the game, the continually reformatted, reupdated and tinkered with the game so that DK64, Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark could go up in the sales charts. Also from the fact that Rare wanted to minimize the games on the 64, Banjo Tooie would be the last game from Rare on the 64. They were already hard at work on redoing Star Fox for GCN and also working on it's racing title, Donkey Kong Racing, which is still in the works. Miyamoto realized that the Fox that was the main character in the game had a striking similarity between Nintendo's own Star Fox. So Rare fixed up the main character and called the title Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet.
SFA was meant to be released along side the GCN or atleast a month or two after the system's release but Nintendo realized that players would have a hard time choosing between some very nice game titles. So now SFA is being re-vamped, re-tweaked and re-edited to ensure that maximum gameplay will be available for the games launch this September.

N64 Fox Sequel or New Fox Outing?
SFA is supposedly meant to take off after the events of the original 64 classic Star Fox 64. General Cornelias get's a distress signal from the Dinosaur Planet and tells Fox to look in on it. Fox lands on the lush planet and finds a staff, he picks it up, and his adventure begins. This may be brand new Fox adventure considering Andros is now where in sight. This game was meant for the N64 and it's expansion pack, when looking at older screenshots of the never released 64 version compared to the graphics of the GameCube StarFox there is alot to smile about. The game will feature a battle system/target locking freature similair to the Zelda Games of the N64, with better graphics, more variety of weapons, and much bigger worlds. The magical staff, which is also your main weapon, will enable you to cast powerful spells on your enemies while also letting you use your most update-to-date weapons like blaster and ray guns. On Dinosaur Planet there are both good and evil dinosaurs. You will befriend a triceratops on your quest, and will be able to ride on him to get to area's you once could'nt have reached. Fox may have a new found love, Krystal an unknown Foxy Tailed feminen has been captured by the Dinosaurs.

Help is on the way!
Star Fox's dinosaur companion, a jester of a dino named Prince Tricky, can also help you cast your spells. If you were stuck and being teamed by a group of Dinos you can ask Tricky to charge in and level the playing field. Tricky will become a very important aspect and libability to your adventure, and it's a good thing he is tagging along. The Star Fox team is out to help too, you'll get weapon upgrades and mission briefings from Fox's best friend Slippy Toad, tactical advice, things to watch out for and tips on going through the world from Fox's dead father's team member, Peppy Hare, and a totally remodelded and smarter ROB 64, who controls the massive battleship, The Great Fox. It is not known whether Falco Lombardi, another one of Fox's friends, will be making an appearance. However it is known that Andro's is most like NOT behind this adventure due to the fact that the Dinosaur King that rules Dino Planet calls the shots. There has also been no proof that Andros is on Dinosaur Planet or collaborating with the Dinosaur Planet minions, however that could very easily change.

This the the coolest way to get to school!
Fortunatly for us, Fox wont be stuck on the ground at all times. It is now confirmed that you will be able to pilot Fox in his Arwing, however it might now be in the way that you think. A player recently asked on Rare's Q & A page whether you will be able to fight bosses in space like in the original game. Rare replied "No, the Arwing is not meant to fight bosses" and is meant to "take you to other worlds" so most people have now come to realize that the Arwing will only help you travel from planet to planet, as Rare has just stated, another speculation that we can now consider is that Fox may not be on Dinosaur Planet alone, he may be able to travel around DP in his Arwing, or perhaps Travel back to the Great Fox for some specific purpose.

A possible connection?
Fox's father had died in the past Star Fox game, however right after defeating Andros Fox had seen his father's ship flying in the voids of space, Fox followed this "ghost" of his father that he thought he saw but it was too quick and got away. This raises another question, will Fox finally really know what happend to his father? Peppy Hare managed to espace and tell Fox of his father's fate but Peppy never knew what had happend to him after he escaped. In the new Star Fox Adventure we might find out all this and more!

An adventure not to be missed
Graphically speaking, this game should be one of the best on the GCN only second to Resident Evil, it is so realistic that everystrand of fur on foxes face can be seen blowing with a gust of wind. Characters will emit real facial gestures, mad, sad, confused, happy, smiling, that was once so difficult and limited the Nintendo 64. Fox actually looks fierce when confronting an enemy Dinosaur. The best real time lighting effects that the GCN is known for and is also so hard to the opposing systems to do will be harnessed with raw power and used directly with SFA. When running through cold area's Fox's feet will leave deatailed prints on the snow, running through a small stream you will be able to see deatailed droplets of water. Water is one thing the GCN did so well when emulating water effects on Wave Race: Blue Storm, expect it to be in the tropical envioronment too.
Sound is another big plus, it will have only the best in Dolby technology, that Rare is so well known for putting into their smash hit titles. You can hear Fox's feet scraping the ground, hear the klink-klank's the the enemy's body armor, hear birds, crickets and other realistic settings that actually make you feel like you are in another unworldly place. The afterburners of Fox's Arwing zipping through space will all be crisp and clear, and all will be beautiful.

SFA, with it's Zelda style gameplay, lush, realistic tropical graphics and rock solid storyline will no doubt rule Christmas this year. Nintendo will finally be able to gain an edge over the X-Box and Ps2 near the end of the season. Nintendo may have started out weak, but with it's star-studded armada of games coming soon it will give the competition a run for their money, now all we have to do is wait for a very close September Release






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