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Thursday June 27th, 2002

Nintendo Memory Card 251
Console: GameCube
Genre: Memory Card
Rated: None

One of the biggest downsides of GameCube was its small Memory Card 59. Thankfully, or luckily Nintendo released an answer for those who wanted to be able to play game like Madden Football, and set up and save their own franchise. What's the solution? Memory Card 251 is the solution. With the Nintendo Memory Card 251 you're able to save up to FOUR TIMES as much as Memory Card 59. Sure it isn't as much as Sony's, and Microsoft's memory Cards (which are 8MB) for their systems, but still it's a step in the right direction. We figure since most PS2, and Xbox games take anywhere from 50 to 200 blocks to save. Well the thing is - Nintendo games take a lot less blocks to save. Usually somewhere starting at 5 to 10 blocks. That will in the end really affect your total number of saved games. So with Nintendo new memory card you're really getting a better deal - money wise, and save wise. Memory Card 251 can be purchased from $20.00 to $30.00. So it cost more than the MC59, but rememberů you getting more space!

The one other solution for gamers who need bigger Memory Cards is the Interact 6x Memory Card. The downside is the Memory Card 16X cost as much as a PS2, and Xbox Memory Card. You will get more save space, but the thing is - it's third party. Any educated gamer knows what that means: It isn't made by Nintendo. Often time's third-party products, especially memory cards can easily become corrupted - cause you to lose games that you have saved. So the smarter choice would be to play it safe and by the Memory Card 251. If you decide to buy it you should be able to find it easily - most stores have it. The card un-like Memory Card 59 is black, and comes with some handy gold label stickers. You can keep track of what games are on your MC's by labeling them - which is a dandy extra if I do say, so, myself.

So now all you have to do is fine a store, and find some cash. We definitely encourage the purchase of a MC251. They are first party, made by the Big "N" themselves, and even come with a warranty. Your memory card problems have been solved. Buy it.


TazedSoul's Impressions:
I honestly don't see a reason not to buy a MC251, but that's all I really have to say... ^_^



Ratings (1-10)

It wouldn't be to un-reasonible to charge a little less for it since it is still tiny compared to PS2's, and Xbox's MC's.


It's from Nintendo... How do you think it will work? Great!


Total (not an average)
It's first party... You can't get much better than that, but maybe a little bigger?









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