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Wednesday June 12th, 2002

Insane WaveBird Impressions

20 Feet? Nintendo... Don't be moddest.

I finally got my hands on a WaveBird controller last night, actually three of them. This little article is not meant to be taken as a review so please don't read it like one. You can still take this a a good guide in your final decission in whether to buy a WaveBird, or not, but for the most part I just wanted to share something really cool about the controller with you.

The first thing I did, along with my two little brothers when we got back from Wal-Mart after buying a WaveBird was pop in melee, and well... Before we could even play the game we had to see how far back this controller REALLY worked. I then left my room (Which is at one side fo the house) went to the other end of the house, and outside onto the porch, and down onto the driveway. I then began to use the controller. Inside the room. My brother saw the receiever recieving a signal, and the controller was working great and responding glitch free. This distance was around 60 Feet.

That's insane. I mean... No one will probably play from their driveway, but I think it's a nice extra feature in a controller. Stay tuned with Pojo, though... We have a FULL review, impressions, details, pros, cons, and a score for the controller all in the works and you should see it soon.

Not to mention we are also running more tests and once you hear about them your gonna go insane.

More to come...







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