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Guidelines For Deck Submittals are below the deck fixes. 

Guidelines For Deck Submittals: 


• Send me both your name and your deck’s name.

• Clarify whether this deck is for modified or unlimited play. It may be obvious, but please do so anyway. Don’t shy away from sending unlimited decks, I still like to play unlimited a lot and I’ve got a bunch of innovative ideas.

• Give me a deck list (make sure it is 60 cards) and label each card with the appropriate set and number.

• Outline the strategy that your deck uses. This is critical, because I want to know what you want to do with the deck so I can improve it and not take your strategy away.

• If there are cards you definitely want in the deck, let me know so that I do not take them out.

• If there are decks you have trouble against, or specific cards, list them so I can help you get around them.

• And I will do my best to help you out. I love this game, so I will be glad to help! Email me at arbok.hollow@yahoo.com.



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