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Dry’s Arsenal
(Deck Garage)

Welcome to Dry’s Arsenal.  As you all have guessed, this garage is here to aid all duelists in securing a better chance of victory through deck enhancements and strategy adjustments.  It’s understandable that everyone plays to win, however the true purpose of this garage is to share a greater level of appreciation for the game of Duel Masters.  Each card was designed to serve a purpose and each effect is just begging to be exploited.  I’ve been building decks for years and currently own 15 original, complete, and very competitive decks.  It would be  privilege to pass on my knowledge and experience to our community.


As far as my background, I am an appointed Duel Masters league leader at my local card store.  I’ve been a loyal DM gamer since its release and I’m proud to own at least 1 copy of almost every card released in the US.  In my area I’m renowned for my prowess in the game and for my original deck concepts.  I’m also proud to be recognized for my dedication to help new and younger players to build competitive decks and become familiar with the game.  As far as the Pojo community, I’m known for my well-researched COTD (Card of the Day) reviews and for my passion in the game.  I’m always happy to express my ideas and to lend a hand.  Feel free to send me your decks but first please understand the following rules:


1)   Send your decks to alcadeias@mad.scientist.com and make the subject line say “Dry’s Arsenal”.

2)   Make sure your email contains only text and no attachments.  Emails with photos and/or attachments will be immediately deleted as a preemptive safeguard.

3)   Provide a description of your strategy and what you want the deck to do.

4)   Ensure that your deck list displays card quantity and each card is categorized by civilization (i.e. light cards, water cards, darkness cards, etc.).

5)   Omit any profanity, threats, or obscenities.  Emails of this sort may be forwarded to the Pojo overlords with a request to ban the member.

6)   Double-check your spelling and grammar.  If I can’t understand your email then I can’t fix the deck.

7)   The only time I will send a direct reply to your email is if your deck is hopeless beyond repair.  This is to let you know that I cannot fix the deck.  Fixing these decks would be like building one from scratch and defeats the purpose of a “deck fix”.

8)   Because of life’s randomness and the potential flood of requests, I may not be able to get to fix all decks.  Please ensure that you’re submitting a deck that you are truly looking to enhance and then use in a tournament.

9)   If you would like to respond to my fixes (whether positive or negative) please post a thread in the Pojo forums for others to read.  There could be a chance that others will feel the same way and would also like to comment.


Have fun, keep an open mind and I look forward to hearing from you soon,


Dry 1337 (a.k.a. Dry Carcass)


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