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Billion Degree Dragon

1.18.06  Throughout the history of the Fire Civilization there have been many Armored Dragons, Bolshack, Bazagazeal, Bolmeteus. Among the many races that populate the barren deserts and rocky cliffs that is the Fire Civilization, no other creature is more respected and feared than the Dragons.The Dragons are revered by the Dragonoids as god-like creatures, the Humans think of them as great warriors who power is greater than an weapon that can, and ever will be made.


The Dragons themselves are a very honor bound race of creatures, when the devote themselves to a cause they will never give up until they or the enemy is destroyed. Pride, Honor, and Battle are the three things that all Dragons devote themselves to since birth.


But even though they are known throughout the world and revered as gods by many their origins are unknown to all, save for perhaps the higher ups of the Light and Water civilizations. It's said that they came about from the early formation of the planet, when the vast amounts of molten rock was slowly collecting into the world. Small chunks of unformed earth was said to form into the beings, and that they shaped the world into a habitable place.


It's also rumored that they are the greatest of Dragonoids warriors, whose body and spirits transform into the awesome beasts. Or it could be true that they ancient living weapons created by Humans, and that they developed enough intelligence to escape the early Humans.


Despite the little knowledge on their origin, it is known that hundreds of years ago they all went into hibernation foe a reason known only to themselves. It is also known that the Cataclysm, a disastrous event that reduced a major part of the land to dust, awakened them from their slumber.


But it was only in recent years that a even more dangerous event took place, the Megapocalypse.


Why the Megapocalypse took place is a complete mystery, even the geniuses of the Light Civilization have no idea how it happened or why it happened. But the research into what happened was soon put on a halt as people soon realized that the Megapocalypse had done more than damaged the planet, it had awakened something much more sinister.


Billion-Degree Dragon


The inhabitants of the Fire Civilization have no idea where he actually came from. During a battle between them and the Water Civilization the ground suddenly buckled upwards as if something was underneath it, all combat came to a halt as the surprised armies look around in surprise. But this didn't last long as the ground suddenly exploded upwards in a blast of flame and smoke, from underneath a single giant eye opened and glared at the sky. Slowly, almost lazily, the Dragon's head lifted out of the hole in the ground and the rest of his body soon followed afterwards.


What stood before the remaining survivors was a giant Dragon of immense proportions, covered nearly in head to toe in titanium armor, it glared down at the forces of Fire and Water and growled deeply. That was the last anyone had ever seen the Billion-Degree Dragon in such close quarters. When scouts from the nearby Fire city came to inspect what had happened to their companions, they were startled to find that the entire area had been flattened into smooth glass like crater. The stone and sand had been heated up to temperatures that it turned into glass!!!


A Dragonoid who had been viewing the fight from far away commented on what he saw after the Dragon had appeared from the earth.


"It was as if the sun had been slammed down into the Earth, the light was bright that for several minutes I was blind. When my sight was recovered, everything...everything was gone.




The only race who know of where he came from are the Dragons, and they refuse to tell anyone of how he came into being, or even how he appeared after the Megapocalypse. But from the way the commonly refer to him and the tone they take when he is mentioned is one of distaste and even anger. Unlike the other Dragons, he never takes any side, but only revels in causing as much destruction to the planet as possible.


It's said by many that he is simply a byproduct of the Megapocalypse, maybe Dragon who had somehow been transformed. Or it could be that he the original Dragon, the first Dragon ever made, and that he simply has been hibernating for all this time, hence why he lacks a name.


Dragons are well known for their pride, and the one thing they have that demonstrates this pride is their name. To a Dragon, a name can tell how powerful they are, their rank, their family, and their origin. But the Dragons of today refuse to call the Billion-Degree Dragon, by an actual name, thus the rest of the world only refers to him by the name, Billion-Degree.


It's rumored that he was imprisoned by the other Dragons before they entered into hibernation, and that he had so shamed that they had removed him of his name. He was to be forever locked in the center of the earth, chained to the molten core of the planet by most powerful of spells and machines. But somehow he had escaped from his prison, and now that the ancient Fire Civilization scientist and wizards are dead, their is no one to help the Dragon imprison him again.


This rumored is supported by the fact that after the Megapocalypse, the planet was knocked off it's alignment. Since the Dragon had been freed from the core, the planet lost a major part of it's hard metallic core, and that this sudden imbalance could've been what caused the Megapocalypse.




Since the first time the Billion-Degree Dragon appeared till now there had been many an army who had fallen to his wrath. His appearance is always random, one could be fighting against the forces of the Darkness Civilization only to find he massive body hovering over head, or you could be asleep in one of the sprawling human cities only to be incinerated a few second later. One thing is for certain, he comes into an area filled with life, and leaves with death.


His attack against living creatures is random as well, sometimes he'll destroy an entire section of Darkness land, or he'll kill an entire Dragonoid army, it's even shown that he'll destroy an entire mountain with not a living soul on it. As it seems, his targets are merely based on a passing whim.


In fact, his attacks are so vicious and troublesome that the head leaders of the Fire Civilization have considered using their ultimate weapon, the Invincible Cataclysm against him. But as it is impossible to detect where he is or where he comes from, it is impossible to target him. Besides, many are afraid that he'll survive the attack and simply destroy his attacks, those of the Fire Civ. don't feel like losing their ultimate weapon.




After months of studying his form and strength, the best of Fire's scientist have a few theory's on his mode of attacking.


On both his arms are two giant triple barreled cannons that house a multitude of quick loading shells. The rate of fire for these cannons are surprisingly quick, often shooting off three successfully rounds in only a few seconds of each other. Each shell is about 5 stories tall and weighs about 2 tons, they explode upon impact and release a mountain of shrapnel that expel into all directions and impale any unfortunate soul nearby.


But his real mode of attack is what's called his Billion-Degree Flash. His skin is able to take in the heat that surrounds him, and as his home is said to be within the volcanoes and the magma surrounding the core, it's no wonder that he produces so much temperature.. In a moment his giant armor heats up to hundreds of billion degrees of heat and the entire area is engulfed in the heat emanating from his body. The armor soon glows so white hot that prolong exposure will blind anyone who looks at it too long, within minutes the surrounding area has been vaporized into dust.




Height: 89760 feet or 17 Miles

Weight: 200000 or 100 Tons.

Wing Span: 26400 or 5 Miles.

Race: Armored Dragon

Body Temp: 10000 Fahrenheit


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