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Defiranth on Duel Masters

What happened to the rest? by Defiranth

        12.15.05  Epic just came out, and people are going dragon crazy. But what happened to the rest? Come on, everybody dropped their good decks in favor for the Epics. Only the smarter players realize that their control decks work much better and in a tournament, dragon vs. dragon is not good.
      What happened to decks like 4 color control? They're replaced by 3 color complete dragon decks which consists of 50 cards.
     Come on, Bangazeal Dragon is a good card and a rare, but they put it in a precon deck! Now, all the dragons are high priced, and the rest are not as good.
Some good players even realize they can work the whole dragon situation into their advantage. Use anti-dragon decks, and they will counter most decks in tournaments. ZPut in cards like DRaco Barrier and that Mecha De Sol, with a few good blockers and voila, you've got a competition worthy deck in your hands.
    All I'm saying is, the environment is now less competitive and original, and its not really that fun anymore. I suggest to Wizards that they shouldn't set a set witch benefits only one category. Do sets like Somp or Survivors, they come up with new thing that aren't already ther. Just think about it.
Submit you views to defiranth@gmail.com
So long,


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