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Ness's Nest

Energy Rain
modified deck
Jason Klaczynski
Jan. 21, 2005

       People were so excited when Blastoise returned to the game in Fire Red/Leaf Green, with a power very similar to that of base set Blastoise's.  The bonus is that water energy can be attached to any kind of Pokémon, not just water type.  The downside is that Blastoise ex places a damage counter every time you attach a water energy.  It doesn't seem like a big deal until you actually TRY to play the deck.  

       And since it's a crime to remove damage from ex Pokémon, and all good damage-removing cards (Life Herb, Milotic, Mr. Briney's Compassion) cannot be used on ex-Pokémon, it's hard to work with.  But then again, after all, they are ex Pokémon - they're not real Pokémon.  Let's change the rules of the game so that those horrible, freak "ex" Pokémon cannot interact with the other cards.   Oh, and my favorite part is how it's always in parentheses - like, the card will say... "Attach double rainbow energy to one of your evolved Pokémon. (exluding Pokémon-ex)"  Does anybody else think that's funny?  IT'S IN PARENTHESES.  Do you understand what that means?  The card implies that if it WASN'T in parentheses that you would probably just figure it couldn't be attached to an ex Pokémon.  That's so funny.  At least I think it is. 

     This attack does 30 damage. 
(Plus 130 more damage if you see an ex Pokémon in play). Seriously, I expect some form form of Equal Rights movement by the ex Pokémon some day soon.

       All right, anyway... it took me a while to put together a working Blastoise ex deck, but finally, I realized what cards to play and what cards not to play, most important being:

1) DON'T PLAY Steven's Advice.  The deck plays a 4/4 Delcatty line and because of how large your hand will end up being, you will seldom be able to narrow it down in order to play Steven's Advice.  Instead, you max out on TV Reporter.

2) PLAY Swoop! Teleporter.  This card allows you to turn your Dunsparce into a Magnemite with one energy that now has the ability to evolve since Dunsparce was in play more than one turn.  It also helps get rid of that bench spot being wasted by the Dunsparce.

Here's my list at the moment.

Pokémon (23)
4x Dunsparce (SS)
4x Skitty
4x Delcatty
3x Magnemite
3x Magneton
2x Squirtle
3x Blastoise ex

You should end up getting 1-2 Delcatty out second turn most games, and then the Energy Drawing begins.   If you have a good draw, you will end up using Swoop on Dunsparce, turning it
into a Magnemite, then evolving, and attacking by the second or third turn.  Magneton is your primary attacker, and also recovers your discarded energy.  The energy you attach with Energy Rain should usually be placed on Blastoise ex itself, and although it weakens it, you will only need to attack with Blastoise ex when you can no longer attack with Magneton, and it shouldn't be a problem, because they should not have anything left that can deal enough damage to KO the Blastoise anyway.

If Vileplume ex is played in your area, try to fit a Wartortle.

Energy (20)

16x Water Energy
4x Lightning Energy

You need to play high energy in this deck so that you can repeatedly use Energy Draw and also deal enough damage with Magneton,

Trainers (17)
4x TV Reporter

4x Celio's Network
3x Rare Candy
3x Swoop! Teleporter
2x Island Cave
1x Copycat (TRR)

Very low trainers.  It just plays what it needs.  If Mt. Moon is popular by you, take out a Swoop for a third Island Cave.

Overall, I still think this deck can be improved.  However, Magneton is one of the few things that combined with Blastoise, is able to do more than 80 damage.  However, getting ten or more energy in play, even with all the draw power this deck has, is still difficult.

I'm open to suggestions or ideas you have for this deck. 
Take care.

-Jason Klaczynski



Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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