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Ness's Nest

January 17, 2005

modified deck

All right everyone, I've been to a few City Championships and have been successful with two decks.  Here's one of them.  Let me explain to you the concept behind this modified deck, focusing around a sick combo: Dark Electrode and Dark Dragonite.

---Pokémon (24)---

4x Dunsparce
3x Dratini
(TRR, 53/109)
3x Dark Dragonair
(TRR, 31/109)
  3x Dark Dragonite
2x Voltorb
2x Dark Electrode
2x Pidgey
1x Pidgeotto
2x Pidgeot (FRLG)
1x Horsea (DR)
  1x Kingdra

      Like most modified decks, Dragtrode plays 4 Dunsparce.  A first turn Strike and Run sets up for a fast, powerful teamwork effort from Dark Electrode and Dark Dragonite.  Remember, it is important to "run" with the Dunsparce, sending it to the bench after the attack, so that the energy attached to it can be moved later in the game by Dark Dragonite.  You can send out a Pidgey (if you have the ability to evolve it next turn, allowing it to retreat for free) or, if you have Dark Dragonair, send Dratini active, so that after you evolve it, you may use Dark Dragonair's Evolutionary Light to get whatever evolution that you need. 

       Things to avoid with this deck are to leave all your darkness energy on Dark Dragonite (or whatever you're attacking with) so that when your active Pokémon is knocked out, you have no darkness energy left.  Try to think ahead and spread the darks around.

       Pidgeot, like Dunsparce, belongs in nearly every modified deck.  It's Quick Search Poké-Power is essential for developing your bench, consistently dealing damage, and also for getting those situational cards you may play only one or two copies of in your deck, to have a very powerful turn.  (Mr. Briney's compassion, for example.)  And also remember that Dark Electrode is both dark and lightning type, so it's attack is useful against opposing Pidgeots.

     And , you're probably wondering what the hell a Kingdra is doing in the deck.  The Kingdra's Poké-Body, Dragon Veil, takes away Dark Dragonite's devastating weakness.  With Pidgeot being played in nearly every deck, people playing cards like Zangoose and Team Magma's Zangoose, and Crystal Shard about to be reprinted, Dark Dragonite is a target for a one-hit KO.  Avoid this by getting a Kingdra out.  However, keep in mind that you do not want to burn Rare Candy like crazy and leave yourself vulnerable to your opponent using Ancient Technical Machine [Rock] that you may not be able to recover from.

---Energy (13)---

4x Darkness Energy
4x Rainbow Energy
4x Dark Metal Energy
1x R Energy (TRR)

Every one of these energies can be moved by Dark Dragonite's Dark Trance.  The Rainbows allow Dark Electrode to attack.

---Trainers (23)---

4x Rare Candy
4x Celio's Network
4x Steven's Advice
3x Copycat
2x Mr. Briney's Compassion
2x Rocket's Tricky Gym (TRR)
1x Vs Seeker
1x Pow! Hand Extension
1x Strength Charm
1x Ancient Technical Machine [Rock] (HL)

     Because of the tremendous advantage having Pidgeot in play gives you, the deck plays 4 Rare Candy.  It also lets you evolve Dark Dragonite to begin attacking quickly, or to evolve it back from Dratini the turn after you use Mr. Briney's Compassion to return it to your hand.  The Brineys are great in this deck because they work as a healing card.  (The energies are moved off Dragonite, Dragonite is returned to your hand, Rare Candy lets you evolve it back immediately, and the energies come back.)

     Celio, of course gets you whatever you may need at the time.  Copycat and Advice work well together because your opponent will almost always have a decent sized hand OR a decent amount of Pokémon in play (especially with Dunsparce being so popular.)  The two stadiums aren't as useful as you would imagine, but provide counters against Mt. Moon, which has been errated and shuts off Dark Electrode's Darkness Navigation Poké-Power.  The Pow and Strength Charm are situational, and Pidgeot can get them for you when you need them.

Overall, it's quite obvious to me that this deck is one of the strongest modified decks.  Thanks for reading. 
-Jason "Ness" Klaczynski

Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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