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Ness's Nest

Wigglytuff ex / Muk
Unlimited Deck
December 15, 2004

       For those of you that played Pokémon back in the days of jungle, in 1998, you'll remember how powerful Wigglytuff was.  However, the new Wigglytuff ex is even more powerful, dealing 20 more damage with Do the Wave for the same amount of energy as the old Jungle Wigglytuff.  But, Wigglytuff ex is so much stronger now than the original Wigglytuff was at it's time because:

1) Aquapolis's Boost Energy allows a Wigglytuff with no energy to deal 80 damage out of no matter.

2) Wigglytuff ex has a two colorless attack that KOs baby Pokémon, and 20 more HP than the original Jungle version.

3) A stronger Jigglypuff.

       And, it's Stage 1 buddy, Muk, all the way back from the Fossil set, shuts off all Pokémon Powers (this includes Poké-Bodys and Poké-Powers).  Fossil Muk simply becomes stronger and stronger in unlimited everytime a new set is released, simply because more and more Pokémon Powers are released.

Here's the current decklist I'm working on.  I'll show you it, and then tell you how the deck works, and a few of it's flaws.

Pokémon (16)
4x Cleffa (Neo: Genesis)
3x Jigglypuff
(Fire Red/Leaf Green)
3x Wigglytuff ex
(Hidden Legends)
2x Grimer
(Fossil, Legendary Collection)
2x Muk
(Fossil, Legendary Collection)
1x Erika's Jigglypuff
(Gym Heroes)
1x Tyrogue (Neo: Discovery)


       In unlimited, since it's debut, I can't stress enough the need for 4 Cleffa in your deck.  It lets you set up and gives you a chance to come back if your trainers are taken away by Lass, Rocket's Sneak Attack, The Rocket's Trap, or god-knows-what - there's so many cards in this format now I could go on forever. 

       The 3/3 line of Wigglytuff ex is good, in most games you're probably going to end up using two, it's possible you could use 3, and of course, it's very likely that you'll just use one and that's more than enough to knock out all of the six-year-old's 40 HP basics at the Pokémon league (and, thanks to the PlusPowers, probably make him cry, too).

       A 2/2 Muk line is fine because more than one Muk is unnecessary, it's only useful if your first one is knocked out and your opponent's deck is reliant on powers.  However, let me remind you, almost every unlimited deck you will play against will have some kind of Pokémon Powers in it by now.  Muk shuts off all of them.

       Now, with the other supporting basics, it's very difficult to decide what to play.  You do want to have back-up attackers that can utilize the colorless energies, but at the same time, you do not want to give yourself more weak basics with a retreat cost that you can get stuck with opening on the first turn of the game, leaving yourself vulnerable to some form of hand denial, like I just mentioned (Lass, etc.) and a quick loss.  So, I am reluctant to play cards like Erika's Jigglypuff, Scyther (Jungle), or Erika's Dratini (Gym: Heroes), but they are extremely useful - as long as you are not forced to open with them.  I ended up picking Erika's Jigglypuff because it can win games on the first turn when your opponent opens with a single basic.

Energy (13)
4x Boost Energy (Aquapolis)
4x Double Colorless Energy
(Base, Base 2)
2x Cyclone Energy
2x Warp Energy
1x Recycle Energy
(Neo: Genesis, promo)

       Alright, here's where the problems start.  Boost can't be attached to Cleffa, so, many games that I have been playing, I have a Cleffa (or a way to get it), but not the energy.  Mathematically, it seems like enough energy for Cleffa, but with only 9 you have about a 70% chance of having a non-boost energy in your opening hand. (if you're interested in how I calculate that, IM me.)

       But, anyway,
for Boost, it's amazing with Wigglytuff ex.  It doesn't get Energy Removaled because it ends up in the discard pile anyway, after you attack, and it allows for turn 2 Do the Wave, even after you Eeeeeeek first turn.

       Double Colorless is an obvious choice.  You can Eeeeeeek with it, you can retreat any of your Pokémon (nothing has more than a 2 retreat cost), and you can use Wigglytuff's Sleepy Song, which is especially useful after you use a Boost Energy on Wigglytuff to KO something, because often times your opponent, if he or she knows what they're doing, will send up a Cleffa and Eeeeeeek.

       Warp Energy is great for Wigglytuff ex, and even better for Muk, which is a Gust of Wind + Lass target.  Without Warp Energy, you could lose turns retreating.  What makes the Warp even more amazing is that after it sends your Pokémon to the bench, the energy is still there!

       Cyclone Energy was chosen to replace Recycle Energy because it's useful, especially in the opening turns (you can use it to send their baby to the bench, so you do not have to flip for Eeeeeeek).   Because the deck does not play heavy Super Energy Removal, is not vulnerable to Energy Removal itself, and can one-hit KO most threats, [rather than remove their energies] Recycle Energy is not necessary.

Trainers (31)
4x Lass (Base, Base 2)
4x PlusPower
(Base, Base 2)
3x Computer Search
(Base, Base 2)
3x Gust of Wind
(Base, Base 2)
3x Copycat
(Expedition, Team Rocket Returns) supporter
2x Pokémon Fan Club (Aquapolis) supporter
2x Item Finder
(Base, Base 2)
2x Professor Oak
(Base, Base 2)
2x Focus Band
(Neo: Genesis) tool
2x Pokémon Center
(Base, Base 2, Promo)
2x Energy Charge
(Neo: Genesis)
1x Super Energy Removal (Base, Base 2)
1x Lucky Stadium
(Neo: Destiny, Promo) stadium

       Trainers are so difficult in unlimited.  There's simply so many choices.  I think this list is solid.  3 Computer Search, 3 Copycat (great when your opponent uses Eeeeeeek), and 2 Pokémon Fan Club help give you the best chance at the ideal opening (which is almost always Lass, which removes your opponent's options, then Eeeeeeek).  Do not make the mistake thinking that your job, turn 1, is to Oak as many times as possible and fill your bench.  Those were the old days.  Don't waste all your trainers that early in the game.
       4 PlusPower allows Wigglytuff ex to one-hit KO 100 HP threats like Suicune ex, Blastoise, Wigglytuff ex, and the hundreds of 100-120 HP Pokémon now available in unlimited.  Gust of Wind, of course, allows you to remove these kind of threats to your Wigglytuff ex.
       Pokémon Center and Focus Band are not only great on a 100 HP ex Pokémon, but they work together as well, which is pretty cool considering you can always do 80 the turn after you play Pokémon Center.  Unfortunately, it's the one-hit KOs that will end up being a threat to the Wigglytuff ex, but with 4 PlusPowers and 4 Boost Energy, your job is to knock out potential threats before they can even do significant damage.


Good luck.  Have fun.

-Jason Klaczynski


Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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