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My name is Jason Matthews. I started playing magic on the tail end of the beta edition. I took a small hiatus from magic after Homelands was released and returned shortly after Nemesis came out. I work for The Game Closet in Waco, Texas. I play mainly tournament Magic. I prefer Standard and Extended. I am a certified judge like dear old Judge Bill, although I am only Level 1. I enjoy all aspects of magic, be it casual or tournament play. You can find me on Magic online from time to time under the name Harbor. I also am a referee for a local paintball park. I have played paintball all over United States and the world. I played paintball competitively on many major circuits. Well thatís just a bit about me. I will share more than most want to know as more articles are published.

In doing the Jasonís Deck Garage, I will take on all challenges when it comes to reviewing decks. If you would like to send in a deck list for me to look at send it to I do have a few suggestions for getting me to use your deck as the possible deck to review. Please tell me what format you will using the deck for. When I speak of formats I mean, type 2, extended, type1, type 1.5, block constructed, League, or yes even casual. I would really like to know what you like about the deck you are having me review. I need to know if you like certain cards in your deck so I donít accidentally take those cards out. Let me know why you like the deck so I donít ruin your favorite deck. If you are going to include a sideboard let me know what style of decks are giving you trouble so that I can help you deal with those decks.

Pojo Note:  Our Deck Garage is basically a learning tool.  Since Deck Mechanics get sent dozens of decks each & every week, it is not possible for our Deck Mechs to review every single deck.  They only pick about 1 per week to review as an example on how to evaluate and tweak decks.  If you are looking for immediate reviews for your deck ... try the popular Deck Section of our Message Board.

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