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04.26.04  -  Mono Red on a Budget


Hello to all the readers of Jasonís Deck Garage that are returning for another installment and a hardy welcome to all of you first time readers out there. I have to say that the last two weeks have been slight departure from the standard deck garage in that they didnít include deck fixes but instead had strategy articles for deck building and decks to expect. Well this week its going to be just a plain old deck fix. This weeks deck fix is for a player who has just started and wants to improve upon his deck with a limited budget to work with. The idea of the limited budget is very common when we first start off and makes building decks very interesting in that it adds a limitation to work within. Now I know some of you are all happy that you are getting an actual deck fix instead of the other articles that I have been writing but that doesnít mean that you can get me to stop having at least one weekly rant. So if your not interested in reading my rants, feel free to skip over the rant and go straight to the fix. For those of you that need suggestions on decks, questions about magic, or just want to shoot the bull with me, send your emails to me at my address and I will make an effort to get back with you. Here comes the rant so if you donít want to read it skip ahead to the deck fix.

This weeks rant is purely my opinion and is probably going to be disagreed by several people. Regionals is a joke. There I said it. I will be playing at regionals this weekend and I will not be taking it seriously. I will be there to attempt the almost impossible and try to qualify for the nationals tournament. Why do I say that regionals is a joke? In Texas we are going to have to play ten or eleven rounds with roughly 500 people to get to final eight people and get the invitations. The number of people attending my regions tournament will be the equivalent of a Grand Prix event and isnít a two day event. Regionals provides no Pro points, provides lower prizes than a Grand Prix, and has a harder cut than just about any tournament to win it all. The tournament will be long, hot, and very taxing on the mind for little reward for most of the people that will be entering. So here is what I will be suggesting for most of you that are attending regionals this weekend. Donít take it seriously. Have lots of fun and donít think about the prizes.

If your in Texas and playing, come talk to me and make my day better. I will be wearing my luck blue Team Game Close t-shirt. Go with your friends and when the tournament is over have a nice dinner with your friends. Take the time to make some new friends and have regionals not be a joke to you. Next week I will have a major tournament report from my experience at reagionals for you all. So now that the rant is completed we will go on to the deck fix.

Here is the email that I received from one of you the loyal readers.

Hey jason, i only started bout 3 days before this email, but I have been getting help from a few friends who have played bout 3 years, verifying rules and such for me, not helping me with decks though~_~ I was hoping to make a mono red deck, And below is my current deck.


19 mountain
3 darksteel citadel
3 great furnace


3 krark clan stoker
2 steel wall
3 oxidda golem
2 vulshok war boar
2 iron myr
1 stone giant
1 arcbound bruiser
1 goblin replica
1 gemni engine
1 rustmouth ogre
1 uthden troll
1 krark clan grunt


2 barbed lightning
2 electrostatic bolt
2 pyrtie sepllbomb
1 pulse of the forge
1 molten rain
2 darksteel brute
1 scale of chiss-goria
1 detonate
1 viridian long bow
1 ether spellbomb
1 vulshok battle gear

End email content


The first thing that I noticed right off when looking at this deck is that is pretty much a Master Blaster pre-con deck from Darksteel. There have been a few changes made to the deck but I am about to pull this deck into the deck garage and give it a fifty dollar overhaul. I have my limitations set with fact that my friend here only has a fifty dollar budget and he wants to keep the deck a mono red deck. He hasnít specified any cards he want to keep and that gives me some room to work with. Here we go.

Problems with the deck as it stands.

1)The deck has a classic pre-con build and that means that it has a lot of one of cards. It has fourteen copies of single cards in the deck and only nine different cards have multiples in the deck excluding lands. So the first thing that I am going to make note of is that I will add some consistency to the deck when I build it by using multiples.

2) As with most precons the creature selection is only from the block is was created from and that means that there will be some very sub par creatures. So after evaluating the creatures in the deck I have decided that all must go and be replace with some better options. Once again the precon build has single and that really ruins the consistency so I will use multiples of the creatures I select.

3)The spells and artifacts that are in the deck are really some good spells, its just a shame that there only one of each in a lot of cases. So in order to make some better selections I will remove some of the bad stuff and insert some more of the existing good spells. I do this to make the deck have a better and more reliable selection of spells to draw upon.

The Budget

I used a lot of resources to come up with the prices for the cards that I would suggest. Rather than go with a price guide, which could be unreliable depending on your local area and availability of cards in that area. I used Shuffle and Cut Games website, my own store, and Ebay to get an average of the prices to use for this build. I have include a price next to each addition of cards so that you will know what to expect if you get an average price. These prices are all listed in US currency. The price listed is the total price for all of the copies.

Here is a list of the cards I needed to change the deck.

+1 Great Furnace ($0.50)

+4 Slith Firewalker ($4.00)

+4 Viashino Sandstalker ($4.00)

+2 Arc Slogger ($7.00)

+3 Duplicant ($10.00)

+4 Stone Rain ($1.00)

+3 Molten Rain ($3.00)

+2 Pyrite Spellbomb ($0.50)

+2 Pulse of the Forge ($10.00)

+4 Shock ($1.00)

Total Parts List Estimated Price ($41.00)


Here is the deck after the changes that I would make with the budget of fifty dollars worth of changes.

17 Mountains

4 Great Furnace

3 Darksteel Citadel

4 Slith Firewalker

4 Viashino Sandstalker

2 Arc Slogger

3 Duplicant


4 Shrapnel Blast

4 Pyrite Spellbomb

3 Pulse of the Forge

4 Shock

4 Molten Rain

4 Stone Rain

The changes to this deck were very extreme. It changed the deck from a sup par creature beat down deck, to a more control style of deck. You can use it to control their resources with the land destruction and use the creatures or burn for the win. The majority of these cards are in the common and uncommon slot so they can be easily found. I believe that you will find this deck to be more consistent than the previous deck now that it has more consistency in the build. I also built the deck with the idea that if you wanted you could play the deck in a Standard tournament. The total of $41 dollars used in your budget will allow you to have some room to build you a sideboard if you decide to carry the deck to a tournament. As usual if you have any questions about the article, deck fixes, want to send me you deck or just need a question answered send you emails to and I will get back to you. See you next week after regionals and I wish you all good luck if you are attending.

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