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03.01.04  -  Amanda's Affinity Deck


Well here we are once again in the Deck Garage and ready to attempt another deck fix. Todays deck fix will be a deck that is as old as time and varied as time itself called White Weenie. Now the deck that I will be building for this weeks deck is a low cost version of white weenie. With the limitation that I cant put a lot of expensive cards in the deck the power level of the deck will take a small hit. The greatness of white weenie right now is that you donít have to spend a lot of money to be competitive. Sets such as Mirrodin and Darksteel have increased the number of small white creature of quality so that white weenie is becoming a realistic choice for many tournament players.

The deck that I am working on for one of readers is one of the deck styles that I see most often. Itís a deck that is very close to white weenie but is suffering from a few holes in the deck that keep it from having some of the performance of white weenie. So I am going to add a few cards, remove a few cards, and generally make a mess of this readers deck and see how it works out. I will of course tell you as usual that the deck fix will follow my weekly rant on magic and magic related events. So if you donít want to read my rant skip the next paragraph or two and enjoy the deck fix. Donít forget to send your questions or decks for evaluation and possible fix to me at I may not get to you all but I do read every email. So on to the rant.

Todays rant is about giving the game away. You all know what I am talking about. Heck some of you have given the game away. Now what do I mean by giving the game away? I mean doing things like not attacking when you should, playing extra cards when you shouldnít, and a multitude of other thing. How many of you have watched a friend play out about four or five guys and then when his or her opponent plays a single creature he stops attacking because he or she is afraid of losing one creature? Remember the time you played an extra creature when you had plenty, then your opponent cast Wrath of God killed all your creatures and you didnít have anything left to cast on the next turn. See a theme here. These are examples of giving away the game. I understand that some people will say that these just happen. Well these thing only happen if we let them. So many people just play spells instead of thinking why they should plays spells. When you get ready to cast a spell or creature, here is my recommendation to you. Take a measly ten seconds to look at the board and think about what could happen on the next turn. Before you attack just take the same ten second pause to look at the board and think about the next turn. Think about your actions and how they could effect the game on the next turn or even the one after that. Magic is a game that will reward the person who thinks and punish the person who just plays his cards without caution or care. Maybe you can save yourself from giving away the game. Well enough of my trying to save the magic world one game at a time. ON to the deck fix.

What follows is a letter from one of our readers named Amanda.

Hi, my name is Amanda, im fairly new to the MTG world and only got interested in it when my girlfriend taught me how to play. I happen to come across the Pojo site and first of all its amazing, especially the MTG section ^.^ . I currently have an Extended deck i believe as i have some older cards in my deck. Its pretty much a white deck and as the title (Which is still in the works) says it has mainly creatures from the Mirrodin series and also some from Darksteel. My g/f main deck is Black but she has many other decks as well, the most recent one she made involes Affinity. (You know, the duress and sinkholes and so many other evil cards ). I play against her mainly and so far i have only beaten her once and i want to surprise my love and win more often ^.^, So i have come for your advice and knowledge on my deck. I wish to keep it within this theme but if anything needs to be changed ill be willing to go for it but note i have a tight budget and i am always fond of angels so i dont mind those switch outs either. Thanks alot in advance. (P.s. When or you look at my deck some cards look as if i should have more of to start with and its just that i have limited quantities of them but i do have some cards in my small collection, so what ever i probaly dont have that you suggest i should have in the deck ill try to buy or trade for)

25x Plain Mana

21x Creatures

1- Akroma, Angel of Wrath

1- Auriok Steelshaper

1- Leonin Shikari

1- Taj-Nar Swordsman

3- Leonin Den-Guard

2- Leonin- Skyhunter

2- Slith Ascendant

2- Ageless Sentinels

2- Death-Mask Duplicant

2- Loxodon Punisher

2- Skyhunter Cub

2- Daru Warchief

14x Other

1- Roar of the Kha

2- Raise the Alarm

2- Test of Faith

2- Bone Splitter

3- Leonin Scimitar

1- Skullclamp (Occasionaly i might switch out for Sheild Of Kaldra, or another Leonin Scimitar)

1- Banshee's Blade

1- Sword of Kaldra

1- Neurok Hoversail

Okay, I know that many of you are going to say that she is not playing a true weenie deck. Well your correct its not a weenie deck yet. Amanda has the start to what could be a successful deck and with a little tweaking we will get it there. The following list is the deck that I built under the limitations of money and available cards. For those of you that are thinking why didnít I use other cards I like to keep the theme of the deck as much as possible and the theme of this deck has to do with soldiers and creatures that get get bonuses when equipped. For those that want a more concentrated white weenie deck look at the bottom of this article for extra versions of white weenie. Some of the deck list I provided are made by one of the best in the business a Mister Brian Kibler. Brian is one of the best deck builders there is and one my favorite players on the Pro Tour. So check out those decklist after you see mine.

Jasons Build of Amandaís deck


22 Plains


4 White Knight (when your friends play black, you bring this guy to the fight)

3 Auriok Steelshaper (with this much equipment and soldiers heís awesome)

3 Auriok Glaivemaster (an awesome one drop with 7 equipment in the deck)

2 Skyhunter Cub (good flyer with equipment)

2 Leonin Skyhunter (another good flyer)

2 Leonin Shikari (A good soldier with ability to make equipment move at instant speed)

3 Daru Warchief (make those soldiers bigger and cheaper for fun)

4 Suntail Hawk (you just cant beet a flyer for one mana)


4 Raise the Alarm (two soldier that can appear at instant speed is good in my book)

4 Bone splitter ( +2 power for a one mana equip cost is good so four is an easy choice)

3 Skullclamp (this card is so strong you really should have four but they can get pricey)

4 Swords to Plowshares (the greatest removal spell of all time in my opinion just get it)

Okay so I managed to keep the soldier theme and give it a weenie style of mana curve and hopefully Amanda will be able to take it and win many games. I hope that you will enjoy the build and donít forget to check out the decklist that follow to see interpretations of white weenie by one of best deck builders of all time. For all of you that are making it a regular thing to visit Jasonís Deck Garage I would appreciate you input on what you would like to hear about and donít forget to send you deck list to me at I look forward to hearing from you all.

Jason Matthews


Brian Kiblerís White Weenie

4 Auriok Steelshaper

4 Deftblade Elite

4 Leonin Shikari

2 Savannah Lions

4 Silver Knight

3 Whipcorder

3 Bonesplitter

4 Chrome Mox

4 Pacifism

4 Raise the Alarm

2 Second Sunrise

4 Skullclamp

18 Plains


Brian Kibler Extended White Weenie

4 Exalted Angel

4 Ramosian Sergeant

4 Savannah Lions

4 Silver Knight

4 Soltari Monk

4 Whipcorder

4 Armageddon

4 Chrome Mox

3 Crusade

3 Parallax Wave

2 Seal of Cleansing

16 Plains

4 Wasteland

Copyright 2004

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