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01.13.04  -  Mono Black Control


Welcome once again to another fun episode of Jasonís Deck Garage. In this weeks episode of the deck garage I will be helping a young tourney player get his Mono Black Control deck up to par for some Junior Super Series action. As per the norm for me I will also be including multiple deck list beyond the version that I supply as the fixed version of the deck. By the way if your not interested in my normal ramblings I suggest you skip the next paragraph or two and move right on to the deck fixing, because I am including a lesson on moral in this installment of the Garage. So read on or skip to what you came for its time for morality with Jason in the Garage.

Here the situation I am asking you readers to judge so use your imagination. Your playing in the sixth round of a six round tournament and you need the win. You start playing the first game and you donít get deck checked. For those that donít know what a deck check is, itís done at the beginning of each round for the judges to verify the contents of the deck you registered and to make sure there is no cheating going on. Thatís the simple version of what a deck check is. So your winning your game, when you draw up one of your sideboard cards. OH NO! you must have left it in when you finished the last round. So what do you do? Now for those of you who donít know most of the time a judge will issue you a game loss for this with a warning for this infraction. If this is caught in a deck check you will start game 2 without having the chance to sideboard. So again I ask you the readers to send me your thoughts on what you would do in this situation. When I asked local players what they would do these are some of the responses I got.

1. Nothing, and keep playing with the hope that I can use the card.

2. Call a judge and take it like a stand up player.

3. Concede the game and continue with the match.

4. Ask the judge what to do.

Send me you thoughts and I will add it in to next weeks deck garage.

The following is an email I received this week and the basis for this weeks deck garage. The name of the deck creator has been withheld to protect the innocent.

well, I have this mbc that I won the jss with, but I donít no if its at top condition, cud u possibly help me out with this:

4 consume spirit
4 terror
4 festering goblin
4 solemn simulacrum
3 smother
3 phyrexian arena
3 extraplanar lens
3 promise of power
3 diabolic tutor
2 reveir demon
2 decree of pain
1 oblivion stone
2 stalking stones
3 bloodstained mire (I donít need deltas because affinity isnít a problem [no MotM in sideboard])

19 swamp



4 mourner's shield (karma)
2 megrim (astral slide)
1 mindslaver (spanks astral slide when megrim is down)
3 dark banishing (affinity, just in case, or maybe even mirror match that has a good amount of artifact creatures in the deck)
2 havoc demon (no, Iím not a noob, its for playing against mirror match, I switch it with reveir demon and it deals with visara and other good cards)
3 persecute (basically any mono deck I have trouble with, but also works good against astral slide)

As always I try to keep some of the cards in the deck that I believe you enjoy using. So of course there are going to be better build and I will include a couple of alternate builds of mono black control decks at the bottom of the article. What follows is my version of the deck.

4 Solemn Simulacrum
1 Riever Demon
3 Extraplanar Lens
4 Oblivion Stone
3 MindSludge
4 Consume Spirit
3 Phyrexian Arena
3 Diabolic Tutor
3 Terror
3 Dark Banishing
3 Promise of Power
2 Decree of Pain
22 Swamp
2 Stalking Stones

Okay, when I did my rebuild of the deck I also built the deck with the thought that it would be played in a JSS. One of the things that a lot of players donít think about is the area that they will be playing in and it does affect the build. I will explain what I took out and then what I added into the deck. You will also notice that I didnít work on the sideboard. I donít usually work on the sideboard unless I am told of certain decks that are causing trouble. It does a person no good for me to tell them what to sideboard if they donít have anyone playing the decks that I would sideboard against.


-4 Festering Goblin
-1 Reiver Demon
-3 Smother
-1 Terror
-3 Bloodstained Mire

I took out the festering goblins because In my opinion there are just better options to have in the deck and your spells in this deck will have better effect than the goblin. The terror and the three smothers came out because I prefer to use dark banishing because it a much better card than smother in the current type 2. The one reiver demon I took out because its cost all though achievable is just too much. Now I know some people will say I left one I of the demons in, but thatís one of the cards that I thought was important to the player so it stayed in. The last decision I made was to remove the three bloodstained mires. Now I know some people like to use the fetch lands to thin down there deck, but I have come to believe that you have to use that theory in the right deck. This is not the deck for it because this deck like to have lots of resources. Using the mires actually causes you to have less mana and many a good article has been written on the subject.


+3 Oblivion Stone
+3 Dark Banishing
+3 Mind Sludge
+3 Swamp

Oblivion Stone is just so good that you should usually run 4 if your going to run it at all. I chose to use three Dark Banishing over the smothers because most of the times the smother just wont be able to kill the creatures you are really fearing. This deck has a lot of mana production so you using mind sludge is a must I donít know about all you players out there but if you empty you opponents hand he usually has a tough time winning.

Well thatís about all for this installment of the deck garage and donít forget to check out the extra deck list that follow. I hope this weeks deck garage helps out a little bit and gives you something to think about.


4 Solemn Simulacrum
1 Undead Gladiator
4 Barter in Blood
4 Consume Spirit
3 Decree of Pain
4 Diabolic Tutor
2 Extaplanar Lens
4 Oblivion Stone
2 Phyrexian Arena
4 Terror
2 Stalking Stones
23 Swamp


3 Grid Monitor
2 Barter in Blood
3 Coercion
4 Consume Spirit
1 Dark Banishing
2 Diabolic Tutor
1 Infest
3 Mind Sludge
4 Phyrexian Arena
3 Promise of Power
4 Terror
3 Oblivion Stone
4 Chrome Mox
2 Barren Moor
2 Stalking Stones
19 Swamp

Well have fun with the decklist and remember to send your deck list to pojojason@hotmail.com






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