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February 16, 2004  - Type 2 Wall of Blood Deck


Hello to all my readers and welcome to another installment of Jasonís Deck Garage. This weeks deck is a variant of a new deck that has popped up I like to call ďGrab the WallsĒ. The deck works on the premise that you will get your opponent down to a lower life than you quickly then throw a pumped up Wall of Blood at your opponent. Also I will be on Magic Online this Wednesday at 9pm Waco, Texas time and will be talking to people and playing game for a few hours. You can come on and feel free to take a chance to speak with me the lowly deck garage mechanic. As usual before I get on with the deck fix I will be taking a moment to rant a little, so if you donít want to here the rant skip ahead and read the fix. Donít forget to send you emails and your questions if you have any to pojojason@hotmail.com So on to the rant.

Extending the hand if you havenít ever heard that term is the act of shaking your opponents hand at the end of a game as a sign of respect and good sportsmanship. I have extended the hand a numerous amount of times to many people and followed it with the comment of ďgood gameĒ. The rant today is about when is it not the right time to say good game. Many people will out of habit just say ďgood gameĒ when the game is over. I wont say ďgood gameĒ when you have just been mana screwed and you are obviously upset or you just couldnít draw creatures and I would hope that you would do the same. So what is the you opinion on this matter. Send me your thoughts and let me know some of your experiences. I would like to here them and may share some of them with the other readers.

I also wanted to include the best sign of good sportsmanship I have ever seen in this rant. Jeff Zandi of the Pojo writing staff had his 2000th loss this weekend. Now for some people they would think that this is a bad thing to celebrate, but how many of you can remember what win or loss that you are celebrating. Jeff is an amazing individual that keeps track of just about every kind of milestone that he has celebrated in his PDA. When he had this loss he actually had a prize package for his opponent and had a friend of mine take a picture with him for posterity. The fun didnít end there, it also got told to the tournament organizer and was announced over the speaker system for all to hear. Jeff Zandi is my friend and I will always hold him in the highest regard as long as he continues to be the way he acted this weekend. He is now listed in my book as the Most Sportsmanlike Person in the World. Props to Jeff Zandi on his 2000th loss and the way he accepted it. Well enough of this rant on with the deck fix. What follows is the email I received for this deck fix.

Hi, Jason. I'm sort of a "new" M:TG player, been playing since Scourge was first released. Anyway, here is my Type 2 Wall of Blood Deck. The basic idea is first to get my opponent to less life than I have as soon as possible. *Raging Goblin/Shock/Pyrite Spellbomb, and even later, Consume Spirit and Spikeshot* By turn 3, I should hopefully have my opponent at atleast 1 life less than me. On this turn, I put a Wall of Blood into play. Turn 4, I play Grab the Reins on my Wall of Blood, after giving the wall a +1/+1 boost that is the total of their life. It works out like that most of the time, but I feel it needs a little bit more speed. *Spineless Thug is there because he is a cheap 2/2* Creature


4 Wall of Blood

3 Severed Legion

4 Raging Goblin

3 Spikeshot Goblin

3 Spineless Thug


4 Grab the Reins

4 Shock

4 Consume Spirit


4 Pyirte Spellbomb

4 Bonesplitter


12 Swamp

11 Mountain



Here is my version of the deck.


4 Raging Goblin

4 Slith Firewalker

4 Wall of Blood

3 Wretched Anurid

3 Nantuko Husk


4 Grab the Reins

4 Shock

2 Dark Banishing

2 Consume Spirit


4 Chrome Mox

3 Pyrite Spellbomb

4 Bonesplitter


4 City of Brass

8 Mountain

7 Swamp

So looking at the email I was sent I instantly noticed that there were some faster and better creatures that could make the deck better. I added four Slith Firewalker because it seems many decks have trouble with a turn one or even turn two Firewalker. Three Wretched Anurid also gives this deck the ability to have a 3/3 on turn one or two which is always nice in my opinion. The Nantuko Husk is in the deck as a way of removing the Wretched Anurid if you get two low on life. The Nantuko Husk is also a way of getting a large creature to use with the Grab the Reins in case you donít have a Wall of Blood. I removed the Severed Legion and Spikeshot Goblin because they are too small and slow to be truly effective. The Severed Legion has fear but with artifacts being so prevalent in magic today you cant depend on it. The Spineless Thug is a cheap hitter but with no ability to block it really can be a drawback when you need it most.

Looking at the spells I only found that I would want a little more room for removal to get creatures out of the way. I lowered the count on the Consume Spirit because its only doing damage when you reach three mana and when you start needing to kill thing on turn four you cant really kill more than a 2/2 with it. So now having a little room for more cards I added a couple of Dark Banishing. You could use Terror in the place of the Dark Banishing but I prefer to wait the extra turn to use it so that I can hit artifact creatures as well.

In the artifacts I didnít change much. I only decided that by adding in four Chrome Mox the deck could be sped up immensely and give a real advantage if you want to kill early. The key with using the Chrome Mox is just not to play it early if you donít have the card to follow it up with. I have seen many a player cast the Chrome Mox on turn one with nothing in there hand that can be played for two mana. If you cant cast something donít waste a spell on the imprint of the Chrome Mox until you see the next draw. Most counter decks wont usually spend a counter magic spell on Chrome Mox if they donít have a credible threat that they know about, such as a kill spell that will win the game. I left the four Pyrite Spellbomb because with the land count being so low the card draw ability of the Pyrite Spellbomb can help you dig deeper into the deck for a necessary land. The Bonesplitter were left alone because he wants to hit fast and hard. If the deck has consistent problems drawing the needed mana I would remove one of the Bonesplitters and put in another Mountain.

All in all I think that the deck will definitely run faster and be able to hit harder in the early turns. I didnít include a sideboard fix because there was no mention of what he had trouble with and no existing sideboard. Iím sure that with the current meta game a sideboard would need to consist of four Shatter, three Sulfuric Vortex, three Persecute, two Terror, and three Cabal Interrogator. This should give a broad coverage of the decks out there but should be tuned to the decks that you are most commonly facing. It may not be the best deck for a high level tournament but this deck is a going to be lot of fun.

Iím looking forward to next week and being that it will be the last Monday of the month I will be sharing a Casual Deck fix with you in the pits of the deck garage. I will also be working on a special treat for all of you that read my articles and hope that you will enjoy it if it comes thru. Donít forget that you can send your decks to me at pojojason@hotmail.com you can also send any Magic related questions to me and I will do my best to answer them. If you find yourself on Magic Online this Wednesday I will be on at 9pm Waco Texas time and will be glad to talk with anyone that messages me and will also be up for some games. All you have to do is type ď/join pojojasonĒ that is all in lower case without the quotation marks. I will be on for a few hours and hopefully we can have a good time and it will allow you to talk one on one with one of the Pojo writers. Until then have a good week and see you in the Garage next week.



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