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cecillbill's Kaijudo Dojo

9.06.04. My email inbox got swamped with decks to fix! Therefore, I’m going to revise the Dojo—especially since one duelist unknowingly sent me an email virus. BTW, thanks everyone for your kind words. I explain everything about the Dojo below…

Kaijudo Dojo is a place for "training" your Duel Masters decks. Similar to a martial arts dojo, your decks go through different "workouts" (fixes, tests, evaluations) until they come out of the Dojo ready to beat the competition.

My deck fix explanations can sometimes be lengthy because I provide card & deck match-up strategies to aid you in your duels. You may know me from Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day reviews, or from my articles in print.

Recently I placed 3rd at Gen Con’s 2004 Duel Masters Championship & I’m ranked 2nd in my state. I'll use my competitive play experience to help you with your deck. If you're having major problems with your deck or just want help selecting a few cards, please email me. I’ll fix every deck sent to me, but keep in mind that I receive a flood of emails everyday (silly spammers with their credit card offers) & that fixes may take time—and bribes. I’m kidding about bribe part unless you want to send me a car. I may ask you questions about your local metagame and your deck so I can help you beat the decks you face the most. If you can, please use a valid email address when you send your deck so I can contact you. I promise not to send you irksome chain letters about 500 house cats that need dog food—something I wish “johnnyhatesyou” would stop doing to me. Even if your deck fix doesn’t get posted on the site, I will email you a detailed fix.

Send your decks to: kaiserpso @ hotmail.com with the subject line "DM Deck Fix." But before you do, make sure your deck submissions follow these quick Kaijudo Dojo guidelines:

1. No inappropriate language or spam. Please.
2. Please do not send attachments. Just paste your deck list in your email.
3. Give a brief description of your deck's strategy--ie. how it's supposed to win.
4. Please tell me whether or not you can put Rare, Very Rare and Super Rare cards in your deck. This helps because I want to hand you a fix that you can actually play—not something you stare at saying “Gee, that’s a cool deck.
Too bad I can’t make it because I can't get those cards.”
5. Please try to use good grammar so I can understand your requests.
6. Please list your deck's cards like this:
4 Bloody Squito
4 Chaos Worm
4 Aqua Hulcus
4 Brain Serum
7. Feel free to email me anytime with questions about Duel Masters and with any revisions you've made to your deck so I can see your masterpiece! Send as many decks as you like, but only send decks you actually want to play.

Some deck fixes are going to be posted right here on Pojo.com each week.

Thanks for taking a look at my Deck Garage. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yes, YOU! And if you do want to send me a car, I’d like a Volvo please—in blue with a mini-disco ball-shaped air freshener. Good times!


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