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Duel Masters Top 10 List

Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 1:36 AM

Subject: top 5 interesting cards-cameron

Idecided to write a top 15 list on the cards i enjoy seeing them being used.Here they are

Number 5-megaria,empress of dread.

Why you ask? Well this card ends up being realy funny and if used correctly can destroy the rather annoying cards that's why its interesting

Number 4-Shtra

Why?Well because of its mana effect not intrigueing when you have one played more like 4 total slow time both of you lose mana anyway onto 3

Number 3-Shock hurricane

this card is realy interesting both players bounce there creatures.Me ike me put on list heres.Alittle story about this card when i went to a tournament i had an aqua sniper on the battle zone.So what does my opponent do?Bounces it with this card and i have a turn at bouncing anyway onto 2.

Number 2-Nariel,the oracle

Well this annoying little thing stops creatures 3000 or more from attacking.Nice.thats what I think this is the card i once used against friends for making them decking out(running out of cards to draw.Onto the last interesting creature.

Number 1-King Tsunami

You might be think he's too costly but anyway if you can get him on the field its realy cool.By turn 12 you and your opponent probably have loads of creatures to bounce goodbye all of them.Well thats about it

If you want to e-mail me at cameroncroese@optusnet.com.au

p.s sorry darkness lovers i could'nt fit ballom.


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