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I decided to drop in with a Top Ten article for your enjoyment. My style is primarily Black/Blue control, so this evaluation will be only of Water and Darkness cards. Please feel free to email or AIM me to discuss what you agree with or tell me why you don’t like my choices. Time for the countdown to number one…

10. Bloody Squito: This was hard for me to put a simple chump blocker here. But Squito can survive attacks from Searing Wave, which is becoming increasingly important. Sometimes that one cheap blocker is all that’s needed to save the game.

Rating: 3.5/5

09. Locomotiver: This is a 2-for-1 combination that I like. Locomotiver can be compared to Ghost Touch, where it looks like just a measly 1k body for two more mana. However, shield trigger creatures can really turn the tide in your favor. Locomotiver is not incredible by any means, but good hand destruction is hard to come by.

Rating: 3.5/5

08. Crystal Paladin: I am iffy about this decision, but Paladin is becoming better than Lancer for several reasons. Firstly, it costs two less mana. That means you can summon it then still have mana available to play other cards. Paladin also doesn’t hog the unblockability to itself, but lets your other weenies swarm through to sweep the opponents shields all at once. This is a card that is gaining playability to watch out for.

Rating: 3.5/5

07. Death Smoke: This spell has been solid creature kill from the start. Unfortunatly for Death Smoke, Speed Attackers, evolutions, and an upcoming card called Death Sentence could reduce its power. As of now it still fits in most control decks to handle fatties.

Rating: 4/5

06. Brain Serum: I don’t have much to elaborate on here. Brain Serum is simple and effective draw power, made even better by the shield trigger possibility. Hand advantage is a good ally to have.

Rating: 4/5

05. Chaos Worm: Let me start by saying that 8 Terror Pits in one deck is something to be feared. The 5k power is good enough to clash with Barkwhip and the Evo Bait is nice, but Chaos Worm’s real power lies in the ability. You can usually destroy something untapped and then attack a creature to kill 2 in 1 turn. That’s not too shabby.

Rating: 4/5

04. Terror Pit: Simple creature destruction. No restrictions, no drawbacks, just outright I-kill-your-fatty-and-you-can’t-stop-me spell power. Terror Pit is also one of the few shield trigger cards that is still good when hardcasted.

Rating: 4.5/5

03. Aqua Hulcus: If Hulcus ain’t a staple then I don’t know what is. There are so many plus sides to Aqua Hulcus that I don’t know where to start. Drawing a card keeps the hand replenished, 2k power is a solid number, and being a Liquid Person is very compatible. The new-art promo doesn’t hurt either.

Rating: 5/5

02. Horrid Worm: This guy has been a key Black card since Evo-Crushinators hit the scene. He has enough attack to kill or suicide into other small creatures and pick off the opponents hand at the same time. Horrid Worm can also help you attack shields, but still keep the opponent topdecking. Hand control is such an important element in Duel Masters that I couldn’t justify rating him any lower.

Rating: 5/5

01. Corile: In my opinion, Corile is easily the best card printed so far. The tempo control is downright insane! Five mana is a fair price and 2k attack isn’t all that bad. But the devastating effect makes Corile my favorite card (and coolest looking card too). Making people re-draw that fatty, that evolution, or anything for that matter is a powerful force to have.

Rating: 5/5

Honorable Mention: Ghost Touch
Dishonorable Mention: Illusionary Merfolk

Once again my name is Steven Cantrell. Anyone looking to playtest casually can AIM me at Smcman7 or drop me a PM on the Realms at Thrash-494. Comments on this article can be emailed to Smcman7@aol.com. Thanks for reading!

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