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Duel Masters Top 10 List

Top 10 Spells by Michael Sebik

Hey kids! Its me again, here with more of those wacky and crazy Top Ten Lists. They just keep coming back, cheesier then before. They're alot like the 80's. Anywayz, onto the list:

#10- Death Smoke- The old school kill spell, this thing still likes to nuke creatures. It just won't go away. There have been variants on this kill spell, but nothing beats the original...Kinda like Coke.

#9- Brain Serum- Most people would argue that Energy Stream is a better card drawer, but I believe more in drawing 2 cards for free. I mean come on, how many people would actually hard cast this spell? No one...they would rather set it as a shield and draw the cards for free. I likes them bananas.

#8- Future Slash- When this card came out, I couldn't believe it. For most of you that don't play Magic, there is a card with a similarily devastating effect. Except it costs 4 mana, Gets rid of all copies, is rare, and goes for close to 20 dollars for a single card. You guys don't know how lucky you have it.

#7- Mana Nexus- Now most people cringe when they hear this cards name.
Either because they think its useless, or because they think its too annoying. I think its the ladder. This card is very annoying. I hate breaking it as a shield and they have 2 more copies in their mana zone.
Essentially gives you more then 5 shields when done right. And the last shield is usually a holy awe in the end.

#6- Volcanic Hammer- Now most people don't like it because its too restricting. Let me tell you something, in a speed red deck, you need to take out as many blockers as you can, and killing weeny blockers for only 2 mana is a bargain.

#5- Natural Snare- I don't rate this card as high as I should, but lately it is becoming less effective. When it first came out it was the answer to the annoying blue creatures that kept coming back and it would interrupt all forms of recursion. It still gets props today for still only being the green kill spell. And thats more rare then Lindsay Lohan gaining weight.

#4- Searing Wave- The ultimate mass removal, this thing spews out hot love that only the fatties can withstand, and with an ever growing popularity of weenie based control decks, this thing can take out any blockers getting in your way. Combine with its cheap cost and "supposed draw-back" this is like the Nuclear Explosion of Chernobyl...except without all the mutations and 10,000 years of inhabitability.

#3- Holy Awe- Once again most people would argue that I should rate this higher, and they are probably right, but without proper manipulation, this card in only half as good. Granted yes, you throw this down and your Light Blockers with their inate ability to still attack creatures can go to town on your opponents board. But the real secret lies in this being a shield trigger.

#2- Intense Evil- Now most of you must be asking yourself...WTF IS HE THINKING!!!! Hear me now and believe me later, card drawing is essential.
Most creatures that are run in a control deck tend to have come into play abilities. When you play them, you get your ability and then its done.
Then you try to hit their shields. Why not try to have them draw you more cards. Get another card out of that aqua hulcus or illusionary merfolk.
This thing can net you more cards and you don't have to sac all your creatures. Combo this card with guys that have leave play abilities.
Intense Evil + Schuka, Duke of Amnesia= Opponent with empty hand and you still have some cards.

#1- Well luckily my number 1 chose doesn't need much arguement. I used that all up on my number 2 selection. If not then this....Creature Dead...No Drawbacks...Possibility of casting for free...nuff said.

Honorable Mention: Miracle Quest- Draw 2 cards for every shield you break on your opponents side? Seems good. I bring you closer to death, and draw more cards in the process. I like this idea.

2nd Honorable Mention: Proclamation of Death- Free kill spells are good things. Granted yes, you don't control what you kill, but its the same amount of mana for a Death Smoke. Its a shield trigger, and you know damn well it will be the only way to destroy some cycle of creatures in the future that you can't target with your other kill spells

Crappiest: Invincible Technology- Frankly this goes to all but the green one. The Invincibles are horrible. I saw them at 1 tournament, the kid next to me was using them. By the time he had the mana to cast one in his first game, I had already won my 2 out of 3. The blue one gets golden turd pile because 13 mana to get any number of cards from your deck and put them into your hand so your opponent can just Lost Soul you next turn does not seem like my idea of a good date. I'd rather let Michael Jackson touch me then go through that ordeal.

Well thats enough whining for one day. I know Im going to get a crap load of hate mail, but its ok.. I love to hear feedback. So just drop me a line at howlingkavu@hotmail.com and we can discuss things. Im also available on AIM at Inazuka Kiba or MSN Messanger under the email address. Untill then kiddies, keep a look out for my break down of the civilizations and reports of my friends and I's endevours at Invitationals. Until then, KAIJUDO!!!!

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