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Duel Masters Top 10 List

From: Brandon
Sent: Sunday, August 07, 2005 10:05 PM

Subject: Brandon Schmidt's Top Ten cards you dont want your opponent to use on you

Hello Pojo readers, welcome to a Top Ten list by Brandon. Some of you may have read my tournament reports, some of may not have. Anyway, here we are. This list is about the top ten cards you don't want your opponent to use on you. And Pojo Staff, I really would appreciate a spot as a Card Of The Day reviewer. I been wanting one for 7 monthes now...

10.) Terror Pit- Many players hate having hit a shield and see that it was a Terror Pit. Terror Pit is a shield trigger can that destroy one of your opponents creatures. In a lot of cases this is VERY useful. In some, however, it isn't. If your opponent has about 10 creatures on the field and is attacking, no this card isn't much use. If they just have weenie creatures, such as Kooc Pollon or Deadly Fighter Braid Claw. You will find Terror Pit in almost EVERY deck that uses Darkness, so be prepared for it.

9.) Pyrofighter Magnus- This little creature is a real pain. He's a 3 cost, 3000 power speed attacker that returns to your hand at the end of your turns. Many players hate him, but Rush decks and Aggro decks love him. Cards like Horrid Worm, Locomotivater, Lost Soul, Ghost Touch are all ways to get rid of him though. He's hard to though, unless he hits a trigger, such as Terror Pit or Natural Snare. I think this card is one of the better creatures in the game, but I hate seeing him on my opponents side of the field though. Nothing a Locomotivater wouldn't cure though. If your playing against a fdeck that uses fire, watch out for this little creep!

8.) Holy Awe- This card can wins duels, or in some cases, just stall a duel. It is a very good card however and in most cases it can win you the duel, depending on the situation. It costs 6 mana, shield trigger, and it taps all of your opponents creatures in the battle zone. This card is a beauty. Let's say you have a Torcon on the field, 0 cards in your hand, and 1 shield left. Your opponent however, is using a control deck and has 5 cards in their hand, 6 monsters on the field, three of which can still attack and 2 blockers. They have 0 shields, thianks to your rushing. Your opponent attacks...and your shield is the Holy Awe you splashed in! Your opponent can't believe it, and he/she gets REALLY angry, having lost the duel. Thats all I have to say about this card, except it was used on my to beat me in my Invitation Circuit

7.) Mana Nexus- This card is great. I am not personally a fan of this card, as I have been beaten by it before. Mana Nexus costs 4 mana, shield trigger, and allows your opponent to take a card from their mana zone and add it to his shields. That really can suck for you, because if it's an Holy Awe, Terror Pit, Natural Snare, another Nexus...the list is endless. You can use this card in many situations. Ones where you are about to lose and it saves you, another where you do it just to make your opponent mad, and some just cause you can. Nexus is a staple card in many decks, including my new deck, which I will list at the end of the report as an example.

6.) Searing Wave- This card...is hated by players all over the world. I've actually ripped one in half I was so mad about it. It costs 5 mana, and destroys all of your opponents creatures that have power 3000 or less. The only downside is you have to put a shield into the graveyard. This card can win so many duels...especially against control decks, were most creatures are weenie, like Emeral, Corile, Horrid Worm,etc. Man, I just get so mad when people use this card. The only things that survive are big creatures. Even they aren't safe..."roll dramatic music"

5.) Apocalypse Vise- This card...is the most powerful kill spell out there right now. If you thought Searing Wave was bad...this card is worse. In my personal opinion, I think this card is broken. It costs 7 mana, and destroys all creatures that have power 8000 or less. 8000!!! It can take out Crystal Lancer, Fighter Dual Fang, Armored Blaster Valdios, etc...It can virtually clear your opponents entire field in one swift move, and cause the upset. This card can turn tides just like the ocean does. This is a dangerous card to play against, especially if you use control decks. This card can ruin your complete strategy.

4.) Cryptic Totem-This card is a game winner. It can make those shield triggers you had USELESS. You heard me. Useless. Cryptic Totem costs 6 mana, and its a double breaker. It's effect is when it's tapped, your opponent can't use the shield trigger ability of his shields. How crappy is that for you? That Terror Pit, Nexus, Snare, Awe, etc...Can't be used! as triggers! This card luckly isn't too hard to get as it's a rare, but it should be a super rare as good as it is. It being a Nature card is also good, in being that many decks use nature, even soem controls, so it'll fit in with some decks.

3.) Lost Soul- Oh boy. Lost Soul. It costs 7 mana, and makes your opponent discard his entire hand. Think about it. Your playing control, and you have a comfortable lead. You have a massive hand, but them your opponent Lost Souls you. All your precious cards...gone to the graveyard. This card is hated by a lot of people, and it's in most control decks. Make sure you look out for this card, it can seriously hurt your strategy.

2.) Illusionary Merfolk- Many players would call this the most broken card in the game. I agree, however I use it myself. Just because it's broken is no reaosn not to use it. It costs 5 mana, 4000 power, and if you have a Cyber Lord on your side of the field, you gain three cards. THREE! This card can give you massive hand advantage!!! If your opponent has a Emeral or Corile on the field, watch for Merfolk. It can give your opponent more options, a bigger hand, and you a bigger chance to lose. 4000 attack is good, making it Searing Wave proof, although not Apocalypse Vise proof. If you use Cyber Lords, DEFINATLY use this card.

1.) Corile-This card is the MOST hated card in Duel Masters as of this moment. It's pretty balanced suprisingly. It costs 5 mana, 2000 attack, and it makes your opponent put a creature on top of his deck. Imagine if you had four of these in your hand, and your opponent had a lonely Burning Mane on the field with no hand. You smile and put him in the Corile lock, and NO deck can come back from that. Trust me. If anyone knows,I know. I lost a duel thanks to this card, because I drew 4 Aqua Guards in a row and were Corile'd three times in a row. If you use any sort of water in your deck and you don't have this card in there, something is seriously wrong with you.

Well that's my Top Ten cards you dont want your opponent to use. Any comments, COTD openings(PLEASE!!!), or complaints, please send them to crystalpaladin06@yahoo.com

Pojo, I am on the NET everyday *smiles* LATER!

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