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Duel Masters Top 10 List
June 4, 2005
by ToiletHeadBrett

Well, I am bored today and decided to write a top ten list for stompatrons.  ONLY stompatrons and here it is: 
10 gigagriff)  I know some may disagree with me on this, but it has helped me many times.  It is number ten because I think the cost is a little bit steep for some decks.  I still like this card and that is why it got into the list. 
9 Forbidding totem) This card is basically a nature blocker when it is tapped and it makes all other mystery totems on your side blockers too....If they are tapped of course.  It is still a very nice card even though it is a little situational. 
8 Kyororo)  This card lets YOU choose the shield tour opponent attacks.  Got a terror pit in your shields and their attacking with a fatty? They will have to kiss that creature goodbye.  This is also a cyber lord so it works with merfolk. Still 6 for 2000 is not that amazing.  Use it in a deck that has mana excel or a lot of stall or don't use it at all. 
7 Frost specter, shadow of age)  This card is great for jack decks.  Making your ghosts slayers and then having them come back is just devastating.  Plus it is only 3 mana and its got 5000 power!  I would only use it in a ghost deck though...
6 Proclamation of death)  This card is great, despite the fact that your oppnoent chooses the creature.  If they have two awesome creatures they have to choose which is even more painful than if you chose.  It is still not as good as terror pit and it is nearly tied with death smoke which leads me to the next card on the list....
5 Death smoke)  This card is just plain cool.  Destroying an untapped creature rocks!  Although this card is inferior to terror pit it is still more powerful than proclamation.  This not only one of the best in stomp but in the game as well.  Every deck that has darkness I know of has this card in it.
4 Pyrofighter Magnus)  This is one of the best fire creatures in the game.  Unless your opponent has a lot of hand discard this thing might actually win the game for you.  Returning to your hand is a very good thing as it protects the creature from being attacked.
3 Bliss totem, avatar of luck)  THREE MANA EVERY TURN!!!!  This creature is also one of the best in the game and not just stompatrons.  It is best that you have a lot of spells or something in your graveyard before you start to use this creature's ability.  This card is even better at producing mana than FDF imo.
2 Bolmeteus steel dragon)  This creature is my second favorite and second best in stompatons.  It doesn't just break shields, it destroys them!  You can just break all of their shields and point and laugh when you hit terror pit or holy awe.  The only downside to this card is the cost.  I would rather it be 6 for 6000 than 7 for 7000.  This card is still very good and deserves a spot in anyone's deck who is luck enough to get it.  Unfortunately,  I am not lucky enough to pull this or the next card on the list....
1 Daidalos,  General of fury)  This card can be used in so many different ways it is not even funny.  It can be used with Olgate and aqua soldier to go on a shield breaking rampage, destroy creatures and use them as mana with bliss totem, or even just attack early in the game to break shields.  I believe that this and corile are the two best cards in the game.  Your opponent will also not have the mana to counter it unless they use green/black or if they have some lucky shields.  This creature is amazingly powerful and is my favorite card, even though I don't have it.
Well that is my top ten for stompatrons.  If you have any questionsor the cards I told you I did not have, email me at Toiletheadbrett@aol.com or AIM at Toiletheadbrett.

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