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 Top 10 List
The Top 10...From a Magic Player-Michael Sebik


I have been playing duel masters since it first started, and let me tell ya something...I like it. I'am an extensive magic player and now Duel Master.

Watching all the sets being released I have noticed a lot of great cards out there, some still remain staples to this day. I thought I would share my top 10 based not only on Duel Masters but the similarities to Magic.

Top 10 Creatures:

10) Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian/Mongrel Man- The reason I include both at the same time is because the abilities are almost identical except for the trigger mechanism. Mongrel Man rates a little higher due to the fact that black decks love drawing more creature kill after nuking a poor unsuspecting one. Either way they both spell card advantage.

9) Locomotiver-
Granted this guy is small, and his price/power ratio is pretty high, even if he has a nifty come into play ability, but wait!! What's this, "Shield Trigger", Never mind, he just got worth it. Not only is your opponent doing you a favor by nailing a shield but he is giving you a free creature AND discarding a card from his hand. I can't stress enough about card advantage.

8) Charmilia, The Enticer-
With the release of the new set we are introduced to the "Tap" ability.
Something Im all too familiar with. But Duel Masters (Duelies is what me and my friends call it) adds a level of strategy by including the rule that creatures can attack opposing tapped creatures. This makes the Tap ability almost suicidal. Well one of them is worth it. Charging Terahorn is good, but there is just something about constantly looking for a creature each turn. In the proper deck, she can't be touched. And even if they nuke it (If you haven't figured it out, the term nuke means to kill with a spell), by the time she was out, you have other threats on the board. Basically it's win/win with her. They nuke her and get beat by your other creatures...or they don't kill her and you look for more stuff.

7) Phal Ega, Dawn Guardian-
Nothing says loving like using the same spell again. Phal Ega gets a great body as a 4,000 for 5, but toss in the fact that he returns used spells from the graveyard? Once again, I can't stress card advantage. Opponent broke a shield? That's ok, use the shield trigger if it has one, if not ditch it.
Then play this bad boy next turn and watch as you regain that lost tempo.

6) Twin Cannon Skyterror-
Speaking of Tempo, this guy rocks it in his own way. As a 7,000 double breaker for only 7 mana, he is quite effective. Throw in the fact that he has speed attacker and watch your opponents die faster then J.Lo goes through boyfriends. The game is a race to the finish line. This guy is the Lance Armstrong of Duel Masters.

5)Thrash Crawler/ Lu Gila, Silver Rift Guardian- This is the only time I will have a tie (I think). Both these creatures are blockers of moderate size (5000/4000, respectively) and their cost is not too high (4/5, respectively). But their added bonuses are what make them good. Thrash Crawler has the good advantage of letting you return a card from your mana zone to your hand. Great Manipulation of your half of the board. Lu Gila has the nifty ability of making evos come into play tapped.
This totally eliminates their primary bonus; that they essentially have speed attacker. Great Disruption, on a blocker, no less.

4) Bronze Arm Tribe-
We are now getting down to the essentials. These are creatures that are pretty much must have in any deck of the corresponding color. We start off with Bronze Arm Tribe. The essential Mana Accelerator, makes things come out faster and even though the supposed drawback of not controlling what you drop as mana is there...there is plenty of board manipulation to go around, make it less of a drawback.

3) Emeral-
Speaking of Manipulation, what better way to do it then with your shields.
This guy has some sick tricks up his sleeve. Want to make sure the early rush doesn't eat you alive? Set up that Holy Awe or Burst Shot. Want to make sure that Locomotiver gives you the advantage? Then set him down there and wait for the opponent to take the bait. Now don't hit me as I hit the last 2.

2) Aqua Hulcus/ Horrid Worm-
I know you guys may not like ties but these guys deserve the position. Both black decks and blue decks run these guys respectively, because of one
reason: Card Advantage. They both come out early in the game, posing some major threats. One replaces himself with a card draw, and the other nullifies the card advantage gained from breaking a shield. Either way you slice it, it spells doom for the opponent.

1) Corile-
I have said it before in this list and I will say it again. Tempo. Tempo is the winning factor here. In every game you play, there is a speed at which the game is played. If you are a rush deck then your tempo is much faster and there for your road to success is by playing faster then your opponent.
By disrupting your opponents Tempo you gain the advantage in the game. Lets look at it mathematically.
Corile bounces creature- Net Gain of 2 creatures (Opponent: -1 Creature,
You: +1 Creature)
Creature must be replayed- Net Gain of 2 cards played (Opponent Must Spend Time Recasting Creature, Your Tempo has in no way been disrupted Creature is placed at top of deck rather then hand- Net Gain of a Drawn Card and A Turn (Your opponent must redraw the same creature, keeping him from digging more into his resources, this essentially wastes the turn, You on the other see it coming anyway, and at the minimum, have bought yourself time.

Honorable Mention: Aqua Sniper- Another great tempo card, however due to his cost he doesn't see play till later in the game, where at that point it doesn't hurt your opponent as badly. Still he makes a great combo with Corile if you have the mana.

2nd Honorable Mention: Daidalos, General of Fury- Want do watch your opponent squirm? Drop this guy down with Gamil, Knight of Hatred and Sinister General Damudo and watch them go. Either way, 4 mana for an 11,000 double breaker? In the color that rules re-animation? Yeah, Ill take that beat stick and a large fry.

Worst Card: Aqua Deformer- There is not a single reason why I would use this card. Its horrible, absolutely horrible. First off, its 8 mana for a 3000 nobody, that's the crappiest cost-to-power ratio out there. Yeah, he gives you 2 cards from your mana zone, but he does the same for your opponent.
That late in the game, the last thing you want to give your opponent is card advantage.

Well there you have it. A pretty simple break down of the Best Creatures the game has to offer. Granted yes, we are all entitled to our opinions, which is why Im open to suggestions and comments about what I write here.

If you wish to send said comments, send them to howlingkavu@hotmail.com.
Stay tuned as I break down the Best Spells in the Game and then break down and rank the colors. Until next time, KAIJUDO!!!

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