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Duel Masters Top 10 List

From: Zeedox General [mailto:zeedoxcomics@yahoo.com.au]
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 5:44 AM

Subject: Duel Masters top 10 list - 10 stupid mistakes made by opponents - Zeedox General

10 stupid mistakes made by computer opponents on the Game Boy Advance!

Hello, my name is Zeedox and here is a list of the top 10 strangest mistakes that I have seen opponents make on the Game Boy Advance game Sempai Legends and Kaijudo Showdown.

10)Use Wyn the oracle, but when it attacks do not use its ability. This always happens and i wonder why they don't use Reusol instead?

9)Run cards like supporting Tulip in a deck without light, or Baby Zoppe in a fire/something else deck.

8)Whenever an opponent summons a Corile or a creature that returns one of your creatures to your hand, if your only creature is a Chaos Worm, they will select it. Same applies to all the creatures that you have that have an effect when they enter the battle zone.
One of the funniest games was when my Ballom was spiral gated 3 times!!!.

7)If you run a pure water deck and the opponent uses critical blade, death smoke etc. if you have a blocker with 4000 or 5000 power they will destroy it before your angler cluster, which has 6000 power.

6)Summons Black feather, and destroys their Rothus the Traveller (or any other creature with 3000 power or more), which is stupid because Rothus has 1000 more power and no summoning sickness.

5)Summon black feather and destroy their other black feather.

4)When they play onslaughter triceps, if they have tons of one colour mana, and one of another, they sometimes destroy the mana of which they have 1 of.

3)Play mana unnecessarily.
What i mean by this is if they have 12 mana and they have a Reosul the oracle in their hand and an Alcadeias, they will play the Alcadeias in the mana and summon Reosul the oracle. Anyone normal would keep the Alcadeias until they draw an Angel Command.

2)In Sempai Legends, the opponent will evolve their marine flower into Crystal lancer or Paladin. This is actually an error in the game where marine flower is liquid people instead of a cyber virus. This also means you can evolve it too into Lancer or Paladin.

1)Cast Boomerang Comet to get... another Boomerang comet from their mana.Then on their next turn, use Boomerang Comet to get the first Boomerang Comet etc.

Thank you for reading this. If you have any comments, questions or any other stupid mistakes email me at zeedoxcomics@yahoo.com

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