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Compiled by Steven Cantrell
Updated September 23, 2005

One thing I have always wanted was a complete list of all the promo cards released in the game of Duel Masters. Since there did not seem to be one anywhere else, I decided to put this list together. It has taken some time, but here is the finished product compiled with help from several members of the DMRealms board, most importantly NBK-Valkier and vegeta365. Each promo is in order by type and card number. Enjoy!

Armored Groblav L1/6 Y1
Barkwhip, the Smasher L2/6 Y1
Amnis, Holy Elemental L3/6 Y1
Gigaberos L4/6 Y1
Giliam, the Tormentor L5/6 Y1
Explosive Fighter Ucarn L6/6 Y1
Magris, Vizier of Magnetism L7/12 Y1
Emeral L8/12 Y1
Marinomancer L9/12 Y1
Chaos Worm L10/12 Y1
Boltail Dragon L11/12 Y1
Torcon L12/12 Y1
Ballus, Dogfight Enforcer Q L13/20 Y1
Olgate, Nightmare Samurai L14/20 Y1
Nocturnal Giant L15/20 Y1
Gigakail L16/20 Y1
Skullsweeper Q L17/20 Y1
Brigade Shell Q L18/20 Y1
Bolgash Dragon L19/20 Y1
Grave Worm Q L20/20 Y1

Rumblesaur Q L1 Y2
Q-tronic Omnistrain L2 Y2
Charmilia, the Enticer L3 Y2
Locomotiver L4 Y2
Phantasmal Horror Gigazabal L5 Y2
Uberdragon Zaschack L6 Y2
Apocalypse Vise L7 Y2
Valkrowzer, Ultra Rock Beast L8 Y2
World Tree, Root of Life L9 Y2
Dynomantis, the Mightspinner L10 Y2

Explosive Fighter Ucarn (NYC) E1 Y1
Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion E2 Y1
Explosive Fighter Ucarn (03.2004) E3 Y1
Gregorian Worm E4 Y1
Twin-Cannon Skyterror E5 Y1
Innocent Hunter, Blade of All E6 Y1
Trenchdive Shark E1 Y2

Stampeding Longhorn T1 Y1
Terror Pit T2 Y1
Holy Awe T3 Y1
Corile T4 Y1
Snip Striker Bullraizer T1 Y2
Photocide, Lord of Wastes T2 Y2
Aqua Hulcus T3 Y2

Rothus, the Traveler A1/Y1
Brain Serum A2/Y1
Bronze Arm Tribe A3/Y1
Sonic Wing A4/Y1
Night Master, Shadow of Decay A5/Y1

Loth Rix, the Iridescent M1/Y1
Twister Fish M2/Y1
Gigagrax M3/Y1
Star-Cry Dragon M4/Y1
Angry Maple M5/Y1
Ur Pale, Seeker of the Sunlight M6/Y1
Toel, Vizier of Hope M7/Y1
Aqua Jolter M8/Y1
Aqua Hulcus M9/Y1
Gigastand M10/Y1
Dark Raven, Shadow of Grief M11/Y1
Mongrel Man M12/Y1
Super Explosive Volcanodon M13/Y1
Rothus, the Traveler M14/Y1
Mighty Shouter M15/Y1

Rothus, the Traveler 85a/110
Amber Piercer 23a/55
Metalwing Skyterror 42a/55
Ethel, Sea Star Elemental 01/46
Vampire Silphy 02/46
Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian 10a/46
Syforce, Aurora Elemental 15/46
Mongrel Man 26a/46
Vashuna, Sword Dancer 32/46
Schuka, Duke of Amnesia 66a/110
Pyrofighter Magnus 85a/110
Charmilia, the Enticer 94a/110

Mighty Shouter P6 Y0
Arc Bine, the Astounding P1 Y1
Gariel, Elemental of Sunbeams P2 Y1
Three-Faced Ashura Fang P1 Y2
Gigaberos P1 Y0
Draglide P2 Y0
Szubs Kin, Twilight Gaurdian P3 Y0
Stampeding Longhorn P4 Y0
Tropico P5 Y0
Mighty Shouter P6 Y0
Arc Bine, the Astounding P1 Y1
Gariel, Elemental of Sunbeams P2 Y1
Three-Faced Ashura Fang P1 Y2


Holy Awe K1 Y1
Crystal Lancer K2 Y1
Bliss Totem, Avatar of Luck K3 Y1?
Dark Raven, Shadow of Greed K4 Y1?
Explosive Fighter Ucarn K5 Y1?


La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian B1/7-Y1
Larba Geer, the Immaculate B2/7-Y1
Phantom Fish B3/7-Y1
Aqua Knight B4/7-Y1
Horrid Worm B5/7-Y1
Galsaur B6/7-Y1
Fortress Shell B7/7-Y1


Updated List from TobiWanKhanobi.  April 2006


Set # Name
L1/6 Y1 Armored Groblav *
L2/6 Y1 Barkwhip, the Smasher
L3/6 Y1 Amnis, Holy Elemental*
L4/6 Y1 Gigaberos
L5/6 Y1 Giliam, the Tormentor*
L6/6 Y1 Explosive Fighter Ucarn
L7/12 Y1 Magris, Vizier of Magnetism
L8/12 Y1 Emeral
L9/12 Y1 Marinomancer
L10/12 Y1 Chaos Worm
L11/12 Y1 Boltrail Dragon
L12/12 Y1 Torcon
L13/20 Y1 Ballus, Dogfight Enforcer Q
L14/20 Y1 Olgate Nightmare Samurai*
L15/20 Y1 Nocturnal Giant
L16/20 Y1 Gigakail
L17/20 Y1 Brigade Shell Q
L18/20 Y1 Skullsweeper Q
L19/20 Y1 Grave Worm Q
L20/20 Y1 Bolgash Dragon

L1 Y2 Rumblesaur Q
L2 Y2 Q-tronic Omnistrain*
L3 Y2 Charmilia, the Enticer
L4 Y2 Locomotiver
L5 Y2 Phantasmal Horror Gigazald
L6 Y2 Uberdragon Zaschach*
L7 Y2 Apocalypse Vise
L8 Y2 Valkrowzer, Ultra Rock Beast
L9 Y2 World Tree, Root of Life
L10 Y2 Dyno Mantis, The Mightspinner*
L11 Y2 Vikorakys
L12 Y2 Magadragon Melgars
L13 Y2 Scream Slicer
L14 Y2 Velyrika Dragon*
L15 Y2 Furious Onslaught
L16 Y2 Kyrstron, Lair Delver
L17 Y2 Slash Charger
L18 Y2 Terradragon Anrist Vhal

* Denotes Promo Exclusive Cards

Tournament Cards
T1 Y1 Stampeding Longhorn
T2 Y1 Terror Pit
T3 Y1 Aqua Hulcus (Same # as Holy Awe)
T3 Y1 Holy Awe (Same # as Aqua Hulcus)
T4 Y1 Corile

T1 Y2 Snip Striker Bullraizer
T2 Y2 Photocide, Lord of the Wastes
T3 Y2 Crystal Lancer

Release Event Cards
E1/Y1 Explosive Fighter Ucarn
E2 Y1 Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion
E3/Y1 Explosive Fighter Ucarn
E4 Y1 Gregorian Worm
E5 Y1 Twin-Cannon Skyterror
E6 Y1 Innocent Hunter, Blade of All

E1 Y2 Trenchdive Shark
E2 Y2 Sasha, Channeler of Suns
E3 Y2 Storm Wrangler, the Furious

D-Max Rewards Cards
P1/Y1 Arc Bine, the Astounding
P2 Y1 Gariel, Elemental of Sunbeams

P1/Y2 Three-Faced Ashura Fang
P2/Y2 Slaphappy Soldier Galback

P0/Y3 Super Dragon Machine Dolzark
P1/Y3 Gigandura
P2/Y3 Bazagazeal Dragon
P3/Y3 Melinia, the Aqua Shadow

GBA Game: Duel Masters: Sampai Legends
A1/Y1 Rothus, the Traveler
A2/Y1 Brain Serum
A3/Y1 Bronze-Arm Tribe
A4/Y1 Sonic Wing
A5/Y1 Masked Horror, Shadow of Scorn

Starter Deck Alternate Art Cards
85a/110 Rothus, the Traveler
42a/56 Metalwing Skyterror
23a/55 Amber Piercer
85a/110 Pyrofighter Magnus
66a/110 Schuka, Duke of Amnesia
94a/110 Charmilia, the Enticer
32a/55 Necrodragon Galbazeek
36a/55 Bruiser Dragon
36a/110 Mystic Magician
62a/110 Armored Raider Grandaval

Special Cards From Shadowclash Tin
15/46 Syforce, Aurora Elemental
32/46 Vashuna, Sword Dancer
10a/46 Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian
26a/46 Mongrel Man

McDonalds Promo Cards
M1/Y1 Loth Rix, the Iridescent
M2/Y1 Twister Fish
M3/Y1 Gigagrax
M4/Y1 Star Cry Dragon
M5/Y1 Angry Maple
M6/Y1 Ur Pale, Seeker of Sunlight
M7/Y1 Toel, Vizier of Hope
M8/Y1 Aqua Jolter
M9/Y1 Aqua Hulcus
M10/Y1 Gigastand
M11/Y1 Dark Raven, Shadow of Grief
M12/Y1 Mongrel Man
M13/Y1 Super Explosive Volcanodon
M14/Y1 Rothus, the Traveler
M15/Y1 Mighty Shouter

Duel Masters Comic Promo Cards
P1/Y0 Gigaberos
P2/Y0 Draglide
P3/Y0 Szubs Kin, Twilight Gaurdian
P4/Y0 Stampeding Longhorn
P5/Y0 Tropico
P6/Y0 Mighty Shouter


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