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Pojo's Duel Masters News

DM Futures

Here's some things to look forward to in the future with Duel Masters.  Source = Wizards of the Coast.

52 new episodes are in production in Japan for the Duel Masters anime (TV cartoon).

Rampage of the Super Warriors officially goes on sale today (August 6th).

There will be a Shadowclash Collectors Set for Duel Masters on sale at the beginning of October featuring cards from the Shadowclash of Blinding Night expansion (on sale November) plus two exclusive, premium, preview cards from Survivors of the Megapocalypse (on sale January 2005).

New exclusive JDC promo cards will be available through Wizards of the Coast organized play starting with Rampage of the Super Warriors and other new JDC cards will be available every 6 to 8 weeks. We're also working on the detail of a big tournament for the end of this year to be held in multiple locations throughout the U.S (details to come later).

Duel Masters players who make it to GenCon in Indianapolis can participate in many Duel Masters tournaments on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Aug 19-22). There will lots of constructed events as well as sealed deck, draft deck, and a special mono-civilization tournament (where players must have a deck containing only cards from a single civilization: Fire, Water, Nature, Darkness, or Light).

The guys at the InQuest Gamer magazine booth at Wizard World Chicago (Aug 13-15) will have Duel Masters decks with them to play against anyone who shows up and they'll have free Duel Masters items to give out as well (while supplies last).

Also D-MAX members as of July 1st or so received their Rampage of the Super Warriors mailing this week.


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