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Pojo's Duel Masters News

Duel Masters 2004 Release Schedule

Here's a sneak peek at the Duel Masters TCG Release Schedule for 2004:

U.S. Base Set March 2004 - 120 cards.  Yeah, this is already out.  I just wanted you to be aware that a new Core Set will be coming out every spring.  So the next 120 card set will be out in the Spring of 2005.

May 7, 2004 – 60 card expansion – EVO Crushinators of Doom

There will also be 2 theme decks coming out with this set.

The Evolution Mechanic will be introduced – This basically allows you to make a creature in the battle zone tougher. Works based on creature’s race.

Aug 2004 – Rampage of the Superwarriors – 60 cards

Nov 2004 – Shadowclash of Blinding Night – 60 cards

Also, there will be Gift set with 2 theme decks

Jan 2005 - Survivors of the Megapocalypse – 60 cards

Each Spring – New Large Expansion (Core Set 120 cards)

Then there will be three 60-card expansions following .. each season is a block.

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