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The Kaijudo Code:
What Comes to Mind???

July 5, 2005
By Kerokero

It’s strange to think of our selves as superheroes – they are always running about the place saving old ladies or little kids or whatever the hell it is that they do. If you’re an anime lover like me then the first thing that comes to mind is actually being a superhero. Of course, if you play the Duel Masters card game and you still or used to watch Yu-gi-oh! then saving the world comes to mind. Of course, it is quite impossible to save the world with cards - but think for a moment. What conflicts could you solve with Duel Masters?

Hello everyone! My name is Kerokero, and I love Duel Masters. Some of you might have read a few of my recent tourney reports or have seen me in some anime message boards. Today, I'll be talking of what comes to mind when you sit down and play this fascinating game. I'll begin with how this game mirrors the show, then the many conflicts in this game, and finally the meaning of card games.

  "We all crawl from the slime. Someday, we'll all return to it."

-Mudman, Darkness civilization

The Duel Masters anime is about a young boy named Shobu who loves to play said card game.  He eventually strive's to become the best duelist he can be with the help of his friends. Notice how I wrote said "the best he can be" rather than the best in the world. The truth is, Shobu isn't the best in the world. Matter of fact, he wins only about 2/3rds of the time. He’s beat often, but mostly wins. Many duelists in real life brag about winning with this card or that. For example, James might have a Silver Fist in his creature zone while Larren will have a Bolmetus Steel Dragon, Alcadies, Lord of Spirits, and a Bollom, Master of Death on his field. Jimmy is able to break three shields with his common card over a period of three turns, while Larren is able to win the duel in one quick sweep. Most people hate this. In the show, Shobu doesn't have any survivors, speed attackers, chargers, or triple breakers. In fact, he must have no more than three double breakers in his entire deck!

It is important to remember this even though you may not have the best deck, the most experience, or even be of the same age. Whenever put on the spot just think of Shobu and his deck. Remember, those players that you may lose against were beginners just like you.

  "You don't want to get into a tickle fight with this thing."

-Purple Piercer - Darkness Civilization

In my short and unlively Duel Masters career I have only been in three tourneys so far. However, many of times a complete stranger will interrupt my duel with a well-placed, "Why that card?" How many times I've heard this I am unsure of but it is common for everyone. Older, more experienced players aren't trying to be rude or hurtful. They just want to have a well played duel. Duel Masters, unlike Yu-gi-oh!, doesn't end in five turns or have a deck full of holo's. It's just that there are to many good fatties out there right now including way to many double breakers and power attackers. Also, how many times have you seen a younger player make mistakes during their duels? A victory brings no reward, but a defeat brings a thousands lessons. I'll let the latter of you figure this out on your own.

  "Commanders send them to the front line. It's too dangerous to have them close."

-Bone Assassin, the Ripper- Darkness Civilization.

The game of chess was invented to settle disputes between royalty many years ago. After hundreds of years, it is now a commonplace game where you can see local games being played by any person. Chess prevented many wars from sparking and even had enemies turn into close friends. Duel Masters is nothing compared to chess and it will never be.  Despite this, I find this game is about more than marketing and money. There are many haters out there who find it amusing to make fun of those who play card games. I say, “Whatever! To each his own.”  Card games were made to make friends near and far - to enjoy anothers companionship. To find out the value and virtue of trading, competitiveness, and the experience of a passion shared by others. Just take a second and think. When you play card games, what comes to mind?

Hello! Once again, my name is kerokero and I hope you enjoyed my perspective on the Kaijudo Code. You can reach me at
hyper_otaku_kero@hotmail.com. I am open to any comments and expect another article and tourney report within the next few days.



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