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The Importance of Going to Tournaments
June 16, 2005

DMC Duel Transcript:

Winning Duelist: "YOU GOT PWNED NOOB! Never face me again, your worse than someone who has never even played!"

Loosing Duelist: "I don't have enough practice!!"

Winning Duelist: "Go to a tournament, noob!"

This leads up to my first article, The Importance of Going to Tournaments.

Tournaments help your game, no matter what game, no matter if you win or lose. When you first go to a tournament, you'll feel very confident that you'll do well, just as I did at my first tournament. You might play a few duels when you first get there or you may not.

Tournaments are extremely important if you want your game to be at the highest level. Going to tournaments gives you the benefit to: practice, trade, get promo cards and even meet new who can give you great deck tips to help you make your deck better.

Let's go into everything with more depth.


Practice makes perfect is a very famous quote. No difference here. Go there early and leave there after the tournament end to get as much practice as you can. Especially if you don't have many people that play near your house and you only see them on the tourney days. Play yourself if you have to, to get practice before a tournament. The top player in Rhode Island plays himself over and over again to see what decks work and what he can do to fix them.


Trading is almost as important as practicing. Trading allows you to give you new cards for your decks or you can use some cards as trade bait. I myself pick up Fighter Dual Fangs, Crazy Valkries and Armored Blaster Valdios -- because I know people want those cards and they will trade big for them. And besides, if you don't use that card, trade it to some little nooby kid. This also gives you an advantage over just buying packs and packs trying to pull a FDF or Crystal Paladin or whatever card you're looking for.


Every month (or almost every month) a exclusive card is distributed to players who play in JDC tournaments. Some of these cards you can build a whole deck around. Such as that new promo that hasn't been released yet that is an Armored Dragon Crew Breaker. That's about it for this section.


When I first went to a tournament, my deck was horrible. But now a pro (1737 dci ranking) I even now still have errors while using my deck. At the Tot5C, my friend gave me a better way to attack with the deck.

So there's my first article. With the summer months coming up maybe I can write these more often, but of course, I need ideas. If I don't get ideas I'll probably do one once a month ;) Hope you liked the article J.

If you have any comments, or ideas for me, you probably already have my email address since it's posted all over the site :-P Just incase you forgot:


or you can also reach me at my new aim email at:


Till next time (Steven stole that from me),


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