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Fellow Duel Masters,

It’s been a great summer! I’ve enjoyed meeting and competing against many of you during this Invitational season. With the season coming to a close I felt perhaps we could take break from focusing on our dueling skills. Sure, we still have the Continental Championships at the end of October, however I believe we’ve still got some time to kick back and relax a bit before that day comes.

In this vein, I’ve scripted the beginnings of a little story for you. I’m not much of a fan of the Duel Masters anime as it exist and believe it would be much better if it focused on the world the monsters of Duel Masters exist in rather than the players of the game.
So come, join me and bear witness to the adventures of Pei’Qin of the Bronze-Arm tribe and Meile, Vizer of Lightning. What role will these two play in the battles between Fire and Light? Can they survive this epic war? Only time will tell us. Read and enjoy…


Duel Masters: Fires of the Fallen
By JMatthew Markulin

Hanusa stirred.
A full tera-joule of energy poured through every portion of Hanusa’s being. While the energy was great, it was only enough to bring the massive angel command into the beginnings of consciousness. Sleepy notions started to scramble through her mind, only to be dashed away as soon as they began to formulate into full thought.
Her slumber had seemed eternal. She would have been content had it been forever, for unfortunately; war had come to the cities of the skies. Hanusa had no way of knowing the events of the outside world, however she knew death had come. She could sense the violence, which touched nearly every expanse of the light civilization. She could feel the barbarity of the attackers and the intensity of the dieing. Besides, her kind was only brought forth during war and allowed to sleep through the peace.
Another massive tera-joule was consumed by Hanusa’s power-hungry form. An ounce of awareness crept into her listless mind, yet still nowhere near enough to give life to her formidable limbs. A great deal of time and energy would be consumed in her awakening. However, once she had been fully brought to awareness, the beings of the skies would look to her to lead their legions of guardians, berserkers and initiates. She would call the charge against whatever aggressors her people required. All would perish in her path until war was no more and Hanusa could sleep again.

* * * *
Pei’Qin dashed through the fields of vegetation bellowing out what he considered a terrible scream. Raiders had come to the lands of the Bronze-Arm tribe and the small green skinned beast folk charged forth with spear in hand intent on driving the invaders from his tribe’s lands. The Bronze-Arm people were furious warriors, or at least they saw themselves as furious. Nearly every raid upon their land was successfully turned away, even before the first spear was even thrown. The Bronze-Arm thought this was because of their notorious reputation as deadly, formidable warriors. The truth was much less impressive, though it nearly guaranteed the survival of their people.
The Bronze-Arm were amazing agriculturalist. True, advanced agriculture was nothing unusual amongst the ‘folk of the earth.’ For example, the orange-skinned, tusked people known as the Mighty Shouters prospered through using their own dead as fertilizer to grow an impressive year round crop. Consumption of the fruits of their labor is highly ritualized as they believe they are partaking in the souls of their ancestors with every bite. To consume food grown from any other means is considered to be polluting the body with impure souls.
Alternatively, the fur-covered tribe called the Silver Axe take the purpose of war to a whole new level by harvesting their enemies bodies and using them for fertilizer. Feasting upon foods grown from fields fertilized by their enemies is seen as bringing about another defeat to these foes. Because of this belief an outsider may confuse dinner meal with a full fledge battle as they aggressively attack and torture their food.
The Bronze-Arm are unique, however, as anything they put their literal green thumbs into grows to fullness and often in half the time it should normally take. Even in the poorest of soil a Bronze-Arm can plant and expect to begin seeing impressive results within the shortest periods of time possible. Interestingly, the Bronze-Arm believe that their ability to plant so successfully is nothing unique. Still, this amazing aptitude for agriculture has allowed them to create the largest farmlands anywhere. In fact, their farms tended to be so large it could take days to transverse a single one.
This brings us back to Pei’Qin’s attack. Bronze-Arm rarely defended each other’s farms, although it is considered polite to inform a neighbor if raiders were sacking another’s land. Once informed of raiders, the little Bronze-Arm would immediately grab spear and rush out to locate and drive away these invaders. The raiders are normally found at the fringes of a farm causing the farmer to run for nearly a full day, shouting war cries the entire time. When a Bronze-Arm finally reaches the reported site the raiders have often had their full and moved on. Despite the obviousness of this conclusion, the Bronze-Arm seem to believe they have successfully driven the raiders away. Because of this they consider themselves one of the most ferocious creatures to the walk the land. Pei’Qin was no different.
Bursting through the edge of his massively tall farmland, Pei’Qin came to a sudden and startled halt. As the little Bronze-Arm’s jaw dropped, his hand weakened its grasp causing his spear to fall to the earth. The invaders had made their way past the edge of Pei’Qin’s land; however, his two closest neighboring farmlands had been completely decimated. Beasts of steel, heat and smoke thundered in the distance, continuing their path of destruction, though fortunately leading away. The monstrosities had missed destroying his land on their way to their destination. Dread began to overwhelm little Pei’Qin as he began to realize the enormity of what he had just witnessed. Humans had just passed his lands. The beginnings of war had come.

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