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JMatthew’s Guide to Trading Duel Masters:
October Price Guide Appendix and Review

October 1st, 2005
By JMatthew

       Over the past month we have seen some Duel Masters cards making shocking leaps in value and desirability. This increasing secondary market is promising for the continued success of Duel Masters. With now over 16,000 registered DCI players and many more casual players who have never touched a DCI card, the future of Duel Masters is looking promising and has likely contributed to this ever increasing market.  

In addition to overall increasing popularity, the majority of this months increasing value may be attributed to “Dragon Fever!” This has obviously been due to the highly anticipated release of “Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos” later this month. With this we have seen a rise from six of the more popular armored dragon cards. The most impressive jump is from Bolshack Dragon which formerly commanded a healthy $16 and now has nearly doubled to $30! Lack of availability from many of the more popular online stores seems to have contributed to this frenzy. The hefty Billion-Degree Dragon has also made a leap from it’s former value of $27.50 to $35, however many sellers are demanding as much as $50 or more, likely in speculation of further increasing values of this card. Garkago Dragon has finally broken the $10 mark racing to $15, while the Astrocomet Dragon begins to tease that $10 mark at $9 and promises to continue to make a steady rise in value in the future. Additionally, Bazagazeal Dragon creeps up a dollar to $6, easily becoming one of the most valuable regular rares in the entire game! Lastly, while Bolmeteus Steel Dragon has not seen any increase in it’s already demanding $50 of value, obtaining one has become nearly impossible except for the richest of players as no one is willing to part with them.   

            Dragons are not the only Duel Masters cards to see an increase in value over the past month. Craze Valkyrie, the Drastic, which had demanded a strong $20 upon it’s release and success in several Invitational tournaments only to fall after seeming to meet an initial demand has catapulted back and exceeded that previous value to currently rest at $22.50. The stability of this price maybe in question, however only time will tell. In addition, Crystal Paladin has seen a slight resurgence from it’s previous $13 to $15. Perhaps the Paladin’s increase is due to players renewed interested in making use of their Invitational Aqua Hulcus (T3/Y1) which sports a $5 increase this month to $15 and is commanding as much as $30 or more in certain circles.   

However, a few cards have seen a slight dip in value, including the previously over-inflated Daidalos, General of Fury with a $4 drop to $21. Personally I expect to see one more slight drop from this card and then a stabilization at about $16 to $17. Perhaps due to their more sparse use in the current tournament environment, both Fighter Dual Fang and Alcadaies, Lord of Spirits have fallen $1 and $2 each leaving the mighty beast folk at $13 and the godly angel command at $15.  

This October is a big month for Duel Masters with both the release of a highly anticipated set and the first ever Continental Championships. In all likelihood we will continue to see an increase in many values over the next month which will hopefully not wane with the upcoming Christmas season (nothing wrong with asking for Duel Masters singles for Christmas!). Just keep an eye out and perhaps you will be able to score a great deal. (Insert shameless promotion here) And remember, you can find all these cards and more at Collectibles Continuum

‘til next month!




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