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Pojo's Duel Yammers!  "FAN TIPS"

The War in the Duel Masters World
By Lee Sandow

An insightful view by a guy with too much spare time
June 6, 2005

How many of you have, like me, been paying attention to the battle ensuing in the Duel Masters world, which continues between the warring races?  If you’re like me, then you have spent many hours reading the flavor text on cards, and trying to get inferences over how the war is going.  What I am here to do is to inform you of how the battle is going, and who is currently fighting who.

This is just what I figured out mostly from card flavor text.  It is probably incomplete, and I have no doubt that I have undoubtedly made many mistakes in this article.  Some cards were left up to interpretation, and some other facts were simply made by assumption.

Each set will have a summary of the battles fought, and will then have references stating where I got this information.  References will be listed in order of their appearance in the description.


In the Base Set, the world was relatively peaceful.  Card flavor text spoke little of direct combat between the different civilizations, but it did speak of ancient wars. 

Eons ago, the fire civilization’s Armored Dragons attacked the light civilization, and to survive the struggle, the light civilization activated the Angel Commands to defend themselves.  This was one of two times in history that this had taken place. 

REFERENCES:  “Hanusa, Radiance Elemental,” Wizards of the Coast Website

Other cards showed minor confrontations, namely between water and fire, who seemed to constantly be at war with one another, probably because these civilizations are exact opposites of one another.  

REFERENCES:  “Crimson Hammer”


Nature VS Darkness: 

It was in this set that the war broke out, and it seemed to begin with the beginning of the invasion of the Fiana Woods by the forces of Darkness.  Led by Dark Titan Maginn, the assault on the forest was conducted mainly by Chimeras and Parasite Worms.  The Beast Folk, especially the Silver Beard tribe, tried to repel the attackers, but were soon felled.  It was at this time that the tree folk stepped in, aiding the Beast Folk and helping to slow the invasion of the Fiana Woods.  Still, the Parasite Worms began draining the forest of its life… and then a Cataclysm began.

REFERENCES:  “Dark Titan Maginn”, “Silver Axe”, “Silver Fist”, “Essence Elf”, “Elf X”, “Xeno Mantis”

The Cataclysm’s Effect:

The light civilization had been aware of the invasion of nature, but they had been content to simply observe the invasion.  This changed, however, when the Guardians used their keen senses and sensed the Cataclysm.  The Cataclysm caused the Oracles to start to disappear, so the surviving Oracles sent the Enforcers to investigate the damage the planet had sustained.  Meanwhile, the water Civilization suffered from the Cataclysm as well.  It caused the collapse of the underwater city that the water civilization inhabited, and in response forced water to try an invasion of land.  The Water civilization began to attack the fire domain.

REFERENCES:  “Fonch, the Oracle”, “Resos Pacos, Clear Sky Guardian”, “Wyn, the Oracle”, “Laguna, Lightning Enforcer”, “Corile”

Water VS Fire: 

Water and Fire were already enemies from thousands of years ago, and the attack on fire never made it far past the shoreline.  For the invasion, the Cyber Lords developed special shock troops and Stained Glass technology to make it possible for Liquid People to survive on the barren surface.  The Cyber Lords also modified Leviathans and Gel Fish to assist in the invasion as well.  With their invasion force ready to attack, the water civilization launched a massive strike on the fire realm.  Fire, however, was prepared for the attack, and the Machine Eaters made quick work of the water machines that the water troops needed for the invasion.  When fire reinforcements arrived, water was forced to retreat.

REFERENCES:  “Hypersquid Walter”, “Stained Glass”, “King Nautilus”, “Plasma Chaser”, “Scissor Eye”, “Engineer Kipo”, “Dogarn, the Marauder”

Rampage of the Super Warriors: 

This set contained little information about the wars, and it only concerned the battle between Nature and Darkness.

Nature VS Darkness: 

The Cataclysm had passed, and despite the fact that the Beast Folk had succeeded in enlisting the help of the giants, the forces of darkness ended up successfully conquering the Fiana Woods.  Despite the fact that the Beast Folk had succeeded in enlisting the help of the giants as the forest began to rot and decay, new forces of Darkness began to spawn from it, and their invasion of nature continued.

REFERENCES:  “Raging Dash-Horn”, “Earthstomp Giant”, “Hang Worm, Fetid Larva”

Shadowclash of Blinding Night: 

The Full-Fledged War Begins:

“We have watched and we have waited.  Now we act.” – Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits

Having first-hand witnessed the damage that the Dark Civilization had caused on the world, the forces of light decided to intervene.  The Angel Commands were re-activated, and light quickly came to Natures aid.  Alcadeias assisted by giving nature weapons and magic, and other Angel Commands led the attack on the forces of Darkness.  The target of some were enemy commanders, usually Demon Commands, and others were after Ballom, Master of Death himself. 

In response to the growing threat provided by Light, Darkness enlisted the help of the fire realm.  Ballom armed the fire creatures, and the assault began.  Both sides were supremely confident in their ability to defeat the other.  Little is known on this point how the battles went, but what is known is that the sky suffered from the first battle.

Water, for it’s part, remained neutral.  It offered assistance to both sides, and in doing so never drew any attention to itself.  Water was simply trying to be on the winning side, for they had their own plans…

REFERENCES:  “Aeris, Flight Elemental”, “Sword of Benevolent Life”, “Fu Reil, Seeker of Storms”, “Blasto, Explosive Soldier”, “Sword of Malevolent Death”, “Mongrel Man”, “Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian”, “Soul Gulp”, “Marinomancer”.

Survivors of the Megapocolypse: 

The War Refocuses:

Though the whole war was still occurring, this set detailed what happened on two fronts. 

Water sensed that it’s time had come, and it launched a series of attacks on the surface world.  Seeking to exploit the continuing war between the forces of Light and Dark, their target was once again the fire realm, and also on the nature realm.

Darkness had finished warping the Fiana woods, and now they needed to press further into the Nature realm.  However, the forces of nature were rapidly learning to adapt, and some creatures began to train themselves especially to fight darkness.  When water began to invade as well, the nature creatures began to adapt even more. 

The war seemed to have no end in sight…  Then disaster struck.

REFERENCES:  “Sinister General Damudo”, “Crow Winger”, “Steel-Turret Cluster”.

The Megapocolypse:

It is unclear why the Megapocolypse came, but it’s effect upon the world was catastrophic.  “The skies fell, the seas boiled, the caves collapsed, the volcanoes melted, and the forests burned.  The planet cracked open, and the Megapocolypse began.”  The war came to an abrupt halt, and all the respective civilizations focused solely on their own survival.  The weakest in the realms died, and only the strongest survived.  From the ashes of this tragedy, strange new creatures came into being.  Some were incredibly fast, capable of laying waste to an opponent before it even had time to respond.  One creature, which rose from the molten core of the world, possessed destructive powers like nothing the world had ever seen before.  This ‘Billion-Degree Dragon’ was capable of laying waste to three times as much area with a single attack as most other creatures, and several other creatures quickly learned to wield this powerful ability.  This dragon wasn’t the only thing spawned by the Megapocolypse.  From the ashes of destruction, a strange new variety of creatures emerged…

REFERENCES:  “Cataclysmic Eruption”, “Billion-Degree Dragon”, All the Speed Attackers.

Dawn of the Survivors:

No one knows exactly where these creatures came from.  Some speculate that they, like Billion-Degree Dragon, were freed from beneath the earth by the Megapocolypse.  Others believe the survivors came to be through freak mutation, which had allowed them to survive.  These survivors were marked by distinctive markings that could be found on their bodies.  It is through these symbols, scientists believe, that survivors are able to communicate with one another.

Most startlingly is that these survivors gather with each other, and not with their respective civilization.  While in these groups, the survivors were found to have the shocking ability to share their abilities with one another.  Again, the symbol on their bodies is believed to be the source of this phenomenon. 

REFERENCES:  “Gigaling Q” , “Ballus, Dogfight Enforcer Q”, “Gallia Zohl, Iron Guardian Q”.

Stomp-A-Trons of Invincible Wrath: 


“The Megapocolypse is over.  But the damage has just begun.”

Syrius, Firmament Elemental


It was bound to happen, but once again the war began.  Water somewhat retreated, content to spend more time advancing their technologies, though some of their Earth Eaters still continued to attack on the surface world.  Most of the battles still took place in the nature realm.  In a disturbing development, the Cyber Lords found the decryption key for their Acashic database, which contains the secrets of the universe.

Nature finally succeeded in forcing the darkness invasion out of the Fiana Woods.  Though darkness was forced to retreat, its plans didn’t end there.  Their allies in the fire civilization were still free to continue the war on the light civilization.

Unfortunately, light had other plans.  This normally peaceful civilization now launched a massive assault on the fire realms main cities.  Initiates, Guardians, Angel Commands, and Starlight Trees all attacked in a blinding strike, which left fire virtually destroyed.  Though fire did invent Xenoparts to attempt to help them stop the attack, it was still too little, too late.  All the fire creatures launched a last ditch attempt to destroy the lights floating sky castle, but by using the power of their Invincible Aura, the fire attack was stopped.

REFERENCES:  “Invincible Technology”, “Invincible Aura”, “Invincible Cataclysm”, “Arc Bine, the Astounding”, “Ballas, Vizier of Electrons”, “Gariel, Elemental of Sunbeams”, “Lightning Grass”, “Fort Megacluster”, “Hazard Crawler”, “Madrillion Fish”, “Midnight Crawler”, “Thrash Crawler”, “Junkatz, Rabid Doll”, “Automated Weaponmaster Machal”, “Picora’s Wrench”, “Torchclencher”, “Illusionary Berry” 


The war finally seemed to end.  Fire was devastated, and quietly slipped away to lick it’s own wounds and prepare for another battle.  Water fell back to its computers.  Ballom decided to forge a peace with the forces of light and nature, so he proposed a peace talk to be held in the Xhalmic Crater.  These talks ended up being a deadly trap however, when the darkness representatives flooded the crater with a poison gas.  And deep in the Fiana Woods, the forces of Darkness still exist.  Though the main civilizations were back to their old ways, their still lingered one more threat to peace.  The Survivors.

REFERENCES:  “Invincible Abyss”, “Invincible Cataclysm”, “Tentacle Worm”

The Survivors: 

In the times where the other civilizations fought, the survivors continued to prosper.  More new beings joined these survivors, each with their own new abilities.  An unknown disaster hit these secretive survivors, and in order to overcome it, some of the survivors evolved.  These survivor evolutions were more powerful than any other survivor, and the others were unable to harness their abilities.  Water was the only civilization to truly realize the deadly threat posed by these survivors, so Emperor Quazla sent Promephius Q to infiltrate their ranks and spy on them.

REFERENCES:  “Q-Tronic Gargantua”, “Promephius Q”


The Current State:

The Duel Masters world is currently at peace, though this peace is likely uncertain.  Still, many mysteries remain.  What secrets will water discover in their database?  Will nature and light retaliate for the treachery of the darkness clan?  Who is Emperor Quazla, and what does he want with the survivors?  Dark times loom.  “Time to get Drastic!”

That’s it! 

For now, that is all I know about the war in the Duel Masters World.  As I said before, this information is far from complete, and probably has its share of errors, but I think it is definitely on the right track.  I will update it again after Thundercharge comes out in June(?).  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, ect… email me at rebellee1187@msn.com.   I’d love to hear from you. 

~Lee Sandow, the guy with WAY too much spare time~


skywalker1187 on AIM

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