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Pojo's Duel Yammers!  "FAN TIPS"

From: Zeedox General [mailto:zeedoxcomics@yahoo.com.au]
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 4:46 AM

Subject: The Best Cards of Each Rarity and Civilization - Zeedox

Here is a list of what I think are the best cards of each civilisation and rarity.


Super Rare: Ladia Bale the Inspirational

Ladia Bale is an awesome card that is one of the strongest blockers in the game and also has double breaker and has excellent cards as evo bait. The runners up were Craze Valkrie (it is awesome too) and Laveil, Seeker of Catastrophe (Also a fat blocker that but untaps at the end of your turn but is too

Very Rare: Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits

This card wins easily. It is the strongest light card and it has a good to devastating effect. It's only downside is it's evo bait are all expensive and rare.
Runners up were Gran Gure (this card is one of those godly cards from the base set which have maintained its godliness) and Sieg Balicula (This card is essential in a mono light deck).

Rare: Kizar Basiku, the Outrageous

This card is too good for its rarity and mana cost. I was glad to pull it from my second Thundercharge booster because I hate Thundercharge and this is one of the only good cards in it. I am a fan of Initiates, and I use all 3 of the evolutions in my deck.

Uncommon: Diamond Cutter

Diamond Cutter is a card that can win games and only a moron would not run it in a light deck with tons of blockers. I have seen many close games won easily with the use of this card and it is deadly in the right deck.

Common: Checkicul, Vizier of Endurance

This card is a decent card that can annoy your opponent because he becomes frustrated that his attack keeps on being blocked. A funny situation is that the opponent has a fattie and you have Checkicul and every turn he will attack with the fattie because he knows that you have a death smoke in your hand.


Super Rare: Ballom, Master of Death

I chose Ballom as the best super rare darkness card because it has a devistating effect and it is also one of the most godly and wanted cards in the game.
Runners up were Ultracide worm (Mediocre evo bait hurts this fatties usefulness) And Dalidos, General of Fury (This card is a devastating thing to play on turn
4 and it has a lot of combos.

Very Rare: Trox, General of Destruction

It is very disappointing that there are no Super-Duper Darkness very rares and the winner, Trox is only mediocrely excellent. Trox can make the opponent discard and it is a Demon Command :=D

Rare: Terror Pit

Unlike very rares, darkness has a lot of super cool rares. I chose terror pit because it is a deadly shield trigger and is too good.

Uncommon: Chaos Worm

Chaos Worm is a card that has an awesome effect but isn't used as much as it should. This is probably because of its poor evo baits. Decks built around 4 copies of this card are quite strong... if you have Ultracide Worm too.

Common: Death Smoke

Death Smoke is one of the most used cards ever. People love this card so much that they always run darkness.
Fun to use against fatties and you can also laugh at someone with Toel on the field. Shadow Moon was a runner up but he is restricted to decks built around lots of darkness.


Super Rare: King Tsunami

I don't know why I think King Tsunami is the best water super rare because Chaos Fish rules in a mono blue deck. But anyway king Tsunami has a hyper-godly effect when you summon it but it should at a mana cost of 12. I know 2 funny stories about Tsunami. Once, I was dueling this guy with King Tsunami and he was so confident he would win because he had about 20 creatures in the battle zone that he deliberately did not finish the game. He waited until he had 12 mana and played Tsunami bouncing all his stuff. On my turn I (Insert evil laugh here) Death Smoked Tsunami and then played LOST SOUL!!!. The second story involved the same person and this time he was saying that he was selling his Tsunami on E-Bay and everytime I saw him, he was telling everybody that the amount that the highest bidder was now bidding. I was smart and I went to E-Bay and I found the card wasn't there and it was all a lie. People gradually stopped believing him when he was saying that the total had reached $420.

O.K. enough on King Tsunami :-( But remember, there
can only be one King Tsunami on the field at a time.

Very Rare: Plasma Chaser

There were no water very rares that were godly, but Plasma Chaser, Chaos Fishy's little brother is still decent. Unlike Chaos Fish, it doesn't have to be in a mono water deck. Plasma Chaser can help you draw lots of cards. The runner up was King Mazelan (Strong, can bounce a creature, but expensive).

Rare: King Neptas

King Neptas is awesome in a liquid people deck where it can make them all unblockable. Apart from that, it is an overrated card, but still good.

Uncommon: Crystal Lancer

Crystal Lancer is a Hyper Ultra Super Mega Amazingly Good card which is tied for the 2nd strongest water card and is an... UNCOMMON!!! 8-D This card is too good. Run 4 even if it kills you (it is more likely to kill your opponent though). Someone offered me Astral Warper for only 2 of these godly uncommons. If there was no such thing as different rarities, this would be the most wanted water card.

Common: Corile

Corile is an excellently good card that can stall, frustrate and frustrate more your opponent. It sends the card back to the opponents deck so they waste a turn of card drawing.


Super Rare: Garkago Dragon

No, Billion Degree Dragon Fails to win this one because he as too expensive, especially for the fire civilisation. Garkago Dragon, I see it as a Gattling Skyterror that is slightly better, especially in a deck with a lot of fire, but can still get him out easily. Garkago puts up with competition from a lot of other 7 drop fatties, and Garkago is better than them all (Maybe not Twin Cannon Skyterror).

Very Rare: Gattling Skyterror

Gattling Skyterror is one of those base set wonders which still remains awesome. Valiant Warrior Exorious will never be as good as Gattling. 7 for 7000 that can attack untapped creatures isn't that bad. The runner up was Uberdragon Jabaha (It is strong, but not good enough for its cost and evo bait.)

Rare: Bazagazeal Dragon

This card is by far, the best rare in the game (everyone at my tourney agrees) and it is godly. I am sad because I don't have one... yet. I seem to have a skill though to make other people discard theirs with Horrid Worm or Lost Soul. Twin Cannon Skyterror is also pretty amazing but Bazagazeal Dragon takes all the credit for being the best fire rare.

Uncommon: Searing Wave

Everyone seems to like searing wave and that is why I put it here. It can kill heaps of your opponents creatures, especially if he is swarming which cheap stuff. Searing Wave's downside is that you sacrifice one of your shields and fire isn't that good at keeping shields in the first place.

Common: Pyrofighter Magnus

This card is one of the cards that is so brilliant, it threatened to ruin Duel Masters. Pyrofighter says "At the end of your turn return this creature to your hand". Does this ability count only when it is in the battle zone, or can it be used while it is in your mana zone or graveyard. I will have to ask WOTC. If so, it is too good because when you kill it, it will return from their owners graveyard to their hand. At a JDC tournament I go to, everyone agreed to make the rule apply only when it is in the battle zone.


Super Rare: Fighter Dual Fang

Fighter Dual Fang (aka Ultra Bronze Arm Tribe) is useful and essential in a beast folk, mana accel deck.
6 for 8000 isn't bad, especially because it evolves nicely on bronze arm tribe which means you should have it out by turn 5. It is strong, but not invincible.
The runner up was Roaring Great Horn (A fattie with nothing special).

Very Rare: Invincible Unity

All the nature very rares are all mediocre and I had trouble deciding what to pick. I don't like Invincible spells much, but it is possible to use this in a mana accel deck, and swarm with 10000 power triple breakers.

Rare: Nocturnal Giant

Nocturnal Giant is a 7 for 7000 power attacker +7000 triple breaker that cant attack creatures. Nocturnal Giant is tough and can break 3 shields but only breaks 0 if the opponent blocks with a wimpy La Ura Giga.
Nocturnal Giant is great and is a wise card to run, along with its twin, Dawn Giant.

Uncommon: Barkwhip the Smasher

Barkwhip is a beast folk evolution that only costs 2 to summon 5000!!!. While tapped, it gives all your other beast folk +2000 power, but I don't take much notice of this ability. It is great in a deck with Dual Fang. Barkwhip is great for making use of your Bronze Arm Tribes which are fairly useless once their ability has been used.

Common: Mighty Bandit

Mighty Bandit is a 3 for 2000 beast folk that can tap to give one of your creatures +5000 power until the end of the turn. Use it with Trench Scarab to attack creatures with 11000 power.

That is all for the best cards of each civilisation and rarity. If for whatever reason you wish to email me, my e-mail is zeedoxcomics@yahoo.com

"If I can't teach you respect, my Ultimate Astral Strike will!"


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