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Sneak Preview Invincible Legend part 1!
By Robby Stewart

8.13.05  Hi pojo readers! Robby here with a sneak preview about the new set coming out a little before nationals if i am correct, this is personally my favorite set because it supports my deck, DRAGONS!

I'll be splitting this into two sections first are with dragons and dragon support, then what the set puts out that counters dragons. Now ima tell you the obvious right now, these big ole dragons are all supported by coco lupia. As the text says as long as it has DRAGON in the race it reduces it by two, so im not gonna be repeating it for every dragon because you woulnd't use these guys w/o coco lupia.

first up probably the most valuable card out of the set

DM8-S4 Super Dragon Bajula
Super Rare Foil - Armored Dragon 13000!
Civilization: Fire
Type: Evolution Creature
Power: 13000
Cost: 7
Found In: Series 8 Invincible Legend Booster Box Card #: S4/S5

Evolution - Place over 1 of your Dragon Creatures.
When this creature attacks, select 2 cards from your opponents mana zone to be placed in the graveyard.
Triple Breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields.)

if u wanna see what these guys look like im sending another report with the pictures this one has the info on these cards.
Evo Bait:
Ok Super Dragon Bajula will probably be the most abused card since corile.
He's an evo, and from my knowledge there will be some cheap, dragons you can evolve off of. Now from the text, now im not sure on this, but it says on one of you dragon creatures. Now that could be extremly powerful cuz in this set theres some cheap 4 mana dragons coming out in this set. Now if it comes out to you evoing it on a armored dragon, you don't have a huge problem since you got guys like bolmeteus, garkago, bazagazeal, and even bolzard.

13000 nuff said.

this guy is actually a playable triple breaker! can you believe it! the satisfaction of breaking three shields! combine this with a guy like cryptic totem and your set.
Now this guy is an upgrade bolzard. When he attacks he gets rid of two mana.
so your opponent if they are putting one mana down a turn is losing mana every turn. now if u can get this drop say o turn 5 your opponents in a jam ( considering if you allowed to evolve em off of JUST dragons ). so heres my rating on him 9/10 ( he's seriously gonna see some playability )
DM8-S5 Super Celestial Dragon Bailas Gale Super Rare Foil - Ice Dragon 9000!
Civilization: Nature
Type: Evolution Creature
Power: 9000
Cost: 5
Found In: Series 8 Invincible Legend
Card #: S5/S5

Evolution - Place over 1 of your Dragon Creatures.
While this creature is in battle zone, after you cast a spell from a shield trigger effect, return the spell card back to your hand.
Double Breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

Evo Bait:
Now from my knowledge there is not another ice dragon but who knows what his race will come out as. So this card gives me hopes that they evolve off of cards that just have dragon in there race. SO he's got plenty of evo bait and he's got a reasonable low mana cost for an evo.
9000 beats out most reg monsters i can think of, it's a solid attack power.
He's a double breaker, not bad.
Ok he recylces your shield triggers. NICE, my opinion ABUSE THE HELL OUT OF IT! u use your spell ST then bring it back to your hand and use it again on your own accord. Now since, not every card will be a ST, u wanna pack a load of spells to back it up. I suggest terror pit nature snare( you'll be running mono red if your using dragons ) mana nexus, proclomation of death, fairy lifes, dimension gates. The works. Just to abuse this awesome dragons effect. hehehehe i give it a 7/10 since his effect is LITTLE situational.
DM8-S3 Super Celestial Dragon, Abzo Dolba Super Rare Foil - Dragon Zombie 11000+
Civilization: Darkness
Type: Evolution Creature
Power: 11000+
Cost: 6
Found In: Series 8 Invincible Legend Booster Box Card #: S3/S5

Evolution - Place over 1 of your Dragon Creatures.
While this creature is in the battle zone, this creatures recieves 2000+ power for every creature in the graveyard.
Triple Breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields.)

Evo Bait:
egh same thing for the other two dragons. sinze zombie dragon is new to the game there arn't many out there but hopefully, my hunch is right. mana cost is nice though!
Power: 11000 DAYM!
well triple breaker, DAYM
this guy IMO is the strongest monster, power wise, in the game. Your gonna have creatures in the graveyard. So this guy is pretty much a beatwhore. IMO he's the worst of the three dragons 6-10.
DM8-15 Volatile Dragon Warrior Drag Strike Rare - Dragonoid
Civilization: Fire
Type: Creature
Power: 1000
Cost: 5
Found In: Series 8 Invincible Legend Booster Box Card #: 15/55

When this creature is destroyed, you may select 1 Dragon creature in your hand and put it to your battle zone.

Power: 1000 for a 5 mana monster sucks, but your not using him for that.
Effect: say hello to free dragons, can't bring that bolmeteus for another two turns? heres the anwser. Now i'd hafta say his effect is a little sub par due to this next guy! 4/10
DM8-29 Dimension Choker
Uncommon - Brain Jacker
Civilization: Darkness
Type: Creature
Power: 1000
Cost: 3
Found In: Series 8 Invincible Legend Booster Box Card #: 29/55

When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may add all of your Dragon creatures in the graveyard to your hand.

Power: 1000 sucks but its 3 mana pretty cheap.
Effect: HOLY CRAP! That bolmeteus get terror pitted? Bazagazeal Dragon get lost souled? heres the anwser. with this little guy your opponents gotta think of another way to take those dragons out AGAIN! hahaha this card is a must, because he's cheap and he's effect is crazy. 9/10
DM8-51 Totto Pipichhi
Common - Fire Bird
Civilization: Fire
Type: Creature
Power: 1000
Cost: 3
Found In: Series 8 Invincible Legend Booster Box Card #: 51/55

While this creature is in the battle zone, all of your Dragon creatures get "Speed Attacker "(You may attack immediately with this Creature)

Power: fire birds haven't been known for there power, but for there ability to help dragons, and this one is no exception
Effect: just DAYM, as soon as i saw this card i instantly thought " A speed attacking Bolmeteus Steel Dragon ". Now that's crazy, if combined with coco lupia, u bring out this little guy and a bolmeteus, tell your opponent to say goodbye to their shields. just wow, 9/10 for this little bad boy.

Here are some dragons that are coming out, that are purely for EVO Bait, one of ems ok, and another one im not real sure of the effect, but we'll see when the cards come out, here are the names of the dragons!
DM8-4 Red Celestial Dragon Jagalzor
DM8-12 Black Celestial Dragon Galbazeek
DM8-18 Green Celestial Dragon Gamiratar
DM8-30 Bruiser Dragon
DM8-34 Dracodance Totem
DM8-45 Black Celestial Dragon Giland
DM8-49 Red Celestial Dragon Melgars
DM8-52 Green Celestial Dragon Gregarion
those are some nice dragons, stay tuned for the second article that counters the dragons! or atleast trys!

want info? Contact me at DestinyFlame@msn.com

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