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Pojo's Kaijudo Card of the Day
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Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Burnclaw the Relentless

- #37/55 l 6DSI

Date Reviewed: 02.15.13

Constructed Rating: 3.33
Limited Rating: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



Welcome back everyone! I hope you enjoyed our exclusive preview of Branca, the Treacherous yesterday because we have ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW!!! Conveniently enough it fits well with yesterday’s Card of the Day. Let me introduce you to, “Burnclaw the Relentless”!

Name: Burnclaw the Relentless
Type: Evolution Creature
Flavor Text: “Branca, watch my back.”
Rarity: Uncommon
Set Number:   37/55 l 6DSI


Evolution- Put on one of your Drakons.

Deadly Duo- When this creature enters the battle zone, search your deck. You may take a creature named Branca the Treacherous from your deck and put it into the battle zone. Then shuffle your deck.

Okay, it looks like I was right about Burnclaw making an appearance after all! I really enjoy the image of this card as well and that it fits with yesterday’s card even in its flavor text. Let’s take a closer look at Burnclaw and see if it’s worth using in your deck.

Burnclaw is a Level 3 Evolution Creature. If you’re running Drakons, you just got another target to bring out by turn three! This just added to the consistency of a Drakon rush deck. It also helps that he has 5000 Power so he can easily trade off with popular cards like Neuron and Medusa.

Speaking of consistency, when Burnclaw hits the field you can put a Branca the Treacherous from your deck onto the battle zone! This might not seem like much, but it essentially gives you two attacks next turn or an additional card to be used for another evolution creature, all while thinning your deck out and allowing you to draw more of the cards that you actually need to draw.

Be aware that this card can get banished by just about all of the standard shield blasts, so be careful when deciding to go for those shields instead of other weaker creatures. Overall, I can see this card working well in a Drakon/Evo/Rush deck and it’s a great deck to get started out with since it’s an easy deck to learn and a cheap deck to build.


Constructed: 3.25/5.00 (Only if you run Drakons; I would suggest running this card and Branca as they have an almost perfect synergy between them. Creating advantage immediately upon playing a card is definitely worth considering!)

Limited: 3.00/5.00 (Again it really depends on how many Drakons we get in this set, however, Branca and Burnclaw are common and uncommon cards, so they’re pretty easy to get ahold of in a 55 card set).

I hope you all enjoyed our preview week here at Pojo! Keep your eyes peeled next week, there’s no telling what cards could pop up! Until next time, remember to keep calm and Kaijudo!

Aiden Thorne

"Branca, watch my back."

Burnclaw the Relentless
Cost: 3
Civilization: Fire
Type: Evolution Creature
Race: Drakon
Power: 5000

Card Abilities:
Evolution - Put on one of your Drakons.
Deadly Duo - When this creature enters the battle zone, search your deck. You may take a creature named Branca the Treacherous from your deck and put it into the battle zone. Then shuffle your deck.

When initially looking at this card I thought it was beyond incredible, and the card is really powerful, but it isn't as good as I initially thought. The card doesn't generate anymore card advantage than if you had just summoned another creature, it does however, give you a much larger body on the field.

Burnclaw has a few distinct advantages, firstly he is a powerhouse at level 3 with 5000 power. This allows him to trade with many of the more popular cards; Emperor Neuron, Hydra Medusa, and even King Neptas. Like Laser-Arm Drakon, he is going to see his best uses in very aggressive rush decks. His down sides are the same that plague most of the low cost evolutions, he is still able to removed with cards such as Bone Blades and other level based removal.

Will this card give Drakon based rush decks the consistency they've needed to become competitive? Or will it be another hit or miss style like Laser-Arm Drakon? Tune in on March 15th when Dragonstrike Infernus hits the shelves!

Constructed Rating: 3.5/5


Burnclaw the Relentless
3 Cost Fire Civilization Drakon Evolution
5000 power

Deadly Duo – When this creature enters the battle zone, search your deck.  You may take a creature named Branca the Treacherous from your deck and put it into the battle zone.  Then shuffle your deck.
We have a VERY interesting card of the day today, yet another Drakon evo.  I’m a big fan of the other two, and this one definitely has possibilities.  Namely being able to thin out your deck is usually never a bad thing.  In this situation, it gets you another drakon evo bait, so you could potentially have another Burnclaw or Blastforge Captain or The tank known as Laser Arm Drakon ready to roll out the same turn.
The lack of double breaker is a little disheartening for this card, but he is a cheap evo, that searches the deck for another character.  Somebody will find a good way to use him.
Constructed 3.5/5: I like this card, and depending on the Drakons released in this set, he may have some potential.

Limited 2/5: The likely hood of this being used for its effect is slim to none.  Though if you get enough Drakons a 5000 attack evo for 3 mana is not bad.


Sometimes you will look a preview card and think, “Why? Why in the world did they send us this card?” You struggle to find the redeeming qualities in that card and no matter how many times you read your review you can plainly see the desperation to find that positive point. I mean, you don’t want to appear unthankful at having been given the privilege of introducing something from your favorite TCG that next to no one else has ever seen, but sometimes the right words were hard to come by.

Yesterday was ones of those days. In fact, CotD preview yesterday made for bitter sweet valentine gift.

However, perhaps Wizards of the Coast confused Valentine’s Day with April Fool’s Day…

Burnclaw the Rentless is quite aptly named; “Relentless.” With the introduction of this card to the field of battle in just one month it looks to be time to revisit Drakon rush once again. Rush has a tendency to sputter out. Some have tried to toss in several cards from the Water civilization in order to help rush decks recover their hand for that final push, however these cards, while having great effect (such as Aqua Seneschal), they did not represent enough strength for their cost and thus weakened rush  respectively. Burnclaw the Relentless begins to push rush into a realm of fixing its own problem. Not only does he search out a creature for you, but he does the unthinkable and puts it directly into play!

Unfortunately, he’s not quite a +1 in the hand size/field presence department. While he does search out a creature and put it into play, Burnclaw himself is an evolution creature. This means when you play him you are +0 for field presence, where with a non-evolution creature you are always +1 for field presence. Additionally, while three cost for 5000 power to pretty respectable, he gets skipped on the road to “Double Breaker-dom.” This is likely his greatest weakness.

In limited play Burnclaw, in conjunction with Branca have a great deal of potential. Branca is a mere common in a small 60 card set so you will likely have multiple copies of him. Burnclaw is an uncommon which gives you a good chance of netting at least one, but possibly two. Anything that nets you cards is limited has a definitely degree of potential. The final analysis of limited with lie in what other Drakons are introduced into Dragonstrike Infernus.
Constructed: 3.0
Limited: 3.5??

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