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Pojo's Kaijudo Card of the Day
On our Message Board you can Trade Cards (with an eBay type rating system), talk about your decks, discuss upcoming and past tourneys, converse on the anime & more! 

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Kaijudo Exclusive Preview -

Branca the Treacherous

- #36/55 l 6DSI

Date Reviewed: 02.14.13

Constructed Rating: 2.33
Limited Rating: 3.17

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



Well, we have a slight change of plans for today for all of you Kaijudo Masters out there! Wizards of the Coast have graced us with our very own EXCLUSIVE preview card from the Dragonstrike Infernus set! Now mind you, this is not one of the most powerful cards in the game but will find its way into its own niche. Wizards, I appreciate this opportunity to review my first exclusive card and I hope to do more in the future; you guys are awesome and I look forward to the future of this game! Alright, without further ado, for the first time outside of the Wizards of the Coast HQ, I bring you, “Branca the Treacherous”!

Name: Branca the Treacherous
Type: Creature
Flavor Text: “Branca, watch my back. Branca, carry that gatling gun. Branca, Branca, Branca… Burnclaw never shuts up.”
Rarity: Common
Set Number:   36/55 l 6DSI



Okay, so obviously this isn’t going to be a very long review since we don’t have a ton of information to look at with Branca. First off, I’m loving the flavor text to this card! I haven’t really kept up with the show to know their characters and personalities but from what I hear Branca and Burnclaw have been hunting Ray and Tatsurion (Bob) down and apparently they haven’t been very successful…yet. Could this mean that Tatsurion may find himself a formidable enemy in Dragonstrike Infernus or will the hunt continue into another set?

Branca is one of those essentials for Drakon players. Most of the evolution lines have their own vanilla (no effect) creature with 2000 Power at Level 2. Water has Cyber Trader to evolve their Cyber Lords, Darkness has Gigazanda for Chimeras, Nature has Moonhowler Tribe for Beast Kins, and Light has Stalker Sphere for their Enforcers. So perhaps this means we’ll be seeing more Drakon evolutions in the near future. At the very least, this gives Fire Civilization players another target to evolve into their Laser-Arm Drakon or Blastforge Captain. So time will only tell how mainstream this card will be but this could be another stepping stone for the Drakon bloodline!


Constructed: 2.50/5.00 (In a Drakon deck, this card will get you to your evolutions quickly! What else do Branca and Burnclaw have in store for us in the future?)

Limited: 2.75/5.00 (If we get Drakons in this set, there could be some potential for a Drakon deck or at the very least a 2 cost creature with 2000 Power is a decent turn two play in a limited format).

Make sure to check back tomorrow! I can’t really say what we’ll be reviewing but I’m sure you all will enjoy it! Until next time, remember to keep calm and Kaijudo!

Aiden Thorne

Branca the Treacherous

"Branca, watch my back. Branca, carry that gatling gun. Branca, Branca . . . Burnclaw never shuts up."

Branca the Treacherous
Cost: 2
Civilization: Fire
Type: Creature
Race: Drakon
Power: 2000

Card Abilities:

Branca the Treacherous is your generic 2000 power for 2 vanilla creature, sadly vanillas are almost always unplayable. Branca doesn't look like he will be an exception, but he does have one upside going for him; Branca is a Drakon, and Drakons have been hard pressed on early evo bait for Laser-Arm Drakon. Will Branca be the Drakon that suddenly explodes into a three cost double breaker? Or will he just fade into the background like most of the other vanillas? Stay tuned for March 15th when Dragonstrike hits shelves!

Constructed Rating: 1.5/5


Branca the Treacherous
2 Cost Fire Civilization Drakon
2000 Power
Today is a preview of a card from the upcoming Dragonstrike Infernus set that comes out next month.  This card is particularly great, but it is certainly not bad, as there are a 2 good Drakon evos.  Blastforge Captain and Laser Arm Drakon are the reason this card may see some play.  However, Cliffcutter and Drakon Weaponsmith are also 2 cost Drakons with effects, even though Branca is more stable than Drakon Weaponsmith due to DW’s +2000 Powerful Attack on a 1000 Power body. 
Constructed 3/5: He may be vanilla, but at 2 cost for Drakon, he may be what you need.
Sealed 3.5/5: All cheap creatures can rule a sealed tournament.


Upon first glance Branca the Treacherous is nothing more than a small vanilla creature for the Fire civilization. Most often, when creatures do not have an ability of one type of another they are easily overlooked and because of this it is rather easy for one’s first urge to be to dismiss Branca. However, in order to truly examine Branca’s effectiveness as a card we must place it in the context of A) the current available card pool and B) the current metagame of played decks.

With that in mind let’s begin with the current metagame of decks played. Branca’s “vanilla-ness” feature certain distinct advantages over many currently played cards. For instance, Cyber Trade has become a very popular 2 cost drop. While often the intention of playing this creature is to drop of turn 3 Emperor Nueron, in the real world this is not always the case. Sometimes Cyber Trader is played early in the effort of an aggressive push to get to the finish line early and thus swings in a as a mere 1000 powered creature. Other times the game has simply gone on longer than the Emperor Nueron player can abide and he needs to get a few more creature in for that final push. In either of these cases Branca out aggros Cyber Trader. Cyber Trader can’t defend its controller against Branca by trading into its ultimate demise in the discard pile and neither and is it able to defend should it be attacked directly by Branca following a swing for the shields. Either way, Branca wins.

Two popular and somewhat similar 1 drops are Cyber Sprite and Chasm Entangler. Both of these creatures are 1 cost, 2000 powered blockers. In this case Branca merely trades with either of these blockers. However, compared against other 2 drop Fire civilization cards he fair slightly better.  Lava Leaper is a 1000 powered creature and therefore perishes on the attack. Cliffcutter, without an evolution card already is play, remains a mere 1000. Drakon Weaponsmith, while a powerful 3000 on the attack, relinquishes that power immediately after the attack dropping to a mere 1000, leaving it vulnerable to the counter attack of Chasm Entangler. While I’m not saying the Branca is significantly better than it’s 2 cost predecessors, there are some considerations ones may not make upon immediately assessment.

And then comes the ultimate use for Branca. Being a Drakon allow this card to become evo-bait for either one of two impressive evolution cards, Blast Forge Captain and Laser Arm Drakon. While Cliffcutter and Drakon Weaponsmith both fit in the same cost spot as far as evo-bait goes, my own playtesting has suggested that while sometimes these creature abilities can be a boon, often they can turn on you like a grabbing a two headed snake by the tail. If you haven’t given these cards a try you really should. There’s definitely a degree of potential sitting within them!

Constructed Rating: 2 out of 5

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