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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Elixia, Pureblade Elemental

Card # DM-S1

Date Reviewed: 05.04.06

Constructed Average Rating: 2
Limited Average Rating: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Tobi Wan
Elixia, Pureblade Elemental

If there was ever evidence that Wizards wanted us all to forget about mono decks, here is some obvious proof. I find it sort of funny that they keep flipping from “Make a mono deck” to “Mono decks are for suckers” and back to “mono decks rule!” In the next few sets, we will go back to mono card boost, but for now variety is the spice of life. But why, oh why would you want to run a 5-civilization deck? That would be what you needed to have to fully utilize the effect of Elixia (or just power it up a turn Ala Sword of Malevolent Death or something else to power it up a bit). Here is a quick break down:

Upon summoning, he could have 4,000 power if all your mana were light (Since that count’s as one).
If you have two, it would have 7,000 power with Double Breaker.
Add another civ into the mana zone; it becomes a 10,000 powered double breaker.
Four civilizations more keep it a double breaker and 13,000 power.
If ALL the civilizations are present, it is only a 16,000 powered creature and becomes the godly Triple breaker (an underutilized effect due to such high costs for creatures with that ability).

The way this card is worded, it would be a minimum of 4K power, since you would need at least one civilization in your mana zone. The other aspect of this card to keep in mind is the power levels needed to gain Double Breaker or Triple breaker. If, somehow, you could power it up a bit more, you could have a double breaker while having, for example, Petrova boosting your Angel Commands in a mono light deck (this would make it an 8K power, and well over the double breaker limit). A bit of a shaky strategy, but a potential sneak attack if you have ways to boost him up a level of breakage. I feel that the effect to watch for is the last two, rather then the first one. I rarely see people running more then a three civ deck at real tourneys (aside from release events like a few weeks ago purely out of necessity). People would want to power it up to utilize the effect to its deadliest potential. The levels chosen are interesting, because a simple 2,000 power boost makes a mono light deck a double breaker and a quad civ strategy into a triple beaker. A simple Burning Power (from the base set) could be just the thing to boost enough to get an extra shield (since it would trigger upon attacking, and his power would meet the minimum levels. That might be wrong since an official ruling for that has not been established, but worth trying). The last thing to remember is the multi-color civilizations. If I have a light/water card in my mana zone, which counts as two civilizations. A multi-color strategy might be just the thing to gain a strong upper hand! At the current time, this card only scores 3 out of 5, since there are better choices for the 6th summoning slot and a shaky power level. Only utilize this card in a multi-civ deck or have numerous ways of powering it up.

1) Potential nearly unstoppable triple breaker, with enough mana choice / power ups.
2) Ok power/cost ratio (6 cost for a base 4K power)
3) Angel Command (translation = evo bait)
4) Manageable power increase to gain another shield break (add 2K with either one or four civs in mana zone)
5) Sometime in the next few sets, there is a card that will support the multi-civ mana – it treats all the mana as any color long as it stays in the battle zone…a bit off, but packs some potential.

1) Really, all five civs in one deck? When has that EVER paid off?
2) Triple breaker doesn’t really help a lot when they bust out late in the game (on turn seven it can attack under normal circumstances, but there are better triple breakers with guaranteed power levels.
3) As stated above, it can be hurt if you have only one card of a certain civ and it is destroyed / removed.

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