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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Chaos Worm
Rarity: U
Collector Number: 24
Set: Evo Crushinators of Doom

Date Reviewed: 6.23.06

Constructed Average Rating: 4.20
Limited Average Rating: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.
DRY 1337

Joe Ortiz


Chaos Worm 

Cost: 5

Race: Parasite Worm

Civilization: Darkness

Type: Creature

Rules Text:

·         Evolution – Put on one of your Parasite Worms.

·         When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may destroy one of your opponent’s creatures.

Power: 5000

A lot of duelists rely solely on hype and popularity, which is probably one of the many reasons why we’re having a worm week.  Worms, despite their competitive advantages, are underused and receive little recognition.  They don’t make you as cool as Armored Dragon Duelists, nor as popular as Bombazar players.  As we’ve seen this week, however, worms are able to outmaneuver and control our opponents.  Chaos Worm is no exception.


As far as power, evolution creatures typically have above average power, but that is not the case with Chaos Worm.  5000 power for 5 mana isn’t the best but it’s still admissible.  It allows Chaos Worm to avoid some of the fire destruction spells and take out a wide range of creatures.  Chaos Worm’s, true advantage, however is its effect.  As soon as it hits the field, not only do you get a 5000 power fattie, but you also get to destroy one of your opponent’s creatures.  There are no exceptions or exclusions, which is why it’s fantastic.  On top of that, Chaos Worm does not get summoning sickness, so after you blow up a creature you get to attack.


Let’s take a look at a typical scenario with worm decks…  Your opponent breaks one of your shields, which happens to be a Gregorian Worm (it’s summoned right away).  Now on your turn, you get to evolve Gregorian into a Chaos Worm, blow up a creature, and then attack your opponent’s tapped creature.  This 2-for-1 combo is priceless and as far as we’ve seen, no other creature’s abilities compare to Chaos Worm’s ability to cause double destruction.  Just use it and abuse it!


The Good:  Summon Chaos Worm to blow up a creature then attack immediately for a second kill… 2-for-1.


The Bad:  Evolution creatures usually pack a lot more power.


The Ugly:  Again, worms aren’t very popular and even though you can make a very inexpensive competitive deck with them, people will often opt to go with a newb dragon deck.


Constructed Rating: 4/5 – Summon, destroy, and then destroy some more! 


Limited Rating: 2/5 –  Most worms aren’t worth putting into a limited deck. 


Please feel free to post your comments, questions, and/or objections on the Message Board and I’ll be more than happy to respond.  Happy dueling!

- DRY 1337


Reese N

Well, I've been getting e-mails saying that you people dont like my 2 sentence reviews..... what would you write when you are being rushed out the door almost 24/7? If you don't know why I write the 2 sentence reviews, don't criticize them. Anyways It's the last day of Worm Week, so here is the Chaos Worm.
Name: Chaos Worm
Cost: 5
Race: Parasite Worm
Civilization: Darkness
Type: Evolution
Rules Text:
Evolution-Put on one of your Parasite Worms.
When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may destroy one of your opponent's creatures.
Power: 5000
Mana Number: 1
Artist: Naoki Saito
Rarity: U
Collector Number: 24
Set: Evo Crushinators of Doom
Wow. Finally a worm that is worth a 5/5. This card gives you a +1 against your opponent as you can easily just destroy his/her strongest creature on the field. It's an Evo which means it can attack right off the bat, and it has good mana to power ratio. I love this card. I can't think of anything better to play on turn 5 except this and Hopeless Vortex. 
5/5 card (Now i better not get any more flames for this..)
5/5 art (Yay an actual worm!)
P.S. Englishman, Billion Degree Dragon sucks. So dont think that I like it.  

23rd June - Chaos Worm

Hey again guys! today its Chaos Worm's Turn :D And FINALY! The card that has been mentioned more than enough times in each of my reviews is here, Chaos Worm is the king Parasite-Worm, being an evolution, and comes with great stats and an effect to boot.

Chaos Worm is 5 cost, and 5000 power, this is an even power/mana ratio, and very good, most 5drops seen have negative power. althought, remember this is an evolution, so it balances out, you'll have to double it up on another of your creatures.

Chaos Worm also has a realy great effect, you can destroy one of your opponents creatures, so Chaos Worm has a Hopeless Vortex/Terror Pit style effect straight there, along with field presence of 5000 attack, which is nothing to scoff at, what so ever. :D

From personal experience, Chaos Worm can be made deadly, but the timing must be right, For instance, if its turn 8 and you've summoned a Horrid Worm, then spent the last of your mana on Chaos Worm, its not a very clever move, you've spent 8 mana to ditch a creature, not a good idea unless that creature is game-breaking, or you have low shields.

However, Say its turn 5, your Horrid worm attacked last turn and got a card from their hand, its proved its worth already, you can get out your chaos worm without losing direct advantage and ditch a pesky creature.

Chaos Worm is a great card, however, there arnt many great parasite worms outside of Horrid Worm, the others are decent.. but meh.

Chaos Worm receives 3.5/5
A very good card, but it could be better, there are stronger evolutions for this.

If you want to, email me at Kawaiikino@hotmail.com

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