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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Tyrant Worm

Collector Number: 35
Set: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

Date Reviewed: 06.20.06

Constructed Average Rating: 2.00
Limited Average Rating: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Hello pojoers. I'm back again (whether you like it or not.). This entire week is dedicated to worms! Don't ask me why, don't ask me how. Anyways, to kick the week off here's Tyrant Worm.
Name: Tyrant Worm
Cost: 1
Race: Parasite Worm
Civilization: Darkness
Type: Creature
Rules Text:
When you put another creature into the battle zone, destroy this creature.
Flavor Text:
It's scared of scared people.
Power: 2000
Mana Number: 1
Artist: Youichi Kai
Rarity: C
Collector Number: 35
Set: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos
Wow. I know you people hate me typing 2 sentence reviews but I think this should be an exception. This card SUCKS!
1/5 card
1/5 art (thats a WORM??????? could've fooled me.)

20th June - Tyrant Worm

Hey Everyone! This is my first COTD, and this week is worm week, today is tyrant worms turn to hit the spotlight.

Name: Tyrant Worm
Cost: 1
Race: Parasite Worm
Civilization: Dark
Type: Creature

Rules Text:
When you put another creature into your battle zone, destroy this creature.

Power: 2,000

Okay, this guy is a 1 drop, making it handy from the start, 1 cost creatures are rarely found, they nearly always have a bad effect or something to make them hard to run, because if they didnt, everyone would pack them and hit shields too quick for your opponent.

Tyrant Worm has a great power to mana ratio, doubling it, though that isnt exactly hard at only 1 cost :D He follows it up by being a dark and is a parasite worm, meaning you may catch this guy evolving into a great big Chaos Worm, who we will cover over the week.

The effect of this guy is where things get clear, as soon as you play another creature, he dies, straight away.
This means the deadly fella' is hard to run now, this guy doesn't like to see rivals coming on to try and steal his thunder once he hit the field.

You can get around its effect by simply summoning him last, or by playing him while you already have creatures and not playing any more, or, in fact, starting him on turn 1, turn 2 strike a shield, and on the following turns, hes already done his job and can make room for some additional creatures, so this guy can fit nicely into rush, or a dark deck, preferably featuring parasite worms like chaos worm.

Outside of the above, however, i wouldnt advise, there are better 1 cost creatures if you struggle holding of your opponents early-creatures.

I give Tyrant Worm 3/5

Its a good card, but doesn't fit most of the powerful decks of todays metagame.

- DRY 1337


What the heck do we do with this thing?


Tyrant Worm 

Cost: 1

Race: Parasite Worm

Civilization: Darkness

Type: Creature

Rules Text:

·         When you put another creature in the battle zone, destroy this creature.

Power: 2000

While I must say that Tyrant Worm’s power-to-mana cost is exquisite, the effect turns out to be a real disappointment.  In general 2000 power for 1 mana is superb but we all know that most of the times it comes at a price.  For this guy, whenever another of your creatures comes out, he blows himself up.  Not too stellar but I wouldn’t put it past darkness to present an effect such as this.


So what can we do with Tyrant Worm anyway?  This is obviously not designed for rush so most people would use it as evo bait.  It’s actually quite convenient on turn six to be able to summon Tyrant Worm then evolve into Chaos Worm.  BOOM!  There goes one of your opponent’s creatures!  Better yet, attack with Chaos worm and kill a second.  All of this has been made possible and very playable all because of Tyrant Worm.


You can also use Tyrant Worm and Mongrel Man to put some combos together.  However, one of my favorite ways to use Tyrant Worm is by playing it on turn one and start breaking shields.  Then on the subsequent turns I play removal spells, chargers, and drawing spells and continue killing and breaking.  You’ll be surprised at how many shields Tyrant Worm can break because of his overly insignificant status.  Your opponent will not pay him any mind, thinking that you’ll kill him off eventually.  By turn 5, Tyrant will either be dead or ready to evolve.


The Good:  2000 power for 1 mana AND the potential to evolve!


The Bad:  It’s designed to die.


The Ugly:  In a way you’re helping your opponent to control your field.


Constructed Rating: 2/5 – Worm decks are not in style and this guy does poorly without any support.


Limited Rating: 3/5 – Break shields early and swing for your opponent’s creatures.  Lots of fun!


Please feel free to post your comments, questions, and/or objections on the Message Board and I’ll be more than happy to respond.  Happy dueling!

- DRY 1337

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