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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Zagaan, Knight of Darkness

Card # DM-S6

Date Reviewed: 07.13.06

Constructed Average Rating: 2.5
Limited Average Rating: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

King Baz Hello! I'm back after moving house. This card that we are reviewing today is a simple one.

Name: Zagaan, Knight of Darkness
Cost: 6
Race: Demon Command
Civilization: Darkness
Type: Creature

Rules Text:
Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

Power: 7000

- -

Yes, very simple...

It's a six mana for 7K. That's okay, but it could be better.

Double Breaker. That's expected because it has 7000 power.

And that's it. Overall, it isn't really that good. We have better nowadays.
We can get 6 Mana 8.5K from DM-10, so what's the use in settleing for a 6 Mana 7K?



Hope you enjoyed... not that there was much to see...

-King Baz

DRY 1337



Hello everyone!  I took a short break and I wasn’t sent the COTD list for one of the weeks so I hope y’all didn’t miss me too much.  Today we’re reviewing a vintage creature:


Zagaan, Knight of Darkness


Cost: 6

Race: Demon Command

Civilization: Darkness

Type: Creature

Rules Text:

·         Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

Power: 7000

I know most of you have seen Zagaan plenty of times so it’s easy to sum it all up.  Having 7000 power for 6 mana is what made this creature so great.  Zagaan was very dominating back in the day but lately he’s seeing no play.  The reason is because a couple other big Demon Commands have come into the limelight.  Vashuna, for example, is the same exact creature but with a miniscule side effect.  Daidalos is also a very cost-effective replacement for Zagaan and even though some people think that Daidalos’ ability is a side effect, it can be chained into several combos.


The Good:  7000 power (with double breaker) for 6 mana is decent.  The art work is also legendary.


The Bad:  There are other Demon Commands with equal or better power for less mana.


The Ugly:  Darkness has better options to play on turn 6.


Constructed Rating: 3/5 – It’s a solid creature but is overshadowed by more efficient and complex Demon Commands.  Zagaan is HIGHLY recommended for new players because of its power and simplicity, so if you have any of them collecting dust please use them to bring in more players.


Limited Rating: 4.5/5 – Go back to old school and Zagaan will definitely dominate!



Please feel free to post your comments, questions, and/or objections on the Message Board and I’ll be more than happy to respond.  Happy dueling!

- DRY 1337


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