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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Velyrika Dragon

Date Reviewed: 01.02.06

Constructed Average Rating: 4
Limited Average Rating: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Velyrika Dragon
Cost 7
7000 power
Armored Dragon
When this creature is put into the battle zone search your deck. You may take one armored Dragon from your deck, show it to your opponent, and add it to your hand. Shuffel your deck after words. (please note that this text may not be exact as it is from memory)
Double breaker

Civilization: A fire card, that searches? GASP!!! The only big searchers are nature and water, but fire!!!

Effect: Think of his effect to that of rumbling terrahorn, cept you can only get armored dragons from it. So in a more detailed manner it's, creating a presence on the field, thing your deck, and adding to your hand. All positives, and it has double breaker which is always nice to have. The only down side is that he can get only Armored dragons, If it could get dragons, then image the fun you could have. But saddly it's only armored dragons, this still lets you get Bolly, Bajulla, Gargako, and if you wanted another one of this guy.

Cost: Basically I would consider double breaker free if the creature cost 6 or more and has 6000 or more power. Big creatures= Big attacks. So With that being said, 7 mana for a 7000 power creature that has a limited search effect. I can't see anything wrong with the cost, and the search effect is just limited enough to keep it at that power/cost.

Combos: Make him cost less with a turn three Cocco Lupia, and another turn for Cocco Lupia (yes I'm asking a lot), turn 5 this guy and search for either a 6 drop dragon and play it along side V.D. for a bajua for next turn. you don't even really need the second cocco Lupia but it will take a little longer.

Constructed: 2/5, you can't just splash him into any deck.
In a mainly armored dragon deck 4/5 whats not to love about a searcher
In a dragon deck 3/5 He won't get as much here, but there should be some armored dragons to fetch, but I would use rumbling Terrahorn over this If I was running nature in it.
Ferret Mage Velyrika Dragon
Armored Dragon
Cost: 7
Power: 7000
-When you put this creature into the battle zone, search your deck. You may take an Armored Dragon from your deck, show that Armored Dragon to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
-Double Breaker

Fire Civilization gets drawing power!!!!!!!!! The world is coming to an end, pigs are flying, hell is freezing over!!!

Today we're bringing you a card that not many people know about, it's a promo which, till now, I've never heard about. So it's a real pleasure to be reviewing this card.

Cost: Seven mana is pretty much in the middle of what Dragons usually cost. While this card does cost a little too much considering other cards, it's effect could be what makes it worth the cost.

Race: Dragons are pretty popular with this current set as evident by Wizards naming the set after them. It's also evident by all the support and evo's they've been getting. So if your running a Dragon deck than this card is great considering you want to evolve him into the great cards like Abzo Dolba or Bajula.

Power: 7000 for 7 mana seems like a pretty fair trade off to me. Of course there are some more cards out there that offer more power for less, but still 7 for 7k isn't al that bad.

Effect: Fire gets draw!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who are running a Dragon deck, this must good news to fall on your ears. This card lets you put a dragon into the battle zone and then draw a Dragon to use on your next turn, possibly one of those great Dragon evolutions? The drawback is that you HAVE to draw an Armored Dragon, and as you all know water has much better deck searchers. But if your not running Water than this card would be welcome edition to any Dragon deck. Another drawback is that with it's cost of 7 mana, your probably not going to summon this card and evolve it on the same turn, which means that your opponent will try and discard said drawn card.

But one thing your opponent will not do is try and bounce this sucker, unless they plan on discarding it as soon as they bounce it then they aren't going to run the risk of letting you draw another Dragon.

Double Breaker is also a expected addition to creature of over 6 mana, but still, it's nice to have.

Construted: 4/5 Good for Dragons deck not running Water.
Limited: 2/5 It's power doesn't really match up to some of the more powerful, cheaper, creatures.
Art: 3/5 It.....has heads...for hands....

Article for Velyrika Dragon
Happy New Year everyone, I am Ricardo and today we review the promo card 'Velyrika Dragon'. Lets have a look at what this card does.
Name: Velyrika Dragon
Cost: 7
Race: Armored Dragon
Civilization: Fire
Type: Creature
Rules Text: When you put this Creature in the Battle Zone, Search your deck. You may take an Armored Dragon from your deck, show that Armored Dragon to your opponent and put it in your hand. Then Shuffle your deck.
Double Breaker (This Creature Breaks 2 Shields)
Flavour Text: None
Power: 7000
Mana Number: 1
Artist: I Don't Know
Rarity: Promo
Collector Number: I Don't Know
Set: Promo
Cool card, Tutor cards are always great to use. Lets see how good this card really is.
This card is from the Fire Civilisation and is an Armored Dragon which currently has a lot of support cards, so this card seems good to play.
This is just a standard 7 for 7000 power creature, but it has 2 effects so it seems to be very powerful.
This Card has 2 Effects:
1: When you put this Creature in the Battle Zone, Search your deck. You may take an Armored Dragon from your deck, show that Armored Dragon to your opponent and put it in your hand. Then Shuffle your deck.
Tutor effects are awesome in any game and this card gives the Armored Dragon race even more support. Searching your deck for any Armored Dragon you want, you could search for Uberdragon Bajula and evolve it from Velyrika Dragon or use it's effect to search for another Velyrika Dragon so you can thin your deck. Awesome effect.
2: Double Breaker (This Creature Breaks 2 Shields)
This thing breaks 2 shields as well, so your opponent may want to remove this card as soon as possible.
None, this card is a promo.
This card is powerful here, so many support cards and is also a tutor card. This card is incredible and is very playable. In a deck built around it.
Catherine Byrne Velyrika Dragon

Cost: 7

Power: 7000

Race: Armored Dragon

Civ: Fire

Rules Text: When you put this creature into the battle zone, search your deck. You may take an Armored Dragon, from your deck, show that Armored Dragon to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Double Breaker.

Civ/Effect: Usually Fire is rush rush rush or mana destruction. So I find it odd to come across a Fire card that searches. If I were using this, I'd combo it with Uberdragon Bajula, but that's just me. If combined with Nature (and Uberdragon Bajula), I'd say this card would rock.

Rating: 4.5/5
Name: Velyrika Dragon
Race: Armored Dragon
Mana Cost: 7
Attack: 7000
- Double Breaker
- When you put this creature in the battle zone, search your deck. You may take an Armored Dragon from your deck, show that Armored Dragon to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
Mana Generated: 1

Velyrika Dragon is a Fire Civilisation Card, as you can probably see, but it's claimed an effect found usually in Light and Water cards. It has the ability to find an Armored Dragon from your deck, showing it to your opponent and putting it in your hand, thus ensuring that it will not battle alone a turn from now. It's effect seems lousy, no? Wrong. It's an excellent

effect, as Armored Dragons rule in Quantity and Quality much better than their cousins.

7000 attack is a high ladder for any creature to climb, exception being Slayers. It's a Double Breaker, which means it clears the amount of shields most creatures take out by 1. This could prove excellent when you have Velyrika and another creature, with your opponent down to his last 2 Shields. Velyrika could clear the field while the other Creature finishes the battle.

The combos you can do with this card is enough to make a page. Maybe two.
You could ensure a Bajula summon next turn, since Bajula is an Armored Dragon. You could grab a Bolmeteus, and give it backup. Lots of ideas. I personally favor Bajula, seeing as it'll Triple Break, burn 2 Mana AND extend the Ladder for creatures to climb. An excellent card, though rare.

Constructed: I'll give it a 4/5.
Limited: No count. It's a promo.
Rarity: Promotional Foil. Very Rare. 5/5
Overall: 9/10.

An excellent card, should only be traded/sold off if you feel you can truly part with this card. I know I can't.

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