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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Rikabu's Screwdriver

Card # DM-87

Date Reviewed: 02.17.05

Constructed Average Rating: 4.3
Limited Average Rating: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow
Bringing this week of Fire cards to a close, we review another simple, yet quite effective card.  Though not nearly as powerful (Or as difficult to get) as Wednesdays card, he still makes a big splash in the game, and is the best friend of rush decks everywhere.  Say hello to my little friend!
Rikabu's Screwdriver

Cost:  2

Civilization:  Fire

Card Type:  Creature
Race:  Xenopart

  • Tap ability.
  • TAP:  Destroy one creature on the field that has blocker.

Flavor Text:  When Rikabu brought his tool to the battle, the Emerald Grass realized it was screwed.  Big time.

Power: 1000

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Rare

Set:  Stomp-a-Trons of Invincible Wrath
Arguably one of the best cards in all of Stomp-a-Trons, he saw a lot of play at nationals.  Let's investigate.
Civilization/Race:  Fire is known for fatties like Bolmeteus, and little, fast creatures.  This guy clearly falls into the latter category.  In a fire rush deck, he's an invaluable asset.  His race has no support currently, but some might come later (that's not forshadowing, I simply don't know)  Or do I?
Cost:  Two mana.  Cheap, affordable, and he makes for a good early turn drop.  Lovely.  For the ability he packs, this is a fair cost.
Power:  1000 power makes me a little sad.  Any monster can kill this in battle (or suicide into it) except for creatures that can't attack/can't attack creatures.  Kill spells also make mince meat of him (unless they specifically target Civs that aren't fire).  Still, any amount of power can break a shield, and his power level doesn't matter when it comes to blockers...
Ability(s):  When you tap him, you can kill a blocker.  Thus, he clears the way for your other creatures to attack your opponent or their tapped creatures.  Why kill blockers?  Because they are nuisance creatures.  This is a simple ability, need I say more?
Now that we've looked at these stats, let's see how they stack up!
Constructed Overview:  Use him right, and he'll crush-i-nate the opponent.  Seriously, he's pretty good.  He can rush, or clear the field for other creatures to rush, or he can simply kill blockers at any time to allow you to press the advantage.  He's solid, but not perfect, as Crimson Hammer and Hammer Shot laugh at him.  4/5
Limited Overview:  BLockers are KEY in limited.  Killing blockers allows you to hit your opponent.  Hitting your opponent means they lose.  This guy can also attack, and is an early drop.  Thus, Screwdriver = Dead opponent.  5/5
This whole COTD thing is so much fun.  I'll keep writing when I can.  Feel free to e-mail me any time at rebellee1187@msn.com.  Till then, keep dueling.  Kettou Da!
Monday:  The choice left me Aghast.
Eric Draven


Name: Rikabu's Screwdriver
Cost: 2
Race: XenoParts
Civilization: Fire
Type: Creature
Rules Text:
Instead of having this creature attack, you may tap it to use its ability.
Destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has "blocker."
Flavor Text:
It's good at putting things together. It's better at taking things apart.
Power: 1000

Cost: 2 mana is fine by me.

Civ/Race: XenoParts and Fire. There are currenly only 4 XenoParts in the game, and one has no effect. So I don't think we'll be seeing any XenoParts decks anytime soon. Fire is great however. I love Fire/

Effect: Instead of attacking, you get to tap Rikabu's Screwdriver and destroy an opponent's creature with "Blocker". In a weenie deck, this sure would come in handy. After all, it's creature removal with a body. Sure, it only removes Blockers, but Blockers are one of the most annoying things in run into with a weenie deck. I'd say, because of the effect, if you're running Fire, to use 2 or 3 copies.

Power: 1000 Had to be balanced somewhere.

Constructed: 4/5

Limited: 5/5

Art: 2/5 It's a machine. Meh.

Rikabu's Screwdriver
Cost: 2
Civilization: Fire
Card Type: Creature
Race: Xenoparts
Power: 1000
. Instead of having this creature attack, you may tap it to use its "Tap"
. "Tap": Destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has "blocker."

Civilization: There are few if any creatures or powers at be in the Fire Civilization that believe in offence thru defence but no matter what the method, Fire creatures and spells always end up claiming an offensive advantage. The Xenoparts are no exception to that, paying tribute to their creators by helping them things apart and maybe, just maybe putting things back together.

Cost/ Power: 2 mana for 1000 power isn't very uncommon consider that 25 out of 48 cratures that cost 2 mana have 1000 power. At first the cost to power ratio is a bit off considering that cards like Crimson Hammer, Searing Wave,

Magmarex, and Volcano Charger can all easily take down weak powered creatures like Rikabu's Screwdriver. It's effect obviously makes up for its low power for being a living tool.

Abilities: As early as turn 3 Rikabu's Screwdriver can wipe the field of pesky blockers for siimply giving up an attack with him and tapping him during the combat phase. This leads the way for cards like Explosive Fighter

Ucarn, Pyrofighter Magnus, and really any other attack creature to claim a shield or the bounty on another creature's head. This card doesn't always see widespread play but its a card that will strike fear into the hearts of a blocker heavy meta.

Card Efficiency: at first as with most cards Rikabu's Screwdriver is a liability but after 1 shield, creature vanquished, or blocker blown up he has seemingly unlimited potential to become a 12 or more for 1 (8-12 seems to be the overall amount of blockers run in a deck).

Constructed: As mentioned earlier the overall average amount of blockers run
balances between 8 and 12 depending on the meta (some get as low as 0) so Rikabu can continue to serve his dual purpose as an attacker or an anti blocker tool. 3/5

Limited: There are 16 blockers or creatures that can gain blocker out of "Stompatons of Invincible Wrath" so Rikabu is prime choice as either an attacker or an anti blocker tool. 5/5

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