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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Warlord Ailzonius
Blastosplosion of Gigantic Rage

Date Reviewed: 08.08.06

Constructed Average Rating: 4.5
Limited Average Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.
Today we are reviewing one of if not the Best card from BlastExplosin Of Gigantic Rage

so Here it is enjoy

Name: Warlord Ailzonius
Cost: 5
Race: Gladiator
Civilization: Light
Type: Evolution
Rules Text:
Evolution-Put on one of your Gladiators.
Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.) Whenever your opponent would choose a creature in the battle zone, he can't choose this one. (It can still be attacked and blocked.) Flavor Text:
It knows when war is coming because it decides when war is coming.
Power: 8000
Mana Number: 1
Artist: Masaki Hirooka
Rarity: S
Collector Number: S1

Ok so u c why is one of the best but still.

Race: There aret that many gladiators up to now but the ones that we have
are fortunately very playable as most of them cost less than five to play
making them perfect for evo bait,
the only problem I see here is the choices you cant really choose cuz all of
the gladiators are blocker so if your playing against a deck with many
blocker hate You will have trouble getting this Titan out on the battlezone .

Mana/Power: this EVO is above average power it has 8k for only five Mana
that's just great
more than we could ask for cuz of the awesome effect it packs regular EVOs
have 8k for 6 mana so......Now lets get into the good stuff.

Effect: this guys effect is what makes this card so great the ability to
have a creature with 8k that cant be picked by any of your opponents creature or
spells is just awesome it makes this guy impossible to kill with out either
attacking it or using a spell or effect that makes your opponent choose the
creature (vine charger, Proclamation off death, etc.)

Constructed: 4.8/5 this guy is just awesome in this format is one off the
near future staples along side Miraculous Plague, if it had better evo bait it
would have had ban even better rating.

Limited: 3/5 Not so good here cuz there aret that many gladiator evo bait
and one off them is really hard to pull but if you do get at least 4 gladiators
there is no reason why you shouldn't run it

Got anything to say about my reviews go to Pojo forums and tell me
NOT a member join is fun.

DRY 1337


Hi everyone!  I just got back home from vacation and I’m thrilled to see that we get to review some of the new cards!  Warlord Ailzonius has got to be the second best light creature! (You know who’s first ;) ). 


Warlord Ailzonius


Cost: 5

Race: Gladiator

Civilization: Light

Type: Creature

Rules Text:

·         Evolution- Put on one of your Gladiators.

·         Double breaker

·         Whenever your opponent would choose a creature in the battle zone he can’t choose this one.  (It can still be attacked and blocked.)


Power:  8000

A lot of people have been looking forward to using this guy several months before Blastosplosion was released and it’s obvious as to why.  This guy is the total package!  Let’s first talk about the power to mana ratio.  The 5 mana to 8,000 power hits the bull’s-eye.  A lot of the 8,000 power evos cost 6 mana, which is why this guy is such a threat.  He comes out a turn sooner.


As far as the abilities, most of the evos in the middle range (5-7 mana) have double breaker so this creature is pretty standard.  However, the last ability is what has so many players drooling.  No matter what your opponent does, he can’t target Warlord Ailzonius (except for attacking and blocking).  In other words cards like Corile, Terror Pit, Vise, etc. have no effect on him.  What’s even better is the fact that the Blastosplosison set also added a new gladiator with a cool ability that let’s you pull from your mana zone.  If you have enough Gladiators give this guy a shot!


When you sum it all up you have a creature that’s 8000 power, double breaker, and cannot be targeted, meaning Ailzonius is nearly indestructible.  All I have to say is that the light civ is definitely trying to get back into the action!


The Good:  Great power, double breaker, and can’t be targeted… does it get any better than that?


The Bad:  Gladiators aren’t as versatile as initiates or guardians, which is a bummer.


The Ugly:  (Nothing really to put here)


Constructed Rating: 4/5 –  If Ailzonius could evolve from initiates then he would get a big 5/5!  I’m not saying that gladiators suck (because they don’t), but it would make light a whole lot more competitive.


Limited Rating: 4/5 – If you can get it out then it’s all pretty much in the bag :D.



Please feel free to post your comments, questions, and/or objections on the Message Board and I’ll be more than happy to respond.  Happy dueling!

- DRY 1337

~the King~

Name: Warlord Ailzonius
Type: Evolution Creature
Race: Gladiator
Civilization: Light
Cost: 5
Evolution: Put on one of your Gladiators
Rules Text: [Double breaker]. Whenever your opponent would choose a creature in the battle zone, he can't choose this one (it can still be attacked and blocked).
Power: 8000
Mana Number: 1
Set: Blastosplosion of Gigantic Rage
Rarity: Super Rare

First off- its got an awsome name. Warlord Ailzonius? thats just awsome. Second thing i notice, its a 5 cast, 8000 power, double-breaking evolution.

thats not bad.

then i see it...what? cant be choosen by your opponent! It cant get pitted, vised, swaped by your opponent, coriled...wow, i like that!

and then i see its type- gladiator. how many gladiators are their???only 6, not inclueding this one, and only 3 of which are mana cost 4 or less....the others are 5 and 6 cost...ouch.

...but then i see its effect again, and think...wow.


constructed: 4.5/5 (a deck could be built around this, and be quite strong)

limited: 2/5 (not enough bait for it in limited....)

art: 4.7/5 (that things just flippin' sswwweeeeetttt! and i dont know why...)


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