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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Bluum Erkis, Flare Guardian

Card # DM-S9

Date Reviewed: 04.18.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3.25
Limited Average Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Bluum Erkis, Flare Guardian
Cost: 6
Civilization: Light/Water
Race: Guardian
Power: 8,500
~This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.
~Whenever this creature would break one of your opponent's shields, your opponent shows that shield to you instead of putting it into his hand. If it's a spell that has "shield trigger," you cast it for no cost, then put it into your opponent's graveyard. If it's not, your opponent puts it into his hand.
~Double Breaker

Civilization: Light and Water together creates quite the balanced mix for two generally peace preferring groups. Living just below the surface near coral reefs and sunken cities, the Light-Water hybrids have the benefit of aerial flight or a deep sea submerge to use for adventure or mission of any kind. Seperately both groups rely of resources such as draw power, shield manipulation, and stable power levels to keep any emey at bay long enough for the threat to diminish. Staying true to its roots shield manipulating roots Bluum Erkis, focuses on what defenses any nearby enemy might have and to take full advantage of any weakness...or even strength...

Cost/Power: 5 Mana for 8500 power is beyond stable for the current format as it leaves Bluum Erkis out of any fire civilization spell's range and above most commonly used creatures.

Abilities: Whenever Blumm Erkis, Flare Guardian hits a shield a few things happen that all HAVE to happen. First you get to see the shield(s) that it hits, if either are a shield trigger card you immediatly use their effect as if it was your own then send it to the graveyard. It if is not a shield trigger then itgoes to your opponent's hand. A few examples of when the shield trigger stealing effect would be bad would be the activation of a Intense Evil with the only attacker(s) being the option for destruction or a Burst Shot having to hit your swarm or weenies. Both seem unlikely but it can happen.

Card Efficiency: Potentially making every shield it hits a dud (really with the exception of less than a dozen almost never used shield triggers), Bluum Erkis can easily turn the tide around just like Bolmeteus Steel Dragon or Cryptic Totem have done and still do. After 1 shield trigger or 1 creature taking down by this watery titan it is all bonus usage from there.

Constructed: Although there aren't large amounts of shield triggers used compared to in the past, Bluum Erkis uses them to full potential. 3.5/5

Limited: Even though there aren't as many shield triggers, the ability to see what your opponent gets for free is still something worth noting 2/5.
The Pit of Terror Name: Bluum Erkis, Flare Guardian
Cost: 6
Race: Guardian
Civilization: Light/Water
Type: Creature
Rules Text:
(This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.)
Whenever this creature would break one of your opponent's shields, your opponent shows that shield to you instead of putting it into his hand. If it's a spell that has "shield trigger," you cast it for no cost, then put it into your opponent's graveyard. If it's not, your opponent puts it into his hand.
Double breaker
Power: 8,500


It's me again I had to miss last week. Sorry about my reviews a few weeks back I even forgot to introduce my self..How silly am I.I love these Dual Lands..err Mana. No more colour screw for me.

Well today we are reviewing Bluum Erkis, Flare Guardian.

Mana Costs:
The cost of this card is not bad. 6 mana sor 8500 that's pretty great, but sadly you must have both Water and Light mana in your mana zone and no one plays that combonation do they?

The Effect of this card is pretty cool. great to make a deck built around this. Hit a Holy Awe? Sweet tap all your opponents Blockers. Hit a Pit? YAY! Free kill. So this card is a great card. If this card has Blocker then this card will pwn Baza.


Constructed: It's a nice card but making it so that you must have both civ mana in your mana zone makes it get a lower rating. 3/5

Limited: Play it! It's a nice big fattie/bomb so this get s higher rating here. 4/5
Tobi Wan
Name: Bluum Erkis, Flare Guardian (Shockwaves of the Shattered Rainbow – DM10)

Before I started this review, I made sure I did a quick check on the FAQ sections, since this is one of the two cards I am missing from this set (a bummer to be sure, he is a very interesting card.) To start with, a summarized review of the information in the FAQ sections.

First thing the questions answered was “do I HAVE to cast the spell, even if it would hurt me more.” The answer was YES, any spell shield trigger MUST be activated (Even if, say Upheaval would leave you with no mana). Second, the language of the card now applies to “you” (the attacker) and “your opponent” as the person whose shield was broken (so Terror Pit’s effect actually will destroy the shield owners’ creature of YOUR choice.) Third, cards such as Ice Vapor, Shadow of Anguish (from the Fatal Brood expansion) who have effects that trigger when your opponent casts a spell would focus on the caster (if it was your opponent’s creature, he gets this ability since you cast the spell, even though he owned it). The fourth question the list answers the question about shield trigger Creatures. I can not believe they had to clarify this one, since the card states “If it’s a spell that has ‘shield trigger’ you cast it for no cost...”. This means his ability ONLY affects shield trigger SPELLS. Oh well, better safe then sorry I suppose.

The next two questions dealt with creatures that prevent spells being cast, such as Alcadeias and Cryptic Totem. Alcadeias WOULD prevent any non-light spell (such as mana nexus for example) but you would place this “useless” spell into their graveyard. The language on Bluum Erkis states after it is cast, any spell goes to the owners’ graveyard (in this case, the shield owners’ graveyard.) I know this is weird, since the spell cannot be cast since Al is preventing it, but I swear that is what the FAQ’s state. Cryptic totem would not stop you from casting his shield triggers since you are not using the shield trigger aspect, rather casting the spell if it has shield trigger. Furthermore, the effect is not applicable, since it is not your shields that you are worried about, it is the opponent’s shields. Again, kinda tricky, I know, but that is the official word on that issue. Finally, the FAQ’s for Bluum Erkis focused on Boomerang Comet (from the Rampage expansion). This card (When used by the owner, not the breaker) basically swaps a mana card for this card. You have one line of text on Bluum Erkis however that hurts the “shield trigger stealer” instead. You take a card from your mana zone and add it to your hand, however the card Boomerang Comet goes to the graveyard due to Erkis effect (...cast it for no cost, then put it into your opponent's graveyard).

Finally, when the broken shield is not a spell and a shield trigger, it goes into the owner’s hand. So the owner of a shield trigger creature could go into the battle zone IF the owner so chooses (this ability really only effects spells with triggers and allows Bluums’s owner to see all the new cards the opponent gained). This ability is pretty darn cool, but there is more. He is also a double breaker! He swings for two and if they are both shield trigger spells, there may be some interesting results (like a Water / Light deck casting Mana Crisis and Zombie Carnival with no nature or darkness cards in his mana zone).

1) No fear of shield trigger spells.
2) Double breaker (always a nice addition)
3) Consists of two civilizations that are complementary (field & hand manipulation and major blocker support)
4) Good cost to power ratio (6 cost for a 8,500 beatstick).
5) No restrictions on who it can attack (creatures and players are both fair game).
6) Good race choice (guardians have some nice evos and other basic creatures, if you would really want to get rid of this creature).

1) Unable to stop Shield Trigger Creatures from being summoned (It effects spells only, and if it doesn’t fall into that category, it goes to his hand, thus can be triggered).
2) Duel Civilization creature (that whole “into the mana zone tapped” thing is annoying! Not to mention you need a water AND a light in the summoning process).

Overall, I think he wins a 4 out of 5 for a duel or more civilization deck (keep in mind though, the scale we use it only whole numbers 1-5, and I see a 5 / 5 score as a staple “must include” card.) I don’t know how much the dual civilization creatures are going to change Meta, but he has definite potential to make a LOT of appearances, since people might start adding more shield triggers due to fear of Bombazar. He is a nice addition to a water / light deck.

Any questions, comments, and concerns? PM “TobiWanKhanobi” right here on Pojo; or e-mail me at Pondering_Reality@hotmail.com with a descriptive subject line.

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