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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny
Shockwaves of the Shattered Rainbow Pre-Release

Date Reviewed: 04.10.05

Constructed Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.
hey guys,this is andy and ill be doing your CoTD,lets take a look at what i am reviewing today.this week all my reviews are gonna be short because i have alot to do, so here we go

Name: Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny
Race: Armored Dragon/Earth Dragon
Cost: 7
Power: 6000
- When you put this creature into the battlezone, destroy all other creatures that have 6000 power. Take an extra turn after this one. You loose the game at the end of that turn.
- Speed Attacker
- Double Breaker

the card that everyone is sooo hyped-up about and scared. indeed,its effects are devastating.its a reason why ppl will start putting more triggers in their deck

Pros:7 for 6000 is a decent price, especially with the effects he brings. of course hes double breaker, but that's not what everyone is worried about.his destruction effect is amazing.he can take out every creature that is commonly played like thrash, cryptic, merfolk, phal and other things. he is also speed atkr, so hes swingin 2 shields. his effect of taking an extra turn is probably one of the deadliest effects that can occur. he can take out 4 shields!!!plus the field is clear when this guy hits the floor

Cons:before i stress this line, yes you lose all your creatures but i doubt ull be dumb enough to play him when you have some creatures.

YOU LOSE THE GAME AT THE END OF THE TURN!this is a pivital gamble that could win the game for you or break you. of course, triggers are of concern for this guy as well

Overall:this card could be banned, but i dunno.personally, if i had one, i wouldnt use it. it seems too risky for my taste, but thats just me. overall i give it a 4/5.yes it is a very powerful card, but triggers can hurt this guy, then you are in trouble thats all for today.if you wanna talk or duel,MSN me. my email is mooseballer13@hotmail.com
Tobi Wan
Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny

It certainly didn’t take long for this card to come across my desk for a review. He is the big bad monster that has lead Wizards to introduce the big bad ban list (with all the rumors about other cards to join him.) Let’s establish something first off. He is the ONLY banned card in Japan right now and there are so many more cards that got nerfed when they came here. In fact (to my knowledge) he was even more evil in Japan, since he destroyed ALL creatures with 6000 OR LESS POWER. Look at our wording: “destroy all other creatures that have 6000 power.” That means he wipes a line of power, not a range (so a creature like Magmadragon Jagalzor and Cryptic Totem are toast, but Dia Nork, Moonlight Guardian and Gran Gure, Space Guardian would stick around to witness his attacks). This effect probably will not decimate your field, but the other effects might be a bigger thorn to worry about.

A speed attacker who also is a double breaker is bad news any way you slice it. He will come to the field, and if not stopped, will destroy a pair of your shields. But with double breaker comes another aspect, twice the shield trigger possibilities. It might just be time to include a few powerful shields in all of our decks again (like Natural Snare, Terror pit, and Holy Awe.) The last effect to consider is the evil, vile, and just down right nasty effect of “take another turn after that one”.

This effect is bad news for opponents. Remember, when you take another turn, the player who takes that turn is at a HUGE advantage. They get to untap their attackers; you don’t get to untap your blockers. They get to draw again and summon more creatures (Speed attackers no doubt). They can cast spells to affect the rest of your creatures, you can’t. This “double turn” is vicious and seems too good to be legal. Enter the final effect: “You loose the duel at the end of the second turn”. A sliver of hope for those staring down Destinys’ onslaught. Regardless of his shields, your lack of ANY creatures, your empty hand or even your deck; nothing will save your opponent from a loss if you can stall long enough. Remember, if you do get to remove Destiny from his side of the field, the effect still lingers. Your opponent might think he is slick and summons this as his final creature, but if you can survive for two consecutive turns, you win: plain and simple. Stall or destroy him and his greatest strength becomes a fatal flaw!

Overall, I really think he is an overly glorified card from this set (after all, he did start the dreaded Banned list concept that has nothing on it as of this date). Sure, the double turn mechanic is so very sweet, but his negative effect can really sting if your opponent can outlast you. Run with a Balesk Baj (from Fatal Brood) instead if you love the double turn mechanic so greatly. I rate this card a 3 out of 5 because you can really get a backlash if your opponent is waiting for this card (and with the controversy around him now, I think we all are waiting for him to rear his head in battle.)

Any questions, comments, and concerns? PM “TobiWanKhanobi” right here on Pojo; or e-mail me at Pondering_Reality@hotmail.com with a descriptive subject line.
Utility Name: Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny
Race: Armored Dragon/Earth Dragon
Cost: 7
Power: 6000
- When you put this creature into the battlezone, destroy all other
creatures that have 6000 power. Take an extra turn after this one. You
the game at the end of that turn.
- Speed Attacker
- Double Breaker
OK. This card is the ONLY card on the Watch List, and that says something. A free turn is lethal (of course, before Balesk Baj, which will probably come out later, after many games would have ended) and I feel Wizards should have nerfed this in some way, after seeing it banned in Japan...

Bombazar can come out as early as turn 5, when it could potentially end games.

Well, use it while you can...
5/5 Constructed
5/5 Limited (an extra turn here is crazy...)

Kerokero Hello friends! It's Kero here once again, doing a COTD here for Pojo. Today, we review one of the most game-changing cards this game has. Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny!

Name: Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny
Race: Armored Dragon/Earth Dragon
Cost: 7
Power: 6000
- When you put this creature into the battlezone, destroy all other creatures that have 6000 power. Take an extra turn after this one. You loose

the game at the end of that turn.
- Speed Attacker
- Double Breaker

Sick card, huh? I'm not going to go into detail about this card. It's effects are fairly simple. Lets start with the first one:When you put this creature into the battlezone, destroy all other creatures that have 6000 power. Take an extra turn after this one. You lose the game at the end of that turn.

This is basically a win-condition card. Drop this, and your going to lose the duel. But if you can defeat the opponent before the end of your extra turn, the game is yours!

Next up, it's Double Breaker. It shoots two shields. Very easy and simple effect. No explanation here.

It also has speed attacker, which happens to be one of the most powerful effects in this game. Attaking the same turn it's dropped will almost net you the game from there. Just be weary of your opponents Shield Triggers.

Another great part of this card is that Bombazar destroyes all cretures with 6000 power other then himself. The most commonly played 6000 power creature is Cryptic Totem.

I'm ranting now, so let's wrap this up with pro's and con's.

-speed attacker
-double breaker
-decent 6000 power
-select destryer effect, that takes out Cryptic Totem with ease.
-Dropping speed attackers along with this is game for sure.
-Core-Crash Lizard comes in handy on the second turn.
-combo's well with many other cards.

-Can't use Cryptic Totem with this card, even with your extra turn.
-If you can't win the game the next turn, you lose.
-ST's a very effective here. A Holy Awa can call game for you.
-Kinda hard to get, seeing how it is a very rare.
-If you miss the timing window, your screwed.
-A lose-condition. Please be careful.

So that basically it. Bombazar is an easy card to use. it warped the Japanese metagame to a point where almost every deck you'd encounter was based around Bombazar. Now that this card has hit North American shores, Shield triggers that stop your opponentin thier tracks is more important then ever. I recommend that players start packing in a lot more shield triggers, or at least some more useful ones. And don't just throw this card into your deck! You have to have even a little structure around it. This card can (and will if your not prepared) backfire on you. I really recommend this card for experinced players.

Constructed: Build a deck around it, and it's game. Just make sure that this card is played at the right time. It WILL backfire on you if not played correctly. Bombazar card is a win-ondition, and all win-conditions tend to miss their timing if not played correctly. play with complete caution. 4.5/5

Limited:It's really game if this is played. But there are some deadly ST's in this set that hurt Bombazar when dropped. I wouldn't use it, but it does work well here. 2.5/5

An overratted win-condition. If you can get a copy of this card, get it! As I have said many times already, be careful when playing this card.

Any questions, comments, hate mail, etc, send it to hyper_otaku_kero@hotmail.com I don't mind getting an e-mail from you guys.
Really, I don't. Noone else sends me e-mails. And noone calls me. Please talk to me, I'm very lonely. :(

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