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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Invincible Abyss

Card # DM-05

Date Reviewed: 05.16.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2.35
Limited Average Rating: 1.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow

I'm getting better at finding time to do these reviews.   I love having slack-off time in newspaper class… Anyhow, today we get back to reviewing the invincible cards, and this is one of the better ones.  The best one will be the last one we do…


Invincible Abyss

Cost:  13

Civilization:  Darkness

Card Type:  Spell

  • Send all creatures on your opponent's battle zone to the graveyard.

Flavor Text:  Something cool about how Ballom tricked the light and nature civilization into being poisoned in a trap.

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Super Rare

Card Number:  5/110


It's a very nice card.  Use this, and get instant field advantage.  For you YGO players out there, this is the Raigeki of DM.


Civilization :  Darkness loves to kill creatures, and this card does that excellently.  It fits well into the theme of a darkness deck, but it doesn't actually fit THAT well…


Cost:  Because of this cost.   Most Darkness decks will not get 13 mana without some support from nature and it's mana accel cards.  13 mana, as I'll be saying for the next two weeks, is extremely hard to get, so the effect better be worth it…


Ability(s):  This destroys all of your opponent's monsters in the battle zone.   That's it.  For 13 mana, you instantly win control of the board.  Did your opponent have a field of blockers slowing you down?   Not anymore!  Did he have some big fatties out that were going to kill you next turn?  NOT ANYMORE!!   Still, this card is a waste of mana if they don't have many creatures on the field when you use it…


Ok, now that I've reviewed these stats, let's see how they stack up. 


Constructed overview :  Getting 13 mana isn't completely unfeasible here (Steven Cantrell got 34 in one game once).  If you can get the mana quickly, this card will be great for nailing all the weenie creatures your opponent manages to summon.   Hopefully, it isn't discarded from your hand before you can use it, and hopefully you aren't beaten to death while you wait.  If you pull it off, your opponent had better have had a lot of creatures or you'll have pretty much wasted this.   3/5, when you use it right.


Limited overview :  13 mana.  Your opponent will likely die long before you get that many mana.  Unless you are drafting for rarity, I'd pass on this.   1/5


Graduation in two weeks!!!


(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon - Indy
Invincible Abyss

The "I-spells" that I think are worth playing in Constructed, if you're actually going to commit to the task of amassing 13 mana and rocking those puppies, are Invincible Catalclysm & Invincible Abyss. I might run 1 copy of Invincible Tech if I were playing a deck with several I-spells--to search them out--and then only if I am running Lost Soul and Future Slash--a 'required 'setup that Ryoma mentioned and that I've used effectively with Technology. Slash to grab opponent's Lost Souls from their decks--I find that most decks only run 2 copies, but watch out for Phal players--and Soul to zap their hand, hopefully for the Souls they have there. I just don't find Aura, Unity and Technology very tempting, even though I have ideas of decks that could run them. Well, none of I-spells are must deck cards, but I'll explain my reasoning for considering only Abyss and Catalcysm if I want to use I-spells. For 13 mana being spent on 1 card, I want a play that makes my opponent lose something valuable without the need for me to make another move like attacking (Unity). What's valuable? His hand, his field, his shields, his mana. Catalcysm and Abyss are the only ones that fit the description. Let's see what Abyss is all about.

Destroy all your opponent's creatures.
So, here's that "hitting a valuable resource" deal and it's a whopper--your opponent's entire field. Gone. Whatever your opponent has out on the field when you've got 13 mana is going bye-bye. Fatties, weenies, blockers--regardless of power they all hit the graveyard (or his hand if its one of "those" kinda hitters). Abyss is a road clearer, but often it takes out as many of your opponent's hitters as Searing Wave or Chains of Sacrifice would have done if you're playing a good creature kill deck. And a good control deck has cheaper ways to decimate an opponent's field or ways to 'hang in there' like Nexus.

[Where To Deck]
Don't even attempt to run this card if you aren't playing Nature's acceleration. That goes for all the I-spells. Faerie Life, Bronze-Arm Tribe, Ultimate Force, Bliss Totem, Posionous Mushroom, Fighter Dual Fang, Essence Elf, Enchanted Soil--more than one of those cards needs to be in your deck and at least one of your choices needs to be "instant & guaranteed." With that said, I also recommend that you run Water for some draw and spell tutoring, like Crystal Memory, and perhaps Thrash Crawler/Flood Valve to reclaim these expensive spells from your mana zone (you know I love Thrash, lol). You could also use the stall tactics of Water as a way to hang in to build 13 mana or re-use your mana acceleration creatures effects. I'd also recommend trying your deck as 4 civs: Water, Darkness, Fire, and Nature.
Kill, draw, mana gain, discard. Nice package. If you run Light, then run with Phal Eega and perhaps Forbos. Phal is just super in a deck that wants to abuse spells, but it's a task to make 5 civs work. If you run Abyss, then please realize that your deck should at least be running Nature & Darkness.

[Format Ratings Overall]
Constructed: 2/5 in Control deck built to play I-spells, otherwise skip it.
It's not necessary as you can always just "go redundant" on cheaper kill like running Pit, Snare, Shot, Wave, Meteosaur, Hammer, Chains of Sacarfice in the same deck. Don't run Abyss depending on it doing all the kill work for you. Also, I wouldn't max this card out. Run 1-2 copies and use draw/tutoring to fish it out.

Limited: 1/5. 13 mana? Forgetaboutit. I've won many matches operating on 5 mana. Pull Abyss out the pack, marvel at its shine, then toss it aside for a hitter costing 3 mana or below or a blocker. Even with some great mana acceleration pulls like Faerie Life you'll want cheap hitters or bomb fatties costing 5-8 mana over Abyss. A skip for me, but you might feel differently based on what you pull or draft.
Alright! Into day three of the Invincibles. Today we're reviewing the card Invincible Abyss. Lets take a closer look.
Name: Invincible Abyss
Cost: 13
Civilization: Darkness
Type: Spell
Rules Text:
- Destroy all of your opponents' creatures.
Flavor Text:.
After the latest Nature victories in the Fiona Woods, Ballom decided to host peace talks at the sacred Xhalmic Crater. The stadium filled with Nature and Light representatives, but Ballom, Trox, and Daidalos never showed. As if on cue, the crater started belching toxic gas.
Mana Number: (1)
Alright, Not much to say about this card that I already havent in yesterday's card.
Still 13 mana, And with no darkness cards that can produce mana, Means you'll either have to splash green or wait till turn 13 to cast it. Most games dont even last till turn 13.
Destroying all of your opponents creatures is a great effect. But at its price? It's not worth it.
If you wanted to destroy all of your opponent's creatures in one fell swoop, Try useing Ballom, Master of Death. He's much cheaper to play, A creature, And in Mono-Darkness you dont lose anything from his ability.
What else could you play?
- Photocide, Lord of the Wastes + Ballom Master of Death. Same effect but you get a creature!
- Lone Tear + Jack Viper + Daidalos, General of Fury + Marrow Ooze + Marrow Ooze + Gray Balloon = 13. 
 Now those seem like better idea's than just destroying your opponents creatures..doesnt it?
- You destroy all your opponents creatures.
- Costs 13 mana, And with no darkness mana producers means a long wait.
- There are different ways to go about destroying all of your opponents creatures in one turn.
- You can play Ballom and along with destroying all their creatures, You can break 2 shields.
It seems to me, That the greatest thing about this card is it's Flavor Text...
Constructed: 1.5 / 5   ( The only way you'll ever get this card out is if your splashing nature )
Limited: 1 / 5   ( Unless your collecting the Invincibles/Set of Stomp-A-Trons, Pass it on )
Well, Thats my two cents about this card. If you feel like contacting me about something, Feel free to at XvDimAssassinvX@aol.com or on AIM as XvDimAssassinvX.
 Hello pojo people this is my first CotD review. Today we have one of the invincibles from stompatrons. Lets take a look:

Invincible Abyss
cost 13
Destroy all your opponents creatures in the battle zone
flavor text: Something way to long to remember -Brett Bryant

Good things:
Alright so aside from the 13 cost this is a good card. Destroying EVERY ONE of your opponent's creatures is a very good thing.

Bad things:
13 mana!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the most expensive cards in the game...

Limited: It is possible to cast this thing if you have something like bliss totem. I still highly doubt that you will be able to cast this thing, but if you do and you have a lot of creatures you will probably win. It is still an okay card but, I would not really recommend using it... 2.5/5

Constructed: It is fairly easy to obtain 13 mana in this format with some green in your deck. It can be good SOMETIMES if used in the right way. 3.5/5

Well, that's it for my first card review. my email is Toiletheadbrett@aol.com and aim is toiletheadbrett.
Steven Cantrell
Invincible Abyss
Type: Spell
Civilization: Darkness
Mana Cost: Thirteen
Rules Text:
Destroy all your opponent's creatures.
Flavor Text:
After the latest Nature victories in the Fiona Woods, Ballom decided to host peace talks at the sacred Xhalmic Crater. The stadium filled with Nature and Light representatives, but Ballom, Trox, and Daidalos never showed. As if on cue, the crater started.
Rarity: Very Rare
Set: Stompatrons of Invincible Wrath
To everybody who has ever played Yugioh, meet the Raigeki of Duel Masters. Invincible Abyss completely wipes your opponent’s field of ALL creatures. This wicked effect unfortunately comes with the standard cost for Invincible spells. In order to reach the massive mana amount, you will need to combo Darkness with Nature. Cards like Bliss Totem, Faerie Life, Bronze-Arm Tribe, and FDF will make the job easier.
Congratulations Timmy! You managed to get thirteen mana before the opponent could kill you. Now it’s time to turn on the offensive. Cast Invincible Abyss and destroy all ONE of your opponent’s creatures! Muhahahahaha…
This is where the problem lies. The Invincible spells cost a massive amount, so the effects are supposed to be insanely good. But Invincible Abyss does not even win the game for you. In fact, it probably only does what a much cheaper card like Searing Wave or Chains of Sacrifice could do. This card’s power is directly related to how many creatures the opponent controls. Killing two weenies is not worth it. Slaughtering an army of six creatures is. In other words, Invincible Abyss is too situational for my liking.
Limited: 1.5/5
I would pass on Invincible Abyss in draft nine times out of ten. The mana cost is just too high for the result. If you do manage a good amount of mana acceleration, maybe throw it in for fun.
Constructed: 2.5/5
In regular play, Invincible Abyss works better because you can plan a deck around it. Darkness should be the focus with Nature as a support civilization. Be sure to include plenty of mana boosters and an alternate win condition to fall back on. Happy dueling!

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