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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Cutthroat Skyterror

Card #80

Date Reviewed: 05.6.05

Constructed Average Rating: 1.00
Limited Average Rating: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Justin Florio

Hey guys. I’m back with yet another exciting card review. Today’s card is not one of my favorites in the set, but like all cards, he can be used in certain situations (not that I have found any of these yet).


Cutthroat Skyterror


Rarity – Uncommon

Set – Stomp-A-Trons of Invincible Wrath

Civilization – Fire

Type – Armored Wyvern

Mana Cost - 3


Speed attacker (This creature doesn't get summoning sickness.)

This creature can't attack players.

At the end of your turn, return this creature to your hand.

Flavor Text – There is no flavor text on this card, so I’ll make some up!

Our enemies won’t get far with this kind of firepower!

Power – 5000                                                ~Twin-Cannon Skyterror


Civilization and Race


Like all the Card of the Days from this week, Cutthroat Skyterror belongs to the Fire civilization. This card falls into the Armored Wyvern race next to the ever-popular Twin-Cannon Skyterror. Armored Wyverns haven’t been very popular to play (other than Twin-Cannon Skyterror of course)… and they still aren’t.


Power and Cost


Power to cost, this guy is pretty good. A 3 mana 5000 attacker. So you’ll have a 5000 attacker on the third turn. This can take out most used blockers and harassers such as Horrid Worm and Skullsweeper Q. Now if you look at this card like that, you’ll think “Whoa! That is awesome!” And then you look at its effect…




The first ability: Speed Attacker. Not a bad start. That means you’ll be able to attack right when you summon it on turn 3.

The second ability: This creature can’t attack players. I know, I know. This isn’t really an ability. This is where his only downfall is. Not being able to attack players pretty much ruins his stats. If you are trying to play speed attackers on turn 3, you are running rush, and most likely trying to hit shields.

The third ability: At the end of your turn, return this creature to your hand. A better ability. This protects this guy from be hammered by a stronger creature. I personally love cards returning to my hand because 1. I like to protect them and 2. They can be used as mana next turn if need be.


Uses and Decktypes to Go In


I have only found one use for Cutthroat Skyterror… mana. Honestly, I haven’t found any type of deck to fit this into well. Sure it can go into a red black creature kill deck, but I still see no point there. If it is a creature kill deck, your opponent shouldn’t get the chance to have their creature tapped. So Cutthroat would never get a shot off anyways.


What To Use Instead


If you are running a rush deck, run the annoying Pyrofighter Magnus. If you are running a creature kill deck, run Bazagazeal Dragon (one of my personal favorites from this set).


Final Analysis


Limited – 3/5 – In this playing format, rush is very popular for this set. Therefore, this is a decent card to stop that. I’d run blockers over this guy though.


Constructed – 1/5 – Like I said… Cutthroat Skyterror doesn’t fit into many decks. He is very close to useless unless you are either facing a rush deck or are running a creature kill deck (which he still usually goes to mana in).


This is plain and simple guys… Cutthroat Skyterror just doesn’t cut it (That is what is called a pun boys and girls. Sorry, we are studying Romeo and Juliet and… yea, you get the point).


As always, if you need to contact me:

E-Mail: darknessflame@charter.net

AIM Screen Name: StewieRoxUrSox

With love, from the South  

                                ~Justin Florio



(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon - Indy
Cutthroat Skyterror

1. Speed attacker.
The lack of summoning sickness is good. It's ready and able to kill early-mid game creatures, including a few evos... provided they're tapped.

2. This creature can't attack players.
This is the reason Cutthroat is not a good Speed Attacker for Rush decks.
Period. In a Rush deck, if a creature can't break shields then it had better be something cheap that can prevent a shield break, like Bloody Squito. And if we're talking mono-Fire Aggro, then you don't even bother with can't attack player creatures. If you're running Rush and have problems with 5000 and below critters, then run some cheap kill spells like Volcanic Arrows or Comet Missile/Critical Blade for blockers. In Control decks, Cutthroat's a reusable kill spell to add to a cauldron of other kill spells. But, most Control decks aim to gain better field presence while dwindling their opponent's choices. Repeat use of Cutthroat means 3 mana is spent putting down a creature that won't give you field presence. It provides hand advantage, but so does Aqua Hulcus, which can remain in the field to break a shield. So, in most Control decks, it's not a good option either.

3. At the end of your turn, return this creature to your hand.
Here's part of the reason why I've even bothered to run this creature in my weird deck out strategy. It's a resuable kill spell to combat quick decks.
Since most speed decks tend to be without blockers and are attack happy, I usually can kill something. My opponent can do very little to stop me if he doesn't knock this guy out of my hand. Sure, it will suicide into guys like Barkwhip and Paladin, but at least it took me only one 3-mana card to slam those two card investments. The return-to-the hand effect means that your opponent will have to knock this guy out of your hand with discard to get rid of it, slam it with a trigger spell, or protect a hitter with a big blocker to kill it. Otherwise, 5000 and below tapped guys are fair game. The problem is, of course, a deck out strategy is a creature kill deck. So, I'd rarely get to use this creature if I've been doing a good job controlling the board with my kill and discard cards. And then there's the need for creatures to be tapped. Some decks build up fields before attacking, which can leave Cutthroat sitting in hand or the mana zone for a length of time.

Bottom Line: Without a tapped target to hit, Cutthroat clogs the hand. That will lead to heavy auto-mana'ing of this card, which means it's better left out of most decks. Carefully consider what your deck must do consistently in order to win before playing this card. For the vast majority of decks I'd skip this card. So, Rush = Skip. 99% of Control = Skip.

3 mana for 5000 power. Goodness, especially since it's tacked onto a Speed Attacker. It's nice ratio package is weakend by the fact that Cutthroat is non-aggro (can't attack players). But, hey, if it could attack players then it would be broken.

[Where To Deck]
In both the Japanese and the English metagame I have only seen this creature decked in mass-creature kill decks that strive for a deck out victory. My local tourney winning deck out strategy featured this card at 2 copies. Rush and other Control decks having better choices to run than Cutthroat Skyterror. And, I've done without the creature in deck out strategies, so it's not essential there either. If you want to play this creature, it's best suited for some type of Control strategy.

One basic combo to pull off with this card is to use a creature like Miele or Kolon to tap an opponent's creature, and then slam it with Cutthroat Skyterror. Not essential, prolly fun.

[Format Ratings]
Constructed: 1/5. Deck out: 2/5. Tap deck: 1.5/5. It's inability to attack players, while thankfully balanced, hurts this card from being a vital addition to most strategies. Pyrofighter Magnus and Bazagazeal Dragon are better return to the hand Speed Attackers and will see more player in a greater variety of decks.

Limited: 2.5/5. Cutthroat is better in this format. It's kill, and by now you all know my mantra: nearly all kill is good in Limited. However, you really must use this guy wisely because you don't want to tie up mana turn after turn just slamming tapped creatures with Cutthroat instead of getting your own guys on the board. The speed attackers that you really want to pull are all the other ones, lol. Due to low mana counts and the need to put things out that can break shields or setup blockers, most often it's a one-time kill spell and then mana.

Random Factoid: July 1st will mark my one year anniversary as a Pojo DM card reviewer!
Elk Ok, here is my review for a very unpopular card among many duelist.
Cutthroat skyterror. I am doing this review late because I didn't get the schedule from pojo. Hmm........::nods head::

Cutthroat Skyterror

Rarity – Uncommon
Set – Stomp-A-Trons of Invincible Wrath
Civilization – Fire
Type – Armored Wyvern
Mana Cost - 3
Abilities –

Speed attacker (This creature doesn't get summoning sickness.)

This creature can't attack players.

At the end of your turn, return this creature to your hand.

Power – 5000

This card doesn't look very impressive to many people, since it can't attack players. Somebody on the boards asked me if they should use it in a rush deck. NO!!!! Creatures that can't attack players DO NOT belong in a rush deck. This one belongs in a different type deck. Control. Man, this guy
*kinda* pwns in control decks. Especially ones with a lot of low powered creatures. When I looked at Cecillbill's H.A.L.F.B.A.K.E.D deck and saw Cutthroat Skyterror I chuckled, but when I found out I needed power in my control deck, I tryed out Cutthroat and *wow* what a card! Instead of sac'ing my weenies to kill 1000 power and 2000 power creatures I'd just speed attack em' and save my creatures that can break shields for later.
This card can do better in a deck than you think, trust me, just try it out once, instead of tossing it in your card collection.

In limited, try it out too. It wouldn't hurt. Most creatures in limited are weak anyways so it could help you out.

Constructed(any deck type) -2.5/5
Constructed(control deck) -4.5/5
Limited- 3/5
Art- 3/5 (hmmm..k)

That's my two cents on Cutthroat, check him out once ok! If you have any
questions, or comments, or wanna play me in DMC then email me at

Untill Next Time!!!

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