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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

The Nature


Date Reviewed: 09.15.05

Average Rating: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Steven Cantrell

Introduction: Quick review of NATURE today because I’m a bit short on time...Back in the day green was known for its powerful tandem with blue, aka Barkwhip and Lancer beatdown. In the modern era most duelists tend to depend on Nature more as a support civilization. It does fit perfectly into three and four-color control decks, supplying speed and some fancy tricks, but more on that later.


There are 106 total cards in the civilization and a few additional promos. That breaks down to 77 creatures, 7 evolutions, and 22 spells cards for your reference. Nature is fairly quiet in the Duel Masters war. They are mainly involved in defending their homeland from the invasion of Darkness while lending help to Light. As far as gameplay is concerned though, Nature really works well with just about anything.


Top Cards: This is the part where I break down strengths, weaknesses, and themes of the Nature civilization. The following cards are ones that I view as the top tier. The rankings (1-5) are from past CotD reviews or my opinion if that card was never analyzed before.


- Crow Winger                             (3.60)

- Bronze-Arm Tribe                      (3.75)

- Charmilia, then Enticer               (3.25)

- Rumbling Terahorn                    (3.85)

- Cryptic Totem                           (4.33)

- Fighter Dual Fang                      (4.43)


- Faerie Life                               (3.90)

- Dimension Gate                         (3.00)

- Mana Nexus                              (4.83)

- Natural Snare                            (4.75)


Overall these cards have an average score of 3.97. That ranks 2nd between the five civilizations, but its just ahead of Fire and Darkness. The creatures come in at 3.87 and the top spells were rated 4.12. Here is the abbreviated breakdown since I need to finish this:


The most known theme of Nature is of course mana acceleration. Bronze-Arm Tribe is one example of taking cards from one resource (in this case the deck) to add to another zone (mana). The advantage of doing this is that you gain ground early one, being able to play higher-costing cards before you opponent. Mana generation is known to work well with Water’s drawing. With those two together you can have a large hand and plenty of mana to play it with. Deadly combo.


Another strength of green includes the ability to search your deck for creatures. Though I personally think this effect is often overcosted, it can be effective nonetheless. Take that chump blocker to live another turn, a game-winning speed attacker, or whatever fits the situation. The final asset of Nature that pops out at me is a certain anti-black and blue theme. Evident in Crow Winger and several others, this can be a gamble but chances are your opponent will have black/blue as they are the most powerful colors.


Underrated Picks: Three fun Nature cards that deserve a moment in the spotlight are Essence Elf, Bliss Totem, and Freezing Icehammer. Not surprisingly all three deal with the mana zone in one way or another. Try them out in a casual build. You might be surprised.


Overall: Nature falls almost on par with Fire in my civilization rankings. It is best utilized as a support with maybe 8-12 cards alongside any other color(s). I personally love the cool stuff green has to offer in BUG and other control decks. Some people have also used Nature in aggro builds, which can work but may be more difficult to attain success on a regular basis. Here are the final standings one more time:


1. Water (blue)

2. Darkness (black)

3. Fire (red)

4. Nature (green)

5. Light (yellow)


I have enjoyed getting to see how each civilization compares with the others over the past two weeks. Overall each one brings something different to the table, so whoever wins Continentals in L.A. will most likely be someone who can master them all. Check back Friday as we close out the week with favorite RACE. I’m really hoping nobody sinks low enough to pick the Cyberlords...Well, that’s all for now.


Steven Cantrell


Horus Master lv8 Today we review my favorite Civilization. It’s Nature!!

Cost/Power or Cost/Effect; Most of Nature’s creatures come in with “okay” ratios. Here are some of the commonly played creature’s ratios.

Bronze-Arm Tribe – 3(cost)/1000(power)

Crow Winger – 2/1000

Torcon – 2/1000

Barkwhip the Smasher – 2/5000

Fighter Dual Fang – 6/8000

Cryptic Totem – 6/6000

Rumbling Terahorn – 5/3000

Nature spells are reasonable for their abilities. The six-mana cost for natural snare is very understandable. I could go on and on but I am just too lazy to do that.

Effects: Nature is known for its mana acceleration. I love using Nature with Light to create a very aggravating swarm of monsters. Some of the commonly played Nature monsters are:

Bronze-Arm Tribe

Barkwhip the Smasher


Crow Winger

Fighter Dual Fang

Cryptic Totem

Well would you look at that!! 5/6 of those are Beast Folk. I guess I could hint that something will happen with those on Friday

Most of the Nature Spells either deal with

Mana Acceleration

Putting Opponents creatures in their mana

Mana Acceleration cards include:

Faerie Life

Ultimate Force

Pangaea’s Song

Some of the spells that put opposing creatures in their owner’s mana are:

Freezing Icehammer

Natural Snare

Nature’s Rating:

Constructed: 4.5/5 This could be a little high but hey it’s my favorite civilization so give me a break.

Limited: 4/5 Nature usually has some pretty good stuff out of the packs, but it just depends on what you pull.

Overall: 4.25/5 A great rating. This is one of the best civilizations (Note: this may reflect my feelings toward the civ)

Well that is all for today. Stay tuned because Friday is special. Comments? Send them to me at danieljs@bellsouth.net . That’s all for now.

‘Till next time, happy dueling.

~Hurricane Horus

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