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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

The Fire

Date Reviewed: 09.13.05

Average Rating: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.
Drizer Hey pojo! my first COTD here and its over my favorite civilization fire!

Fire Civ:

Known for:
Mass Destruction
Big Dragons that are hard to get out
Speed Speed and Speed

Weak Against:
Hand Destruction and Mass Destruction is waht i have found to have owned red.

Notable cards of red:
Pyro Fighter Magnus (duh)
Rikabu The Dismantler
Searing Wave
Burst Shot ( underrated in my opinion )
Apacolypse Vice
Bazagazeal Dragon
Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

so what exactly is red? well red in my opinion is very versatile it can go quick and mixed in with control can be game altering. Theres nothing like pulling a searing wave off to clear almost all of your opponents monsters that generally hit the field. Red really is considered the third best civilization in my opinion it is 2nd only to blue and its crazy draw, i like black but i like red more. So heres my rating on the fire civi 7/10. I think red is coming into its own and it will definatly be a dominating deck type with the next set coming through.
Horus Master lv8

Oh boy today we get to review the civilization that I dislike the most.  I don’t know why but I just don’t like the civilization.  Maybe because I don’t have a lot of the most commonly played cards such as Pyrofighter Magnus, Twin Cannon Skyterror, and Bazagazeal Dragon.  Oh well, I will put my feelings aside and rate the civilization.




Cost/Power or Cost/Effect:

For the most part Fire creatures don’t have bad power to cost ratios.  They make that up with their abilities.  Here are some of the commonly played Fire creatures’ ratios:

Deadly Fighter Braid Claw 1(cost)/1000(power)

Rikabu the Dismantler – 3/1000

Pyrofighter Magnus – 3/3000

Brawler Zyler – 2/1000

Rikabu’s Screwdriver 2/1000

Bazagazeal Dragon – 8/8000

Twin Cannon Skyterror – 7/7000


Fire’s spells usually have something to do with:


Power Attacker

“This creature can attack untapped creatures”


Destruction spells are probably the most played of all of the Fire spells.  Some of them are:

Searing Wave

Spastic Missile

Burst Shot

Crimson Hammer


Power Attacker spells can be a helper but I just don’t think that it is worth using a card to give your creature more power for one turn. One of these is:

Magma Gazer


The last of the main spells has the following effect to either one, or all of your creatures for the turn.  It gives them the ability to attack untapped creatures:

Rumble Gate




Most of Fire’s creatures come with one of the following:

Speed Attacker

Power Attacker

This creature attacks each turn if able


Speed Attackers are unique to only Fire type creatures (unless you use Rumblesaur Q or the Lizard guy.)

Some of the most used Speed Attackers include

Twin Cannon Skyterror

Pyrofighter Magnus

Rikabu the Dismantler

Bazagazeal Dragon


Power Attackers are most commonly used when the lower costing creatures carry them.  Sometimes they can bring down bigger creatures or make your opponent second guess about blocking.  Some of the low costing Power Attackers include:

Brawler Zyler

Mini Titan Gett

Blazosaur Q


Creatures with “This creature attacks each turn if able.” sometimes are run because of their low cost.  Some include:

Deadly Fighter Braid Claw

Mini Titan Gett



Fire’s rating:

Constructed: 3.5/5 It’s a pretty good civilization to use in your deck. You can try to also make your deck rush early and then finish them off late.

Limited: 4/5 There is usually about two to three “good” cards in a certain pack.  So you can get about 8-12 cards on average for Fire.

Overall: 3.75/5 So overall it is an above average civilization.  Use it if you dare!!



Okay well that is all for me today.  See if Steven sent in a review today because I am sure that his is probably better than mine. x)

Do you have any comments??  Then send them to me at danieljs@bellsouth.net . ‘Till next time, happy dueling.


~Hurricane Horus (I am beginning to like that name xD)


Steven Cantrell

Hey guys. The CotD schedule got a little messed up, but to this point we should be through three civilizations. Fire today and Nature tomorrow will conclude the series. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the regular tournament at GQ last weekend. That means no report, so instead you get to read my lengthy ramblings here...


Introduction: FIRE is perhaps the most improved civilization recently. A few months ago red exploded onto the scene in dominant decks featuring it alongside Water and Darkness in control. This was in large part due to a handful of explosive cards known for having major impacts on the field quite abruptly. There are currently 106 regular Fire cards plus a few exclusive promos. That breaks down to the standard 85 creatures and 21 spells.


Fire’s main ally is the Darkness civilization as far as the Duel Masters war goes. They are enemies of Water, and don’t particularly get along with Nature or Light. This is generally true in the card mechanics as well. You should always keep the M:tG color wheel in mind when building decks.


Top Cards: This section contains the beef of my review. I will point out top creatures, spells, themes, strengths, and even weaknesses associated with the Fire civilization. You might want to get comfy before diving into this.


- Kooc Pollon                               (3.50)

- Pyrofighter Magnus                    (4.17)

- Rothus the Traveler                   (3.64)

- Armored Blaster Valdios              (3.50)

- Twin-Cannon Skyterror               (4.75)

- Bazagazeel Dragon                     (4.00)


- Crimson Hammer                      (3.00)

- Searing Wave                            (4.60)

- Burst Shot                                (3.80)

- Apocalypse Vise                         (4.33)                        


The numbers besides each card come from previous Card of the Day rankings. The highest score is of course a five, with the lowest being one. I generated ratings for any cards that have never been reviewed before. All together the top ten red cards combine for an above average 3.93 score. Strangely, 3.93 is also average score for the top six creatures and top four spells.


Field destruction is perhaps Fire’s most valuable asset. There is a myriad of available kill cards. Some like Crimson Hammer and Meteosaur can target only single creatures at a time. This can be useful for handling pesky Cyberlords or things like Horrid Worm.

Other options like Searing Wave and Apocalypse Vise can potentially wipe out your opponent’s entire field. This is great for landing a devastating blow to that field full of weenies your opponent was building up. Either way you can’t go wrong by gaining board advantage.


Speed Attackers: Some of the nastiest creatures out there, who we’ve all come to both love and hate. Unrestricted by summoning sickness, these can beasts start swinging the moment they hit the field. A staple in rush and aggro-control, Pyrofighter Magnus is possibly one of the top creatures in the game of Duel Masters. Others like Twin-Cannon Skyterror and Bazagazeel Dragon cost a bit more. They also come with a nasty combo of speed and raw power. These bad boys single handedly assure that chump blockers will always be a part of the game.


Despite these two incredible abilities evident in the Fire Civilization, they are a couple glaring flaws. One is the lack of solid mid-game card. The majority of red seems to be centered either on early speed or dealing out punishment later on. Several cards also sacrifice in one area to gain in another. Take Volcanic Arrow for example. The effect is great for such a cheap cost, until you get to that part about destroying your own shield.  Finally, rush often faces a huge challenge with maintaining any hand at all after turn five or so. Just some words of caution.


Underrated Picks: The following cards are ones that I believe could easily see more play than they currently do. That doesn’t mean they are godly by any means, just that you might want to give em a shot sometime for fun.


- Cocco Lupia

- Doboulgyser, Giant Rock Beast

- Rumble Gate


I mention Lupia to bring up the topic of Dragons in general. So far the monstrous race has been disregarded and left to less experienced players for the most part. That will all change on October 20th with the release of set eight. As many of you already know, our next expansion unleashes powerful dragons, their evolutions, and altogether dragon-friendly cards. Look for things like Bolmeteus to suddenly become much more playable. Back on the subject of underrated cards, Doboulgyser and Rumble Gate both have field control potential, though they may not be the most potent choices.


Overall: In my opinion Fire just edges out Nature as the third best civilization, though both are good support choices. Look to use Fire for about 8-12 cards in control, namely the destruction and finishers. Red also is the foundation for almost every rush deck. Use the cheap, aggressive attackers in combo with almost any other civilization for a solid rush strategy. Overall standings now completed:


1. Water (blue)

2. Darkness (black)

3. Fire (red)

4. Nature (green)

5. Light (yellow)


Make sure you check back tomorrow when we wrap things up. I’m always open to chat on AIM, especially during the weekends. Drop me a line if you have a question, want to do some practice duels, or whatever. Till next time...


Steven Cantrell



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